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Up Before the Sun

This is a warning--do as I say, not as I do. I took this photo through the windshield while driving on I-95 at about 6:45AM. After reading an article recently about Ponce Inlet, I decided to take a field trip. On the East coast, it is about 55 miles from home. Because Bruce was going to be up so early for his meeting, I decided to do the same. I was out of the house before 6--no traffic going that direction.

There is the second tallest lighthouse in the United States in Ponce Inlet, unfortunately they do not open the area until 10; it was no wonder the gentleman looked at me funny when I pulled into the parking lot around 7:15. First, I had stopped oceanside--my, what a lovely sight with the sun just coming up. The water sparkles like diamonds, and of course, you can even see the sun's rays.

It's really a small island, situated between the Halifax River, and the Atlantic Ocean. There is a nature trail with an observation tower looking over the river flats. If you've never been to Florida you may not know that the nature trail is filled with what we call scrub. Mostly palmetto palms, and pine trees; in other words, not really what most people would call beautiful. Nonetheless, it was peaceful at that time of the morning. I moseyed around taking photos of pelicans, the lighthouse, and the boats docked on the river.

The lighthouse--there's the draw. If you can imagine, I made it all the way to the top--203 steps! Fortunately, for me and others, there are several landings for resting. I brought Elmer along but after struggling for about 10 minutes in the heat, trying to get the zoom lens on, I left Elmer in the car, and took my trusty Panasonic. There was a woman on the grounds of the lighthouse with some model of Nikon DSLR and she looked at me with disdain--a point and shoot--you can't be serious. Little does she know how serious I am!!! I found out how serious she is--I asked her if she was on flickr and she said: "No, we are on Walgreens." Teehee.

As you already guessed, I was wiped out. I put the MINI in drive and we were home before 1. I'm super happy with lots of the pictures.

I know how excited you'll be when you hear that there was a message from the curator of the museum; she wants to meet me to discuss a fall internship. Thank you Professor McNair!! I know it was only because she intervened that I'm getting this chance. Now for the interview!

Bruce has gone to Boston for a quick trip; he'll be home tomorrow evening. I'll probably have the lights out before 9 around here to recover. I think it's good medicine to take field trips.

Sufjan Stevens (Matthew interviewed him, I might add), and The Killers kept me company in the car.

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