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Two Weeks Until School Starts

Today I was on my way to pick up some frames and was driving down Mills Ave. Because it is right there off Mills, I decided to take a little detour into the cemetery where my parents are buried. I've visited their graves only a few times as it just doesn't appeal to me. Nonetheless, I thought I would today. Because I've been there so seldom I thought I'd have trouble finding them, but actually, I drove right to the site. As you can see, my father died when I was 28. I'll never forget that phone call. The twins were two, and Matt was five. In those days getting dinner on the table was always a challenge but unnaturally so on that one. My sister called and I remember that I starting screaming. I don't recall, but I imagine it scared the boys. My parents were moving back to Orlando in one month to be near the grandchildren. My dad died of what I think was a heart attack. He was found by a neighbor with the cat curled up on his legs. If it happened today he might have lived, but maybe not; he was pretty stubborn. Apparently he told the neighbor he wasn't feeling well but wouldn't let him call for help. At any rate, he never lived to see our Jonathan.

Speaking of Jonathan, he and Alissa have a temp assignment today and tomorrow. It's a start. They sound blissfully happy except for the car situation. There are few parking places around the neighborhood, and often he's had to hunt for twenty minutes for one. The lease runs out in December (I got it after my mom died--yellow with a black top--I called it my baby car), but we may try to sell it, or turn it in early. If someone were to harm it the cost to repair it potentially could be higher than the rest of the lease.

Isn't it always the case that when you look your crummiest you run into someone you haven't seen in a long while? I used to always wear mascara at the very least, but more, and more, I just go out any old way. Oddly enough today after procuring the frames I tried to get a new watch battery. Maureen told me recently that they do it cheap in the Asian section of town which happens to be right next to the frame place. The battery did not make the watch work unfortunately. The nice jeweler apologized--he felt bad for me if you can imagine. On the way to the MINI I stopped into a little restaurant to bring home some lunch. Overwhelmed by the choices (you know I don't get out much), I turned to leave. Who should I see but one of the doctors I used to work with. He used to be a real pain in the neck until he finally got married at age 40 something. Wasting no time, his wife became pregnant with identical twin girls. They are now 2 1/2; he told me how hard it is! Ha, they have help 40 hours a week! And he calls that hard? Been there, done that!

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