Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Speed Limit Birthday

Yes, that's what I'm having today, although not a speed limit I actually like to travel--55. Maybe I've told you before that my friend Dean uses that little phrase to describe birthdays and I like it.

I've finally quit blowing my nose (now that I have three boxes of tissue in the house) with coughing mostly limited to when I'm lying down. Thankfully this is the case! Bruce has agreed to take Wednesday and Thursday off; we're heading up to St. Augustine shortly, but not before he returns with my birthday breakfast of choice--a poppy seed bagel from Einsteins. I love to toast them and either use butter, or cream cheese. I'm one of those people who like my toast dark contrary to what they usually serve in restaurants. I hate it when they only barely warm the bread.

Most of you know that we honeymooned there for two days thirty five years ago. We've only been back maybe two times since and never overnight. Turns out the city strings two million lights over everything for about ten weeks this time of year with lots of fun activities including ice sculptures and the like. You, my dear readers, will experience it via photographs in only a few short days.

Speaking of photographs, we went to see Florida State play in the Champs Bowl on Saturday night. Earlier in the day I'd done the market, taking my weekly photos for posterity--actually they are for Whole Foods, but you get the idea. Anyway, when I returned home I thought maybe I should change batteries even though the current one had 2/3 charge left. Grabbing the spare from my camera bag, off we went. This was a STUPID move on my part. Ordinarily the battery in my bag is fresh, this time, not so. I must have changed it somewhere, forgot to charge it when I got home, and was stupid enough not to check it while still home this time. I got maybe four shots and the camera died. Not good. I was so hoping to share some great shots with Jonathan since he couldn't see it in person. I'm checking all my batteries before I leave the house in the future!

By the way, Bruce's inspection went off without a hitch. At one point the job was two weeks behind but with super project manager Bruce on the job they finished in time with a minimal punch list. Now why doesn't that surprise you?

Yesterday I finally saw the prints of what is going to be in the show. One of them did not print as well as I'd like, so before we leave I'm picking up something else to drop off at the framer. I like her very much; her mission is to enhance what I do and for that I'm grateful! I am trying not to get to nervous about the whole thing. Mainly I hope people come and I can feel proud of what I'm showing, mostly things no one has seen before. Time will tell. Of course time tells about everything, doesn't it?

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Predictable Affair

Having a cold is pretty much a predictable affair, albeit unpleasant. It usually begins with a slight pressure in the roof of the mouth or a sudden sore throat. From there, the nose begins to run, and run, and run, and if you are particularly unlucky a cough develops. Contrary to popular opinion there is absolutely nothing to do to get rid of a cold aside from the "tincture of time" as my old buddy Dr. March used to say. As such the last week has not been nearly as pleasant as I would have liked. I managed to go about my business pretty well until Sunday night after the market. The crash occurred resulting in my being asleep by 8 o'clock with Vicks Vapor Rub rubbed under my nose and on my throat. I slept very fitfully last night because the cough has caught up with me. Cold--please go back to where you came from--you are an unwelcome guest.

Bruce has been home every night for weeks now, but with the inspection yesterday, the day was long and we decided he should stay in The Villages overnight. This meant that instead of him picking up more tissues for my runny nose on the way home, I had to go out. I'm a baby sometimes; what can I say? I'd completely emptied parts of four boxes! Anyway, of course I brought my camera and on my street I found a tree with only blue lights in the bare branches. I'd read about a technique of photographing lights while moving the camera. Here are two different versions of the same lights minus the blue.

Pretty cool huh?

Hair washing, now that is a controversial subject. You don't think so? Through all my years I've had so many differing opinions on this seemingly straightforward subject. Remember when the bottle of shampoo said to lather, rinse, and repeat? Maybe you are too young. In my humble opinion this was a great marketing ploy to get people to use more shampoo although my current hairdresser insists the first wash is to remove the oil from the scalp with the second removing the oil from the hair. I must say I don't believe him. Can you imagine washing dishes twice? As well, most folks think you should wash your hair every day, which I suppose is true for people with severely oily hair, but I don't think it's necessary for most. In fact, I think the opposite is true; hair can become too dry when washed too frequently, especially when you get older. Take note young ones. I remember an old (I'm referencing ours from when we were teens) World Book Encyclopedia article stating for good hygiene wash hair once a week. I'm not advocating that, but caution should be used when washing too often. Plus how weird is it that our hair is washed, then coated with all manner of product? And then there is the water temperature issue--hot wash, cold rinse? I could go on.....

Nearly two months have passed since I got the Element which is hard to believe. I still miss my MINI Cooper terribly, however the new vehicle does a great job with our show stuff. I've had a three month trial to XM radio which has been more enjoyable than I'd expected. Maureen had been raving about it; she was right. I've been listening to French and British pop, bluegrass, electronica, and indie music mostly. Sur la Route is the name of the French station--I love it! Whether or not I'll keep it, I haven't decided just yet.

Tying up loose ends from last week:
Matt went to Glasgow the day after Christmas for a short holiday. We had a lovely chat on Christmas day. I'm pleased to report he was delighted with his gifts.

Jonathan and Alissa struggled to get to Iowa, what with their train being towed back to Chicago during a storm, and struggled to get home but all is well now. Bad weather prevented them from doing as much as they'd like while there. FINALLY, the packages arrived on the 29th, fully two weeks since I shipped them! They enjoyed a second Christmas last evening.

Dinner with the family at Lisa and Danny's house was great. Her table was even more beautiful than when I saw it earlier in the month, and Danny outdid himself with the roast beef. Neither Bruce, nor I were up to speed but it was great to be with some of our family.

I received many thoughtful gifts from my dear ones and I thank you. I'm listening to one of them now...

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Listening to: Adele - Daydreamer
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Listening to: Adele - Daydreamer
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

As I mentioned earlier in the week I've not had time to take many pictures of late. Consequently every now and then I have to go visit Regina's backyard and see what is in bloom there. I found these gorgeous Christmas cacti last week--what glorious color!

Of all things I find myself with a cold (?) which it has been my good fortune to avoid for years. I'm feeling pretty puny if the truth be told. I'm still getting around, but not with much vigor. Bruce is not feeling well either which is really shocking as he almost never has anything bothering him. We're quite the couple here on Christmas eve I'm sad to say.

We did manage to get all the packages wrapped for the family. Sadly Jonathan and Alissa's packages did not arrive even though I mailed them ten days ago to be exact. I heard from Matthew, his package arrived maybe Tuesday, so what the problem is with Jonathans--I've no idea. He is not taking it all that well either. His gift from Alissa will also arrive late leaving him with not much opening to do for Christmas. They are taking Amtrack to Alissa's Aunt and Uncles' home in Iowa. They are scheduled to leave around now, however if you've read the papers you know that travel is much delayed in those parts due to the severe weather. I can safely say that I don't envy them the "White Christmas."

Last evening we were treated to a visit from our niece Katie and her boyfriend Billy. I was beginning to feel miserable when she called, but couldn't pass up the chance because I'd heard so much about him. Let me tell you--he did not disappoint. What a good soul he seems to be; I couldn't be happier for Katie. You can tell that he thinks the world of her.

My apologies for the lame post--it is probably time to lay down and rest a bit. with that--

A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Flies

How nearly a week has passed since my last post amazes me. In fact, although I write down the date in my sales book each time I'm out the fact that Christmas was only days away didn't hit me until yesterday. It seems as if baking cookies may be out the window this year, which with no sweet young things around the house to enjoy them, is probably just fine. I do love my gingerbread men though.

The Christmas cards are trickling in, several a day. It ended up taking me two afternoons to finish mine.

