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If I Had A Real Job

I would be getting overtime today. I've worked pretty much all day on my photos. How can that be you ask? Well, first I sorted through the gazillion photos I have to decide on possible saleable ones. That may not be a word, I'm not sure. As well, one is never sure of what people will buy. What I've been told is that once you think you have it figured out, you don't. Needless to say this is slow going. I finally got about 200 images picked out and wanted to burn them to a disc to give to Mr. Roger. This way he will have them in the future when I get swamped with orders! Haha! I am still learning on the Mac. When Matt called the other evening he described it thusly: although you've used a computer for years Mom, your usage has not been very deep. He is correct per usual. I have learned more about how to do stuff with a computer in these few weeks then I ever knew before. The disc is made.

Next up, a place for visitors to go on the web that is not flickr. I love flickr but I've heard from a potential buyer that it is overwhelming. That's probably true. Using all the features of my new toy I made a web gallery. I'm sharing the address with you--please let me know what you think. There are tons of images on there as well and I've almost named and numbered all of them. Not the food yet though. I'm weary of looking at my own stuff. Here's the link:

Now that that is out of the way I must tell you that I saw a gator yesterday. I stopped at the visitors center for Canaveral National Seashore as I was leaving. As you may recall I went to the ocean for healing. The first thing I asked the rangers about was the amount of mosquitoes out on the boardwalk. They promised not too bad. I was walking along, camera in hand, natch when I came across a couple coming the other way. She was toting a fancy DSLR. I asked them if they'd seen any gators and they said, almost snidely, that it was too hot. Fooled them. Returning the way I came, I noticed the gator in the water right near the building. Of course I got the picture. After I took it he slithered underwater blending right in. The only evidence for a minute was bubbles in the water. Next, he raised only his eyes, and nostrils, out of the water before moving into the murk. So there you go--a nature sighting. The rangers said I was lucky because they are hard to spot in the heat of the afternoon.

Have I mentioned it has been 16 days without rain. Bummer.

Today's picture is for my friend Karen Hirsch. I met her when I was a young mother. She loves to tell how she couldn't believe me coming into the hospital with all four blond boys in tow. Bruce's job in Ohio is adjacent to this fruit stand. Ironically it has our name on it as well.

Bruce has returned home early this afternoon. He's just finished working on some field reports and we're heading out for Mexican. It should be good.

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