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Tripod in the Field

Once again I drove Bruce to Vero. The thing is I'm not a big fan of driving his BMW, thus I'd rather drive my car and drop him off enabling me to roam at will with no trepidation. My first stop was the Riverside Park. There are some lovely rocks waterfront that I may be showing in the near future. My last visit a ranger pointed out an osprey atop a very tall oak tree. Hmmm... I tried with little success. When you have the zoom out so far it is easy to get camera shake. Today I brought my tripod with me--I looked sorta dorky but really, who cares?

At any rate I was concentrating on the rocks when I heard a very distinctive bird call. I looked up, there was the osprey. For those unfamiliar with that species it is a fish eating hawk. I've just checked and apparently the plumage was used for women's hats. I'm not so good at judging heights but it was WAY up there. I set up the tripod with the camera on MAX zoom and here you go.

My market manager hates birds. I always hate to put bird pictures up for her sake; I'm sure there are those among you who feel the same way. Feel free to move on to another blog. This blog will tell you that the writer then photographed a pelican eating a fish and a tiny little bird on a fence post.

Our original plan was to stay the night in Vero with our dear neighbor Regina caring for Baxter. Those plans were aborted. The last few days Baxter has been scratching like nobodies business. Bruce arrived home from his flight around 1 AM this morning. He was extremely quiet, but I woke up and we chatted. I mentioned the problem. Any problem with Baxter makes Bruce unhappy. He immediately went in the sun room and examined him. He determined that he had sores on his legs. You've seen Baxie with all that fur--how he even found them, I'll never know. The upshot is that we got home around 5:30, a vet visit later, and it turns out he had a serious flea problem. He's also put on weight. What kind of owners are we you might be wondering. Well, me too. We all know the solution for the weight, more exercise, less food. I suspect the flea problem is because the dose of Advantage (topical flea stuff for the uninitiated) was for a lighter dog. We'll be rectifying these problems.

Anyone who has payed even the slightest bit of attention to the stock market of late knows that it has been volatile (an understatement if ever there was one). I worry about David during these times but he remains upbeat. Don't ask me how but he does. As well Bill works for a bank and he's doing well. I don't really understand it but I'm grateful.

During the Baxter investigation Bruce also found a roof leak--boohoo! Don't ask me how the two are related but they are.

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