One card that arrived last week made me very curious about what was going on with a family we'd known when we were in our late twenties. They moved from Orlando many years ago, but always kept in touch at least once a year. This years' card was only from the wife prompting me to wonder if the man had died (although he was still fairly young) without us knowing. Last evening while at Target, in the toy department, we ran into a couple we hadn't seen in years. I mentioned the couple and sadly discovered that the man had an affair and they were divorced. Now, obviously this is pretty common these days, but still I was surprised, and saddened. The man in question was a pastor at our church who had quite an influence on us as young parents. The story is that he's now selling cars. I guess once a salesman, always a salesman. Before he sold Jesus, now he's selling another kind of dream. It's a good thing Bill or Dave don't read this blog, or we'd never hear the end of the "Christians are hypocrites" debate.

Now that I'm doing two markets a week the time just flies. Between the house, volunteering, selling, ordering, signing prints, banking, and making web albums for customers, I can hardly find time for any fun. Worse yet, taking photographs as much as I'd like has been a challenge. Last week I sold 36 prints of various sizes. That may not sound like a lot but if someone had told me last year at this time that I would be selling that much I'd have never believed them. The truth is that I'm delighted, just busy.

On Friday I finally decided to just go to the movies; am I glad I did. I saw Slumdog Millionaire and I can't praise it enough. Quite simply it has all the elements that make for a great movie going experience. Here's the trailer: Sumdog Millionaire
I hope you have time to view it and experience a little of the wonder. I can remember when "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" first arrived on the scene. You well know my television watching habits, so you know I made a special effort to see what all the fuss was about. I remember calling Matt, commenting on all the special effects, and how fun it was. They've used all that flash and dash brilliantly!

On Saturday night we went out to "enjoy" the annual golf cart Christmas parade at Bruce's moms neighborhood. Some of the carts were very festive, although I believe last years was a bit better. We had some snacks after the parade, and spent the evening with some very old, and interesting women. One of them is 89 and SO robust. She still does most of her yard work, which she credits with keeping her going. Now we think we have some pretty big family gatherings, but they don't hold a candle to hers. She is one of SEVENTEEN children. Several of her older siblings have died, but there are still plenty more! Apparently they have two family reunions a year; the one in Michigan draws 150 people, obviously spanning several generations.

Another woman was a youngster at 86. She brought Christmas stocking hats to share, and had I known how much it would have cheered her, I might have even put one on myself. Actually Bruce goes crazy when he sees perfectly sane adults sporting them as if they were normal headgear. She also had quite a history to share. I asked them about what they thought about the economy. It seemed to be the consensus that it is pretty bad, and that young people don't seem to know how to work. It's something I always ask older people because they naturally have more of a sense of history.

I still have wrapping to do, an order to pickup and deliver, and of course today is museum day, so I must get myself ready for that.

I know you are dying to know how our little Baxter is--back to his normal self--he's even lost about 1/2 pound!

Finally, I'm sad because it is so cold in Chicago for Jonathan and Alissa, and Matt has been fighting a cold/flu for days. Once a mother, always so.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Driving Queen

Yesterday morning I had a brilliant idea that I would deliver some gifts before getting to the museum. It didn't work quite the way I intended but all's well that ends well. Karen was very understanding when I arrived 45 minutes late!!!

I left the house with what seemed like adequate time, but I was seriously wrong. The interstate was backed up at my entrance, so I decided to take Orange Blossom Trail which pretty much runs parallel to the interstate. The drive was pretty speedy although at some point it takes a turn west causing me to be miles from where I needed to be. Basically what I did was a huge loop around the area, finally arriving at Judys' house in Altamonte Springs, and then on to Lisas' house in Longwood for a birthday delivery. I think all told I must have driven over 100 miles yesterday around town!

Thinking she wasn't home, I left it on the door step. Walking back to my car I heard the door opening which led to a longer than was prudent visit. She showed off her Christmas tree and table which she'd fashioned after the wedding decor. It is lovely.

Finally I arrive only to hear from David while there. "Mom, any chance you could drive me to Sweetwater Club to pick up my new car?" Naturally, I said yes. I don't get too excited about cars for the most part, except for MINIs, but this car David bought is spectacular. One of his clients asked if he'd be interested. It had been sitting in the garage with no one driving it due to health problems. It was a deal Dave couldn't pass up--a 2001 Porsche Turbo with 7,000 miles. To say it is gorgeous doesn't do it justice.

You would think that I don't live up to my blog title what with the few pictures I share. Nothing could be further from the truth. I upgraded my Picasa web storage allowing me to make lots more albums which I think will really give you an idea how crazy I am. Here's a sample of what I took yesterday.

As you can see I was all over the place starting with our darling, albeit heavy, Baxter, lounging in the office. The owners of the Porsche live about 1/2 mile from Wekiwa Springs State Park so true to my name I scooted in there after Dave drove off in glory. The time of day was bad for photos but I did see the amazing site which I've tried to picture for you of a HUGE man changing his bathing suit OUT IN PUBLIC!!!! Others are from the museum grounds and a neighbors yard. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm off to deliver the photo shoot pictures this morning but not before I finish the Christmas cards. I do so hope that people will still send them; it is so much nicer to have something tangible that says I'm thinking about you.

Lastly I'll leave you with some interesting insight into baking with one of my favorite ingredients--butter.
Cookie Tip
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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Packages are Shipped

Although there are four stockings hung on the mantle, there will only be two sons home for Christmas. As you can imagine Jonathan and Matt are going to enjoy a cold Christmas as opposed to one where air conditioning might be put to use. Yesterday while I was at the market Bruce put this together because he has the patience to do this sort of thing. I get frustrated--he does not.

It is amazing what one can accomplish when one gets up at 5AM. For some reason I was super tired last evening after two days of marketing. I realize I'm not using that in the traditional sense, but let's start using it for what I do on Sat/Sun. I was thinking the other day what days to call my weekend. I'd always heard having your own business took a lot of time, I'm finding out firsthand that whoever said that knew what they were talking about.

Back to the narrative Gail....I convinced Bruce to go to bed at 8PM!!!!! last night. I fell asleep in no time; when the alarm went off at 5, I was up and at 'em.
First on the agenda was wrapping the gifts for the Christmas absentees. The weekly laundering occurred simultaneously. I wrapped everything, and got the shipping boxes ready to go. I got sorta creative with Matt's package; while at the post office I learned the postal service in London might open the package which I sincerely hope is not the case. At any rate, the line was not too long, and the price to ship stuff.... well, let's not talk about that. Actually, I was delighted to do it, and hope they like what I've chosen. The older I get, the more I probably over-think gift giving.

Here's what goes through my mind:
What if they don't like it?
What if it doesn't fit?
Where will they store it?
Do they really want/need it?
Will it match what they already have?
How many .....(insert gift) does a person need?
Will they re-gift it?
Will they think it is stupid?

You understand I'm sure.

I realized as I was typing this that I forgot one thing I wanted to send to Matt. Hmmm...

Luckily for me I saw someone I knew (imagine that) in the parking lot who helped me carry my packages inside.

Afterward I went over to Darden to sell. Here's what happened--I'd had a call during the wedding festivities from a woman who wanted to buy some prints for Christmas presents. We got it all sorted out after everyone left and I put in an order to Mr. Roger. Upon returning from the Whole Foods market I had a call from another Darden employee who wanted to do likewise. I told her I would bring my baskets when I delivered the ordered prints. Wouldn't you know it--these ladies came to the original sale together; neither woman knew the other had called me. Crazy huh? They helped pushed me past my sales goal as did the sales from the weekend.

