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Orange Juice

For as long as I can remember I've begun each day with a glass of orange juice. When the children were young they would be in serious trouble if they emptied the orange juice jug without my knowledge. After the oj I make the first cup of hot tea. I am not, and never have been, a coffee drinker, in fact, I hate coffee. It's funny how it smells so good when it's brewing; once I was given a cup by mistake in a dark cup, took a sip, and about died--ick!!!

As regular readers of this blog you have first hand knowledge of how out of shape my body is these days. I'm feeling so much better that I've talked about exercising again, but the truth of the matter is I never liked it. You might be too young to remember a time when every day people did not actually go someplace to exercise, they worked. I'm talking mowing the yard, gardening, cleaning--the stuff that needs doing to make one's environment as pleasant as possible. This morning I took steps to rectify both my muscles and my environment. As you know, we now have someone who mows our yard. They are a little better than the typical blow and go, but not by much. I did some needed trimming and cleaning up around the yard. The storms we've had of late have caused many dead limbs to fall. Our guy ends up just mowing over them as if they didn't exist. Yesterday while eating lunch I heard a loud noise. Investigating, I discovered that one of the last dead limbs (from the hurricane year) in the huge oak outside our side door fell. Fortunately it did not hit the MINI. I filled three large garbage cans with debris.

As you've probably already guessed my camera found its way into my back pocket. I couldn't resist the palms. Some photos are interesting because of the scenery, some the light, and some texture. I tried with limited success to capture the incredible texture and design of a large palm leaf. Each plant has such amazing, intricate architecture. Nature never fails to fascinate me.

I began my New Yorker last night and was immediately enthralled with the smart writing. One of my favorite features is the Talk of the Town. They are short pieces that somehow delve into a subject in a succinct manner on a variety of topics. You can learn about things you never knew existed.

My application went out in today's mail for the Spring Fiesta in the Park. This is a bi-annual event at Lake Eola that draws thousands upon thousands of people. It is the last weekend in April, hopefully it will be a big event for me.

I learned from today's paper that there is a website called Here's a cute little story for you: when Bill attended the Academy Awards with my sister Carol years ago he was in the bathroom and who should he see but Gregory Peck. Bill introduced himself as another Peck and GP was very cordial. I can't tell you the number of times people have said, " Peck, as in Gregory?" Yes, indeed.

Another thing I read was that the Brunswick Company, you know, the people who make bowling stuff, well, they are closing a bowling pin factory in Wisconsin. Seventy workers will lose their jobs. Strangely enough, bowling is more popular than ever, it's just that league bowling is losing steam. Turns out that recreational bowlers hit fewer pins so bowling alleys (actually I think I should be calling it a center to be PC) don't have to replace their pins as frequently. Who knew?

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