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The Price of Gas Keeps on Rising

I'm losing track of the days with no one here, and no obligations--Tuesday, right? This picture is for Judy, she recommended I photograph the downtown library; I had beat her to the punch. It is one of our favorite places, and this was taken a few weeks ago from the vantage of the outdoor dining at another favorite--Tijuana Flats. I went to the library this morning and picked up a few DVDs and books. It brought back to mind that the library was one of the first places I ever took the twins. When they were babies you weren't allowed to take them out in public for six weeks--imagine being 25 with three children, and homebound!!! At any rate, I remember the librarians as being very helpful with Matthew. He was a go-getter then, and still is.

Speaking of Matt, he called yesterday and gave me some camera tips for shooting at the beach. That was my field trip for yesterday--a drive to Cocoa Beach. That in turn brought back other old memories of me taking the boys there, and being scared to drive over the necessary bridges. It invariably rained adding dramatically to my anxiety on the trip home. I'm sure, much to their chagrin, I sang Sunday School songs to get me over the hump--literally, and figuratively!

Matt was off for May Day--he tells me it is huge in Europe. As well, he told me that the workweek is 35 hours, and there are 25 mandated vacation days. Did I already tell you this? Imagine that!

The weather was chilly, and windy, so there were very few people braving it. In Florida there is considerable debate regarding which coast is superior. This much I can say, the Gulf is much prettier, but the waves of the Atlantic make for a more interesting day at the beach for me. I love to body surf riding the waves to shore. It's not much fun when you get tumbled around in the sand, but you take the good with the bad. Hopefully that will be part of my summer this year.

On my drive home I saw a shop called Nellie's Hair Shack. Now why would a person use "Shack" in their business name, pray tell. I know it worked well for the B52s as Love Shack is one of the most played songs ever, but for me, unless it is a bar-b-que place, it just doesn't work. I mean really, can a person expect a hair salon to succeed with a name like that? Nellie's family, or friends, should have stopped her when she came up with that one.

Something in Sunday's paper caught my eye and may interest you as well. They are conducting a "Popcorn and Chips Appetite Study" here in Orlando, and if you qualify you will receive $250 for your participation. Need I say more?

Lastly, I got a call yesterday afternoon from an old acquaintance about the death of another young man--he was 21. It appears it may have been a drug overdose, and my heart is heavy for his parents. I looked up the obituary in the paper, and it only listed his mom, and dad, and two brothers as survivors. With our large family that seems so sad to me--only the five of them. One thing about being apart of a huge clan is that it is always someones birthday, anniversary, graduation, and so on. I am notoriously late with cards, and I'm publicly apologizing for being late with Carol's card. She is 18 months younger than me; her birthday is the 10th. Next week is Bruce's -- it is on Friday! Oh me, the gift-giving conundrum.

The title for today's entry is from a song by Bloc Party, the next line is "nothing comes for free."
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