In fact I was super busy with customers and visitors/friends alike. Karen and Jeanette came on Sunday. I was so delighted to see them although I was terribly saddened to learn that the macular degeneration that developed three years ago in Jeanette's right eye, is now attacking her left. This is horrible news. She is a sonographer and has had to quit working because she can no longer see the monitor clearly enough. Karen has her own set of problems, what with her bad heart, and seizures. They make quite a pair, and I mean that in a good way. I've known both of them for more than twenty five years; I met them at a hospital that no longer exists, although our friendship has survived. Writing that makes me realize all the more how impermanent "things" are. Relationships, on the other hand, are lasting, unless of course one of the parties is a jerk.

So here is our little tree with Baxter snooping around (note the open back door because it is quite warm):

There are birthdays galore this week--LeAnne on the 17th, Lisa on the 18th, and Michelle on the 19th. Speaking of which I'm turning 55 on the 31st, qualifying me for the Tuesday senior discount at Ross. I think it is plain crazy that those who can normally afford to pay more pay less.

One outcome of Baxter's visit to the vet is that he is now on a diet. This is harder to implement than one would imagine. According to the veterinarian assistant he needs to lose one pound. I'm doing my best to ignore his imploring looks; you've seen those big brown eyes, so you know how difficult this is.

I've saved the best news for last--while getting ready to go out with Jeff and Connie on Saturday night, Bruce..drum role please...SHAVED HIS BEARD, taking ten years off his appearance in ten minutes. He looks adorable, as you shall soon see, without the white patch on his chin. I'm sorry to say that at the outset it was my idea but I changed my tune months ago. Oh happy day!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Market

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...what a line. You can tell how those Christmas songs stay with a girl. Actually today the weather is sorta frightful, serious winds and rain. Still, there is Christmas shopping to be done.

On a different note I usually write about myself at the market, which makes sense as this is my blog and all, however, today I wanted to describe one of the aspects I like the most.

When we began the market it was very slow and small. These days there are around seventy, yes, I said seventy vendors! It's unbelievable to me, but that is another story.

Loading in and out is a complicated affair. Bruce arrives early, say around 7:30 to assure he can get the vehicle in to unload, not to mention a parking place, (we officially open at 10), but Christine is already there, partially set up, as is Larry. Christine is the longest running vendor there, sticking with the market through thick and thin, selling coffee and tea. I'm sure as the years have gone by she has expanded her offerings of various coffee drinks, lattes, and such. I can't tell her age, thus I don't know how old her assistant son is, but every Sunday, come rain or shine, they are there cheerfully serving hot drinks for a reasonable price. Their equipment is large,as is their trailer, so they arrive first.

Larry sells kettle korn and fresh lemonade. His trailer holds the giant copper kettle and everything else they need. They too, have been there for years. By 9:00 he has fired up the kettle and the smell of freshly popped corn fills the air. Dina, his wife comes a bit later with her warm smile and friendly manner.

Kathy sells carnival type stuff, funnel cakes, corn dogs, hamburgers and hot dogs. You wouldn't know it to meet her, but she lives in a pretty swank part of town. Her family has been in the business for at least two generations.

And of course there is Jonathan and Amy, our resident farmers. They arrive so early I can't imagine, setting up nine tents of produce. Some they grow, other stuff they buy. You met them in the past because they are the folks who we took our dining furniture for their large family.

There is Blair & Ben, the cheese folks, Alice sells hummus and bean dips, Lisa, the rum cake lady, Jim and Kathy sell house plants and orchids next to us, Jennie sells homemade soaps, Evelyn & Ricco have a Mexican/PuertoRican food stand, and Jennifer sells delicious cupcakes. I never can remember the honey ladies name, but she always does well. There are the folks who sell scrumptious gelato, a super sweet lady paints henna on exposed body parts, Tim gives chair massages, and Michelles' personal favorite, the guy selling all types of pound cake. There is artisan bread, although sadly their sign spells it artesian, a huge variety of pastas by the pound, and a lady who sells dog paraphernalia. Donna and Dwayne just returned from spending the summer at a ranch in Utah to winter here and sell her beautiful jewelry. Matt's friend Liza's parents came last week selling their homemade vanilla which is wonderfully potent I might add, stained glass by Karen, and the list goes on.

Now that we have a beer and wine garden, people tend to hang around longer, enjoying the wonderful singing of Joseph Martens in the afternoon. In other words, it has become a place to hang out and do some serious people watching. Now, if they would just buy. Which brings me to my next point..

During the morning set up, which as I mentioned is getting more complicated by the day, due to the volume of vehicles and traffic, there is a feeling of hopefulness that is contagious. When I worked my regular job, each day was pretty much the same. I very much enjoyed it, but I pretty much knew what to expect. I knew when I would begin the day, when I would eat lunch, when I would make calls for recall patients, when I would hang films, when I would have my most complicated get my drift.

The market, on the other hand, is always a surprise. I can sit for several hours with no sales, then bang. As you've probably guessed, I don't really sit that much, mainly because I'm taking pictures of the market or chatting with vendors and friends that come by weekly. Lots of times I've been disappointed, but probably just as many times I've been delighted. I've met some wonderful people at the market who really look out for one another. If someone is not there for a week concern is shown. Jim and Kathy, our market neighbors, have both lost a parent in the last month and when we are not busy we have commiserated on the problems and pain associated with it.

I took the picture above before the market officially opens. A blank slate of a day awaits the hopeful vendors.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Partner?

I know this picture is a bit late, nevertheless it is one more reason why I love Nordstrom.

You may remember when I met my printing partner; well of course you do, silly me. Today I may have found another important partner, although I'll have to see the finished product before the verdict is final.

When I sold my first sizable pieces I was still having things printed at Costco, finding frames/mats where I could. We had great success early on at Sam Flax; it was there that I met Miss Nancy. While chatting, she was kind enough to give me information about art shows, and the like. Fast forward some months, and Miss Nancy was no longer at Sam Flax. Where did she go? She started her own custom framing and art studio and is celebrating her first anniversary this month! Maybe two months ago she came by my booth at the market and we chatted. As does most every artist, she asked who did my giclee prints. Giving her Rogers' contact info was my pleasure. She does mixed media, primarily folk art pieces.

Time passed, she contacted Roger, and then one time picking up things from his house, I saw her pieces waiting to be scanned. Yeah, another artist to pay for the $15,000 printer!

When Matt was here he emphasized how important the framing of this swimming toad photograph would be to its' success in the gallery show. I thought of Nancy right away. I knew that she had quite an extensive background and today all of that was evident during our consultation. She basically picked what would work for a gallery show, deciding on pretty much how things should be hung, what frames and mats to use, sizing, and the like. She used to work for the Orlando Museum of Art hanging shows, so count me impressed. It was wonderful to have someone impartial working with me. I just know it is going to turn out great. You can be skeptical up until I see the final product if you must.

Bruce was lobbying for a tree-free Christmas all last week but yesterday morning he woke me up saying let's get the tree when I get home from work. Indeed we did, and it is a wee bit of a thing--a compromise of sorts. It really is cute. Returning from Nancy's studio I ate lunch, and on to the decorating while listening to Christmas albums. For me one of the most pleasurable things about decorating the tree is what memories it conjures. My sister in law, Michelle, has given us so many beautiful ornaments through the years. Because the tree is so small I had to leave many in the boxes, but I did decide to hang some of our very first ornaments. I can remember clearly Bruce and I painstakingly painting and coating these wooden ornaments for our first Christmas thirty five years ago. It was indeed a much simpler time. They hang on the tree so nicely, not dragging the branch down like so many of the ornate ornaments made today. I hope you enjoy seeing a tiny bit of our past as much as I'm enjoying sharing it. So funny how Bruce wanted to make sure I knew he painted this one!

