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It only hurts when I bite on it

Good news! I got an A on my geology test, and a quiz returned in Algebra with a grade of 100! Now that is what I call progress. In between classes today I was sitting on a bench and saw a remarkable sight to me anyway. A squirrel was scaling the wall with a mouthful of sphagnum moss on it's way to the roof! Once there it stared down at me for a bit and then took the stairs back down to ground level. You know I couldn't resist photographing it. As well, when I arrived at school, the roses were so beautiful they were crying out to have their pictures taken!

I stayed after classes to listen to a speaker about Florida's Bio-Diversity and the effect the growing population was having on it. He showed lots of great photos, and the bonus is. extra credit for geology. Algebra was weird again--my professor never looks at the class directly and it is just plain uncomfortable. I saw a girl from that class after the lecture, and she said she was dropping it as she can't seem to learn from our teacher. I don't blame her--I would do it myself, but I've already invested two months--I will stick it out.

Bruce has gone to Detroit to cool off. The sunshine has returned this afternoon and brought with it 83 degree heat! I must finish my study guide for Humanities, hopefully, today. I have a toothache to accompany my other problems so a visit to the dentist is in store for tomorrow.
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