Yesterday no sooner then I returned from the museum, I turned around to go back. Randy, the gardener, asked me last week if I would do some photographs of he and his wife for their grown children. She was busy in the morning so we chose 4:00 hoping for good light. I think they are happy with what we got and now want to use one for a Christmas card. My word, the digital revolution has changed everything hasn't it?

Time to make dinner for my late working husband...
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Baxter is Under the Weather

Friday morning found me going through photographs trying to pick images for the upcoming gallery show which is fast approaching. It opens on January 3rd, although the opening reception is not until January 11, a Friday night. Eleven colorful images is the goal, a harder task than one might imagine. While Matt was here I got his opinion, as I did Carols'. I put together a web album and sent it to Karen, our museum curator, to solicit her advice which was quite a bit different than the others. What, oh what, is a girl to do?

This had me wondering why in the world I agreed to do the show in the first place.

After lunch, to rest my mind, I began a novel that I'd picked up at the library on Thursday. It turned out to be quite good with me reading the afternoon away. I noticed our little Baxter seemed lethargic; when I cleaned the pool and he did not do his barking routine I knew my instinct was right--something was wrong. Oh yeah, the name of the novel is This Must Be the Place by Anna Winger. I finished it that night so you know it is a winner.

Saturday I packed my things and off to the Whole Foods Market I went. For the record, I'm not sure how that market is going to pan out. There was spotty rain early on which had me worried, but the sun began to shine bringing with it a beautiful day. My sales were abysmal.

Arriving home around 3, I found our Baxter in sad shape. I raced over to the vet before they closed at 4, waiting about an hour or so to see the vet. I'd not met him before; he looked like no other medical professional I've ever seen with bushy, and I do mean bushy, gray hair that looked like a brillo pad. His face was covered with a giant beard to match his untamed mane, and his pants were too short with a large hole in one knee. This, btw, was not a trendy hole. Apparently, he must be an eccentric of sorts, but I digress. He examined Baxter, who was shaking like a leaf the entire time, declaring that his shaking, and constant licking of his nose, were symptoms of pain. His diagnosis--a back problem for which he ordered an x-ray. Off he went with the tech and returned none the worse for wear shortly thereafter. The vet brought the x-ray in, a lateral view of his thoracic and lumbar spine, and I was stunned to see how tiny his skeletal system is. His little femur is no bigger than my finger under all that fur. No serious problem was evident thank goodness. Baxter was given a steroid shot and pills to take for five days. Dr. Hill pronounced that with rest and medication he would be as good as new in a few days. So far, so good.

Remember the email I wrote about last week? It turns out that I had tagged the post Tom Ritter Orchids; when you google his name my post comes up. The gentleman explained that is how he found me. Interesting.

The weather was chilly most of yesterday; sunny and bright. That said, it did not help my sales, which were once again almost non-existent. I realized a few months ago that I might reach a sales goal by the end of the year, however, these last two weeks are not helping so much. I am close though.

Today I've been doing some throwing out. First my cosmetic drawer, followed by the refrigerator. While Carol was here she had to use my makeup as she'd forgotten hers. When you share something you all of a sudden see it in a new light. This shining light reminded me that it was messier than it should be. I keep what I have in a plastic rectangular basket which suits it just fun. The trouble is, I'd not seen the bottom of the basket for some time. I removed everything, throwing away old q-tips which were buried underneath everything else. I rarely buy makeup, but when I do, I make sure to get the GWP (you may recall this stands for gift with purchase), which sometimes leaves me with things I don't use. Today it was time to clean up my act. I also use a plastic deviled egg holder for my earrings. I'd not been into for a while because I was selecting from the pile I keep in an old Irish ashtray on the vanity; I'd forgotten I had some of them. Very fun, it feels like I have new jewelry!

Mr. Bruce will not be traveling too far this week necessitating me to grocery shop--a much dreaded task. Upon my return, after shelving my purchases, I made squeezed some tangerine juice with fresh tangerines from my neighbor at the market. They have all types of citrus trees, so every week they bring some to share.

It is chilling as I type. Time to get started on dinner--the menu--mustard crusted pork chops, buttermilk mashed potatoes and spinach salad with cherries.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bits & Pieces

The other day the post on Digital Photography School reminded me that there are close up lenses at the camera store just waiting to be purchased. As such, I zoomed (notice I no longer motored as that is a term reserved for MINI drivers) over to Colonial Photo and Hobby and purchased some. They come in a set of three for around thirty dollars which you screw on in front of your lens like a filter. As you know, I'm not a huge fan of changing lenses; instead of buying an expensive dedicated macro lens I figured I'd give them a try. The camera struggles to autofocus, giving me an opportunity to once again practice my manual focus. Here is a tiny, tiny little butterfly, somewhat out of focus, but cute nonetheless.

Yesterday I went to the mall for some pre-Christmas shopping. I always take the baby camera with me in case something presents itself which is the case more often than not. I got a big kick out of seeing these dis-interested men sitting. Need I say more?

One of my favorite aspects of Christmas is listening to music. While visiting Matt was kind enough to purchase a new Mary Chapin Carpenter album for me which has already given me a great deal of pleasure. Of course there is always my perennial favorite, Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians. As well, last year Jonathan gave me a terrific James Taylor Christmas cd.

I received the strangest e-mail last night from a stranger. He said while buying orchids from Tom Ritter (THE orchid man in town) he came across my photos. Now how this could be possible, I've no idea, but somehow he got my email address and had all sorts of complimentary things to say. Who knew?

As is always the case, there are things going on behind the scenes with Out & About Photography that would bore you if I documented everything. I will tell you that Mr. Bruce asked me to make some desk calendars for his workmates with separate ones for ladies and men. He chose from a batch and Vista Print made it happen, with a little help from me. Arriving in yesterday's post, we couldn't be happier with the product.

When Jonathan vacuumed on Thanksgiving day we all agreed that the vacuum smelled dreadful while running. Talk about recycling, have I got one for you! Finally I was getting around to vacuuming this morning; immediately removing the bag, I rushed it to the outdoor trash can. Unfortunately it turned out to be my ONLY bag. Orek bags are to be found only at their store about 14 miles away leaving me with two options: retrieve the used bag or not vacuum. You know me well enough by now to know what I did next. Talk about an unpleasant task! I grabbed hold of the ICK and started pulling. Before you get too grossed out, stick with me a minute, this is a tale of being green--not throwing away a perfectly good vacuum bag. With the bulk of it emptied, I replaced it on the machine, but not before liberally dousing the inside with the strongest perfume I have, a John-Paul Gaultier. I'm assuming this perfume has not been previously used in this manner, however, there's always a first time for everything. I sprayed the cavity and the outside of the bag as well. It worked pretty well for a makeshift idea. This way I can go get the bags at a more leisurely pace, or not.

With all the talk of David, Matthew, and Jonathan, you might think I'd forgotten that I have another son to write about. Shame on me for neglecting to mention that on Thanksgiving Day we all watched a DVD featuring Bill (among others) giving a guitar lesson on finger tapping. It is part of a project produced by Mark Tremonti, the guitarist for Creed. He and Bill have been friends for years which is mutually beneficial. Bill has taught him a lot about guitar playing while Mark has introduced him to influential people. It doesn't hurt that they just plain like each other either! That said, Bill does a remarkable job--we are all so proud and a bit awed at how poised he is. He went to Chicago to do the filming and there is the cutest segment of him at the door watching the snow fall--that's a Florida boy for you. Lest I forget to discuss the lesson--he is simply amazing. We realized he'd been playing now for over half his life. I still remember the first guitar I bought from the newspaper which seems a bit quaint now. I'm thinking it was a Christmas gift. From there it was the pawn shop to today when Dean Guitars builds him his own model. How about that?

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let the Blogging Resume

Judy called last night to check on me because she'd not been able to electronically. Well, to answer her question, I'm fine, although I'm publicly admitting that it has been a quite a tiring time for me. When she called I was already in bed, snuggled in for the night. Now, however, I think I'm caught up around here--at least for the moment and raring to go.

If I do say so myself, I think everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here's a photo recap of the holiday. In this one everyone (except for the cook) is watching the DVD of Dave and Michelle, who, btw, had a wonderful honeymoon.

Because of the size of the crowd we had to eat at three separate tables which worked just fine. You can't really tell from the picture, but I know that Matt, Jonathan, and Alissa are especially enjoying the fine weather before their respective returns to cold/snowy/rainy city life.

Here are Carol, Hank, and Maureen eating at the kitchen table which sure looks pretty barren in this picture. I'm going to have to get a more colorful tablecloth for there!

We used the kitchen counters for a buffet line which makes all of the tables look empty. I will say there was more than enough food to go around. Ruth and Pat brought wonderful homemade rolls, a lovely lavender plant, and a pecan pie. Carol and Hank brought spinach casserole, Mom Peck and Michelle brought wine and cheesecake leaving Lisa to bring a pumpkin pie.

There are three in our family who are either vegans, or vegetarians, allowing me to be especially creative preparing an inclusive feast.

Here is what I made (at least all I can remember at this point):
Fresh turkey with sausage stuffing
Baked Ham with cherry glaze (I use that term loosely)
Mashed Potatoes with gravy (homemade stock makes it so good)
Brown Rice stuffing with pecans and cranberries
Spinach salad including almonds and cranberries with poppy seed dressing
Jello molds for fun in little foil muffin holders
Fruit salad with fresh grapefruit/oranges/pineapple and coconut
Haricot Verts with crispy shallots
Baby peas for Jonathan
Chick pea salad with edaname (very pretty)

Alissa helped by de-stemming the spinach and with the little jello project. I almost forgot the pigs in a blanket and hummus and pita LeAnne brought! They were a big hit.

As is always the case Mr. Bruce gets in the kitchen afterward taking over from where I left off. Several dishwasher runnings later, a full dish drainer (not emptied until Saturday night) and we were back in business.

On Friday Jonathan and Alissa went to Animal Kingdom, Carol and Hank left, and Bruce, Matthew, Maureen, and I went to the movies, meeting Liza afterward for lunch. I can't recommend the movie. Although Anne Hatthaway was spectacular in "Rachel Getting Married", the movie (in my opinion) suffered from a lack of editing. That's not what the critics said but it is what I say!

Then it was time to take Matthew to the airport for the long flight home. It was such a busy ten days that I don't think I ever got to visit with him properly and now he is gone leaving me a little sad.

Jonathan and Alissa departed Saturday afternoon, leaving us once again, empty nesters.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Where to Begin?

It sure has been a week! So much has happened that I'll try to capture some of the highlights for you; gratefully I mention that the lowlights were almost non-existent.

Tuesday Angela helped me fill all forty bags with sand and candles for the walkway luminaries. We wheeled them out front for a practice run making sure there were enough. I was lucky to find some white lunch bags and Target and votive candles in glass at Old Time Pottery. We brainstormed about the table and got a little start there. Bruce never traveled out of state last week (I know, can you believe it?), so he worked on making the yard look excellent. He also purchased and put together a fire pit for the back because our chilly spell has lingered. We are going to love it for sure.

Matt arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a brief (translate--fun) stay in Atlanta. Stopping on the way home we picked up the tuxedos for both Matt and Jonathan with good results. I'd spent the day making two kinds of chili for the rehearsal dinner which worked out beautifully because he was starving upon arrival.

Thursday morning, more preparations for the party. Which led to this:

During the rehearsal I found out that Bruce and I were to walk up the altar steps and yours truly given the honor of lighting one of the parent candles; during the ceremony Michelle and Dave were to each take one candle and light the center candle in unison. I'd not heard the first thing about it until then, giving me a moments pause, primarily because I'm so unused to wearing both heels, and a long gown, I was afraid I might mess up. As well, visions of lighting my wrap on fire occurred. Because I told you at the outset there were minimal lowlights you know we pulled it off!

While we were practicing Angela and Regina were busily getting all the food out and lighting about fifty candles. It was just getting dusk when we returned home and everything looked beautiful. What a blessing to have neighbors to count on.

Earlier in the day Matt made the DVD with the photos I'd scanned. He put it all together only to discover that his mother did not have any blank DVDs--duh!! Fortunately stores are just a mile away for those pesky last minute details. As you can imagine it was a great hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the clean up began. Bruce went to pick Carol up at the airport with her arrival creating quite a stir. She always brings lots of energy with her.

Friday found me finishing the clean up and getting a manicure and pedicure with Carol. Our man about London had been sporting a beard for several years now but with the wedding pictures on the horizon he shaved taking about five years off his appearance. I'm not sure if anyone would guess he is all of 32! I picked up Mr. Roger's speedlight and an apparatus to hold the camera on the way to taking him for a haircut. We've been putting the new car to good use. Tijuana Flats for dinner, a shower, and facial mask for me. Wouldn't you know it--a blemish right below my left eye with a budding cold sore to go along with it.

Matt was kind enough to give his parents their beauty sleep picking Jonathan and Alissa up after midnight. I never even heard them arrive.

The wedding day finally arrived. Jonathan forgot to pack undershirts and his mother needed waterproof mascara, so once again a quick trip to the stores. On to the beauty salon for me. Michelle requested I do something fun with my hair, as any good mother in law would do, I booked an appointment with Ken. Sitting down I had no idea how I would leave the salon, but it was a safe bet it wouldn't be with my usual bob. An hour and a half later I left with an updo--my first (I think) since homecoming in 11th grade. With my white blouse and jeans the family was a little unsure at first, but donning the gown did wonders for the look. Amazingly, we all got ready with no problems, and off we went. Did I mention that Matt served as our personal stylist, making suggestions on vest tightening, hair and makeup? Bruce remained cool and calm throughout, looking dashingly handsome in his tuxedo.

Happiness was in the air when we arrived. Pat and Ruth both looked wonderful. I'll take this moment to describe one of the only lowlights--during the wonderful reception Pat was taking his seat after tearing up the dance floor at the same time Carol was pulling the chair out. The result was a nasty bump to his head, which not only scared him, but hurt awful bad. I was so disappointed that they had to leave early!!! Carol talked to him yesterday and apparently all is well, thank goodness.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride and groom even more so. Alissa greeted people at the door after which she was seated on the second row with us. She managed to get some photos of the ceremony and here is one of them:

The gown was spectacular. Really, the wedding was magical in every sense. The candle lighting went off without a hitch, and surprising us was the inclusion of thanks to their parents, and a presentation of a single rose to the moms. It was enough to make everyone cry! Bill looked so stoic, but as it turns out, it was his effort not to cry while listening to me behind him!

Speaking of whom, Mr. Bill gave a beautiful, heart felt speech about not only his relationship with Dave, but welcoming Michelle to our family. This too brought tears to many eyes, which truth be told, is doing so to mine as I type. The closeness of most identical twins cannot easily be put into words, typically however, it is one of the closest human relationships possible. Touchingly he referenced their wonderful father, my darling husband Bruce, as their guide through life.

Here is Miss Gail crying while dancing with David to "I Hope You Dance."

David was so happy, finally able to shed the gloom that his job has been draping over him for months,dancing the night away, as did we all. I can't tell you what a beautiful job Michelle did putting it all together, planning every detail down to a special vegan meal for Matt. Of whom I must mention brought the house down with his dancing! Oh my, were we all entertained! When I spoke to David briefly yesterday he was raving about it. Michelle was taking a much needed nap to recover. They left this morning for their week at Disney.

There are so many other wonderful things to share, but I suspect this one dose will suffice for today. Thank you for your well wishes for our son and his beautiful bride.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Last week the news was the heat--today it is the cold. That's Florida November weather for you. The cold front came through on Saturday evening, lowering the temperatures by more than 20 degrees. Bruce left the house at 7:15 Sunday morning to begin the set up. He was dressed in shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt with a denim shirt as a jacket. While loading the Element he decided that 45 degree weather required at least the addition of a sweater over the t. Trading his flip flops for tennis shoes, he took off early because Dana had requested that everyone be set up by 9:45 which we made by a few minutes. BTW--he endured much teasing from everyone about his shorts.

The mayor was scheduled to be at the market promptly at 10 to lend support for a Spinal Cord Injury fund raiser and Dana wanted to show it off. Up he waltzed to my booth first (because I've got a primo space at the entrance), eventually making his way to all 60 vendors to say hello. People gathered early to take part in the walk around the lake to support the charity. Promptly the market emptied, never really getting very busy all day. Remember that cold start? Later on the weather was gorgeous; a little crisp with glorious blue skies. I suspect the food and wine festival on the other side of the lake did nothing to help our cause! Nonetheless I did alright.

Driving a MINI Cooper is a lot of fun, but there are aspects of it which are not. We have many streets paved in brick which I'd learned to avoid because it was so bumpy in the baby car. I now feel as if I'm gliding down those streets in the new car. I'm really happy with my choice.

While I was plying my wares Mr. Bruce was hard at work in the back yard to spruce things up. He pressure washed the patio and put down to date 16 bags of mulch. The weather for the rehearsal dinner should be perfect for outdoor entertaining. He filled all the torches and put twinkly lights in a large palm. I couldn't wait to get home to see how things looked. At nightfall it looked lovely. I still need him to put the leaf in the table; I knew how to do it in the old table (not that I could do it because of the weight) however I've no idea how the new table works. It is stored under that table rather than under the bed!

The plans for the house decorations are coming along after a few shopping trips. I'm thinking Angela will help me tomorrow afternoon after I return from the museum.

Matt arrives on Wednesday! Happy day! Carol arrives on Thursday and Jonathan and Alissa get in on Friday night. Jonathan has a business trip to Boston this week, returning Friday in time to catch his flight to Orlando. I suspect these are going to be busy, busy days.

I'm still waiting for Roger to finish the gift. Once it is all hung I'll show it off.

The image today is from a small lake nearby aptly named Emerald Lake.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Party to Plan

Wednesday night I went over to Ginger to attend a trunk show from an up and coming Orlando designer. Aimee expressed concern that the attendance wouldn't be that good so I went to show my support. Realizing that I'd be just a few blocks from Knowles Chapel, the site of the wedding next Saturday, I decided to take my tripod along and photograph it at night. I was really hoping to include the nearly full moon, alas, that was impossible. Clouds, not to mention trees, prevented that from happening. It's no secret that people look at you funny when you are carrying a tripod around. Oh yeah, about the trunk show--there were more than enough ladies.

Our party is next Thursday night. I started getting serious about it yesterday calling Angela over for a brainstorming session. She's much better at decorating than I am coming up with some great ideas. I'd not even thought about Margaritas to go with the chili, but she did, even supplying the tequila and a large bottle of mix. I bought some new flowers for out back and Mr. Bruce is going to make sure all the outdoor lighting is in tip top shape. I'm having one of our market vendors deliver a variety of decorated cupcakes with some sort of apparatus to display them on. All candles were brought out of drawers and closets for potential use.

The DVD is not going so well however. I've scanned all the photos and even put them on a disc but it must be in the wrong format because the tv did not recognize it. I've no doubt Matt will be able to sort it all out when he arrives on Wednesday. He's flying to America as you read this. He'll spend a few days in Chicago, a few in Atlanta, and then home for about ten days. As you can imagine, I'm delighted.

Lisa has a clutch handbag I can use for which I'm grateful. Finally some good news from the Spak household--Danny had a new PSA, and although it isn't perfect, it is way improved meaning that at the moment no further treatment is necessary. Doesn't that just make your day? It does mine.

Guess who just walked in the door early? Yes, he's home before six which is simply amazing. Bruce traveled all week, missing his flight yesterday afternoon and not arriving home last night until after Ms. Camera Crazy was sound asleep. Time to re-connect.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Countdown to a Wedding

Finally, as promised, the outfit. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I still need a handbag which hopefully I'll find maybe today? It is totally time to get serious about this folks. If you've got any suggestions, or comments about the outfit, now is the time to speak up.

I began to do some cleaning yesterday for the rehearsal dinner and our houseful of guest arriving next week. Because Bruce and I make so little mess, our home is usually neat, but super clean it is not. Serious dusting is usually what is ignored, especially in the guest room. It was really kind of fun because I looked at the pinewood derby cars that Bruce so lovingly built for his sons. They are lined up on a shelf along with other mementos including photos from Laura's wedding. As I type this I just realized I'll need to do something with the closet. I store my dresses in there leaving no room for Jonathan and Alissa to hang anything up. Of course if I could get Bill and Dave to get their stuff out of that date, a futile effort on my part. Speaking of closets, Jonathan's old animee and manga stuff fills the closet in what is now my office. Hopefully he'll make time while here to deal with that. He has always been a saver, now however, the time is right to make a clean sweep.

The past. That is what I spent my non-cleaning time with yesterday afternoon. I had to shut Baxter out of the room (he loves to grab things from the floor) as I sorted through three shoe boxes full of pictures of the Peck family past. I use that as a general term because not only did I find photos of our immediate family, I found photos of all the names you've come to know. The cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. There are event and holiday photos galore. Swim meets, baseball games, volleyball tournaments, Thanksgiving and Christmas make up a large portion of them. Unlike today's parents with digital cameras, whom I suspect capture their childrens every move, film cost money that we did not have in abundance. Our different decors, which at the time I thought were so great, looked hopelessly outdated. The red shag carpet in Bill and David's first room was especially bad. Now that came with the house, and money was very tight, so it stayed for years. Lots of homemade clothes in those days too.

During Bill and Dave's first year Bruce and I had one date. With all the family either too far away, or busy with their own children, we couldn't afford to pay a babysitter. My, those were days of struggle, but look where it has all ended up. We are so blessed to have our sons who have all made their way in this crazy world. And now Mr. Dave is getting married next Saturday to a very sweet girl who is crazy about him. Michelle's mother mailed me photos of her growing up, and after all that sorting I've chosen ones of David. It was remarkably hard to find ones of just him because, as has always been the case, and still is, for that matter, the twins are inseparable. Yes, they were in different classes all through their schooling, but there is something about being an identical twin that the rest of us can't really understand. They still talk on the phone multiple times a day! One of our favorite photos of Dave is him flexing his muscles when he is about seven, something he still does to this day. I was terrible about writing on the back so telling who was who also presented a challenge.

I've finished scanning all the photos, now I have to figure out how to put them on a DVD that will play during the rehearsal dinner. That is today's project; I've never made a DVD so it could take all day, but let's hope not.

While at the museum on Tuesday I came across this beautiful sight:

As it turns out there was an Indian wedding at the museum on Saturday which according to Karen was as opulent as can be with 350 guests. The huge canopy situated near this birdbath had these gorgeous bouquets festooned on the corners. I'm here to tell you that the quality of the flowers was breathtaking. I can't imagine why it was left on the ground beside the birdbath filled with perfect red rose petals. What was so amazing is that it still looked so beautiful after several days outdoors. Apparently the groom arrived on a snow white Stallion. Oh how I wish I'd been there to see it!

Time to get to work my dears.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Never Meant to Be Away for So Long

Gentle readers, to answer your questions as to where I've been, the response is, selling. Those of you who have been with me along this journey can't imagine that I'm doing the things I'm doing--neither can I! This is the second time I've done the Darden Craft Fair and oh my was it better than last year. Between Fiesta in the Park, two days at Darden, the new Whole Foods market on Saturday and the usual Sunday market I was pooped. The grand total for all that selling was 75 prints which is a good thing. That said by Sunday afternoon I'd lost my selling mojo. Normally I engage people in conversation and chat about my stuff however by that point I was saying if you have any questions please ask!

Complicating my blogging our internet connection was iffy for several days, and sadly I must report that I began to feel terrible again. Fortunately Bruce was home for most of the week (shocker!) and took care of me when I wasn't out being a street vendor. As we'd all come to expect, I'd been feeling excellent with none of the nagging pain of the last two years. Inexplicably it hit me like a shot on Wednesday, continuing for days. I'm still struggling, but not like last week. Let us all hope it is short-lived.

Yesterday I got my desk all cleaned up. The bills are paid, my radiology licenses are renewed, and I can now see most of my desktop. I made a trip to our new Target for Bruce's prescriptions, picked up dry cleaning and deposited money at the bank. When Matt and Jonathan get here next week they will be delighted with the Target being so close. We now have dog food, toothpaste and razor blades. Now, if I can just get to the laundry and cleaning....

Because the weather was spectacular I just had to make a trip to Leu Gardens for some photography. I was so totally missing it last week. I was pleased that some of the photos I'd had in my baskets for a while sold enabling me (Mr. Roger) to print new ones. I've been to LG so many times I know where everything is blooming yet I still love to do it. Yesterday there were some beautiful,fragrant silk floss trees blooming. The trunk of these trees is almost as interesting as the blooms:

There are two versions with the pink one featured today. I wish I'd had the Panasonic with me yesterday because I have a longer zoom with that camera; this bloom is about 40' in the air:

Bruce is in Connecticut as I type having back-to-back inspections on his projects there, a first in his career. I spoke with him briefly last night and they look good, so here's hoping the punch lists will be SHORT.

Michelle came over yesterday afternoon to see my dress and chat. After a hearty approval we discussed the jewelry options. Later on I scooted over to Nordstrom to see if anything appropriate was featured in the half yearly sale. The answer was no. Sadly, because all of retail is struggling right now, the inventory to choose from is limited. I can certainly understand that (being a business owner and all) but it makes it more challenging to find things you like. I tried on multiple necklaces and earrings, eventually picking some. Aside from a handbag, I believe I'm set.

Off to the museum dear friends. The first photograph today is one of Mr. Polasek's oldest entitled "Unfettered."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fat Lady has Sung

It was like trying to stop a tsunami--impossible. The enthusiasm generated by Barak Obama was remarkable and although I expressed reservation about all the candidates, it is time to accept and embrace the change that has arrived. Americans have reason to be proud today--the people have spoken.

I'm still waiting for word from Jonathan about the Grant Park experience. I will say that on facebook Allissa posted how she was crying during his speech, and from what I could see of the crowd, she was not alone. I am so happy that they witnessed history in the making.

Earlier in the evening I just couldn't tolerate the television coverage. Every network I tried filled their screens with more info than anyone can process. As well, the fancy technology used probably appeals to some, but for me it is just too much. I'd talked to Bruce, and chatted with Matt (who was staying up way past his bedtime in London) and decided that whatever was going to happen was going to happen. Lights out at 9:30, I was fast asleep only to be woken by David calling while McCain was delivering his concession speech. If you know David, you know that there is no such thing as a short conversation. After expressing his many opinions, we hung up. By then I was awake again and decided to tune into our President-Elect Obama's speech. He sure did deliver, didn't he? If he can run the country as well as he's run his campaign we are get to go!

Yesterday morning before Bruce went to Pennsylvania we were discussing our early days at the market. I went back to the beginning of this very blog looking for what I had to say.

"When I saw Dr. Everett yesterday, he said he didn't mind telling me now that when he first met me he thought I had a fatal disease; in other words, I have surprised him. Those are sobering words. I guess that is why I am embracing this little business venture, and not feeling embarrassed that there are others who are better than I am-- I'm good enough for some folks. I'm pretty happy with what I have done, and I'm hoping I'll only get better with time." April 2007

Thank God he was wrong. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Trading in the MINI with my college parking sticker was another closed chapter to that time in my life. I've thought about continuing to be a student, maybe I will some day, but for now I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing.

You know how much I love clever terms; here's a fun site: Just for Fun. I particularly like the term diginecker--find out what it means there.

This image is from the museum's Victory Garden planted in conjunction with the WWII exhibit.

While cleaning the pool on Monday Martha Reeve's song "Dancing in the Streets" came on my Shuffle--wasn't it thrilling to see that actually happening last night?
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Monday, November 3, 2008


Here we go again reporting that rain spoiled the party. Sunday the clouds rarely parted to reveal any sunshine, they did however, dump plenty of rain.

Here's What I Saw and Felt: (not in order!)

1. Glad that the two older ladies next to me were super nice as were the folks across the street. Everyone helped me out by watching my booth while I took potty breaks.

2. Thrilled to have such a strong, super husband who makes all this possible.

3. Feel like the new vehicle is going to work out just fine although because of the rain we couldn't pack it the way we'll do in the future.

4. Grateful for good sales despite the economy and weather. The economy is definitely having an impact; I continue to sell, but these days people are being much more cautious about whipping out their credit card which is a good thing.

5. Saw red, purple, blue, orange, and green hair, sometimes all on the same person.

6. Saw too many tattoos and those dreadful things young people put in their ear lobes. They remind me of when I was a child seeing the African tribes people in National Geographic. Seriously ugly to me.

7. Two triplet strollers--YIKES!

8. A stroller full of ferrets and way too many carrying dogs.

9. A young woman, who from a distance, looked as if she were wearing a Halloween mask--sadly it was her face. The burden of something like that is hard to imagine. Makes you realize how terribly hard life is for some people.

10. Happy to meet new people and see others I've not seen in a long, long time.

11. Drenched. While velcroing the outside walls to the tent poles in a driving rain water cascaded down my body from a customer at the adjoining booth pushing the awning up. It was such a shock because I didn't see it coming! It took hours for me to dry out.

12. Tuckered out by 3:00. Although the show was to continue till 5pm the threat of more rain was more than I could take. I began packing things up, calling Bruce who arrived in no time to save the day.

13. Happy to be in my own kitchen and cook dinner last night.

14. Finally, like this goat from the zoo, this was me by 8:30 last night!

Off to the City Council meeting this afternoon to pick up my check from the calendar contest. It's a busy life I lead. Maureen's friend Lynn asked her if I missed my old job yesterday with Maureen replying she didn't think so. One thing about it--- never a threat of rain!

Mind you that today has been beautiful so far.

P.S. Speaking of my former job, yesterday a former patient arrived as we were packing up; she immediately began describing her breast problems to me. Stop already, I no longer get paid to listen to that kind of stuff!
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

It is the end of an era. A pretty dramatic opening don't you think? I have finally faced reality and traded in the MINI. We've made it work for most of this year, but every time we go out to show we always have to take two vehicles. As it is we get to spend so little time together that I'm hoping this will be one step to rectify that situation.

The tag on the front lets you know just how long a MINI has been in my life. Although I'd been thinking about this for a while I couldn't let go. Well, now I have. My first MINI came soon after my mom died. I had a beautiful yellow one with a black top which I called my happy face car. I was pretty devastated after her death and it was one part of the healing process as I knew it would make her smile to see such a cute little car. Jonathan took that one over about two years ago and I got the current one to replace it. I must admit I was never as attached to this one as my previous one for obvious reasons. I'd always seen a car as just a tool to get around but the yellow one....well, that one was very special.

I looked at the Scion on Wednesday, as well as the Ford Edge, and the Saturn Vue. Bill and Jonathan were horrified at the prospect of me driving a Scion which to tell you the truth the new design didn't excite me as much as the previous style. I'd seen one in the parking lot at the dry cleaners which prompted my search. As well the dealership people held me hostage for well on two hours. They put some serious pressure on me but eventually I got away. I thought I might buy American this go round but as it turns out the Saturn is only 30% made in the US. Surprised? I was.

When I finally got back home I did some serious research on cargo capacity in mid size SUVs. After reading "Confessions of a Car Salesman" on the Edmunds site I was armed with information to head out again yesterday. This time I went to the Honda dealership which was clean, empty, and the salesman was very cordial. I knew he was dying to get me into a car but he restrained from pressuring me. Anyway I ended up with another funky vehicle--the Honda Element. I called Bruce a few times and he gave me good advice--tell them if they wanted to deal today they needed to throw in roof racks which they agreed to. I've never owned a Honda before but I figured I couldn't go wrong with one. Get this--it is 70% made in Ohio. The drive was good, I got a silver one because it won't show dirt as much as a dark car, and the gas mileage is decent. Of course those window stickers usually are deceiving but we'll see. I don't drive all that much these days and since it doesn't require premium fuel like the MINI the cost should be a wash. So my friends, here it is:

Not nearly as cute as a MINI (what vehicle is?); hopefully the practicality will outweigh the cuteness factor.

I will tell you Jonathan is not thrilled with this one either, but at least it's not a Scion. More importantly Bruce likes it just fine. As I mentioned I called him but he had no idea what it looked like. I'm looking forward to him designing all sorts of cool storage options in it. You knew that was coming didn't you? We'll do our initial packing this afternoon and find out if I made a good choice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If it is Free....

...they will come. Although the admission to the museum is only $5 apparently it keeps people from visiting. Today was a celebration of Czech Independence Day at the Polasek with free admission and treats. On a blockbuster day I might have ten visitors during my three hour stint--today there were nearly 100! As you know, I lead a pretty leisurely life these days, so this was quite a day. I greet them, run the register, and inquire how they found out about the event. Turns out more people read the paper than you would think.

The photograph is of an orchid I got at the market on Sunday. I've been experimenting with a sheet of mirror outside--the background is the sky. While I was doing it, Baxter, who was wet from the grass, shook himself making water droplets spray all over the mirror.

Speaking of Baxter, here he is sporting his Obama campaign button. Trish gave it to me on Sunday because she knew Bruce would love it. He's been a good sport about it after initially trying to rub it off. Have I told you lately that he is the perfect dog? If I haven't it was a grave oversight. I can now hear his little tinkle throughout the house. Fortunately the election is only days away because I don't think I can bare another minute of it. The mudslinging is just pathetic as is the wasted money. It seems to me that they should have the song, Money, Money, Money in the background because that is all they talk about. Following this little rant I will cease and desist from any more political discussion after I mention that I mailed our absentee ballots today.

While at the post office I inquired about renewing our passports. Matthew's brilliant idea is for us to visit him in London at Christmas due to the falling value of the pound. It has been five years since we went to London on Bruce's fiftieth birthday. I figured maybe I could spend my fifty fifth birthday there. Of course, there is the weather to consider, which for me is a pretty big deal. According to the post office lady it is about a three week turn around time after we re-take our pictures and mail in the required forms. Ten years ago I think I looked much better than I do today. Of course, don't we all?

This weekend is Fiesta in the Park, the biggest event I'll participate in all year. Earlier in the week the forecast was for spectacular weather, currently not so good. Please, please, stay nice. After this it will be time to focus on the upcoming wedding, which as I type, is only weeks away. If only the stock market would settle down it would be so much better for David (and a few million other people). With such daily turmoil in his job it is hard to get as excited as he'd like.

Yesterday afternoon Bruce called while driving through New York state to his job site. Initially it was raining which soon turned to snow. The snow fell so quickly that he had to pull over to stay safe. The snow plow came making the road safer but it was still very slow going. Everything took much longer than planned, by the time he was ready to drive down to Pennsylvania it was not only snowing, but dark as well. It is quite a drive, so I talked to him throughout much of it. Before you get upset about him being on the phone while driving let me point out that he wears an earpiece. Still, I'm not a fan of it but it did make it not quite as bad as if he were alone. As well, I had Google maps going and I could tell him how much further to go. Actually I had begun this post just before he called but suspended my writing because he needed me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Much To Say

These have been busy days my friends. So many places, people, and events to report on that I thought I might make it easier by showing you.

I took a trip to the zoo the other day which definitely received mixed reviews, not only physically, but photographically. I tried my best to focus inside the cages with very little success. I was positive I had the Toucan, alas it was still a bit fuzzy. The building with the snakes and reptiles was one of my favorite parts because they were so colorful. I managed to get this picture of a Skank of all things. I hardly knew that derogatory term was a real living reptile. I'd not been to the zoo since the children were way, way young. I just realized it was even before Jonathan was born. I've got a darling photo of the boys having a pony ride. No ponies these days. I will say that although the zoo is poorly funded, they do a good job with what they have.

Barely home for long and then off to see Jane's son Carter, and his girlfriend, Lauren playing at a downtown bar to raise funds for literacy. A good time was had by all.

I am happy to report Bruce got home that night. He had a meeting on Thursday morning but stayed home the rest of the day working. He did take a bit of a break midday and we did a few errands together which is not something we get to do very often these days.

Which brings us to Friday/Saturday and the Fresh Summit convention. Turns out it was a huge produce marketing convention. Arriving on Friday we were a bit lost, but Jane kept a level head and eventually we got set up. Our convention center is massive; parking and unloading at the farthest from your assigned space is NOT my idea of fun. She reminded me that we were here for the adventure. Our location did not receive many visitors however I did manage some sales. It was pretty cool to see new produce products including the dragon fruit pictured, as well as those reddish spiky things. I wish I could remember the name of those because they were fascinating looking. Although they look sharp, they feel more like plastic scrubby things you would use for cleaning in the kitchen. Once opened it almost looks like an eyeball minus the pupil--not so appetizing to me, but it may find a market.

One of the customers told me that she first saw grape tomatoes a few years ago at this same convention. Her husband predicted that no one would buy them, but as we all know now, they are hot sellers. I love to pop them in my mouth like fruit. Apparently they are easy to grow and less labor intensive than cherry tomatoes which have all but disappeared from produce markets.

Sunday's market was my second best sales day there ever. Having picture perfect weather must have helped, but frankly I was surprised after the challenging economic news last week. Did I mention I was delighted as well?

While at the market I picked up the latest copy of Orlando Weekly, our local alternative newspaper. Last week Ruth altered me that the accompanying photo with the review of the "Love Works" show was mine. Forgive me for the poor wording of the above sentence, I can't seem to get it just right. Anyway imagine my surprise seeing my piece along with my name in the paper. There were so many pieces that it was a total shock. Thank you Ruth,you are such a great support.

Finally, I was also mighty surprised to find a new format Rolling Stone in the mail. After all these years they have shrunk down to traditional magazine size. Paper costs?

You Just Never Know