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Leap Day

While eating breakfast today I saw a story about a performance artist leaping off City Hall 366 times today in honor of Leap Year. Apparently I did not read the article closely enough because it was a silly hoax if you ask me. He stood on this step stool and jumped into a big mattress or something behind the white fabric. He was on leap #188 when I arrived. I figured if I call myself Out & About Photography I might as well get out and about. As is usually the case, something else entirely different presents itself; I believe something else I took today may be no exception.

Yesterday the mail brought the sweetest note from Alissa's aunt. You may recall that Jonathan and Alissa traveled by bus to Iowa for Christmas. It had been five years since Alissa had last seen her aunt, yet they welcomed them warmly.I am ashamed to admit it took me entirely too long to write a thank you note to them for hosting Jonathan. I never expected to receive anything in return. She had so many wonderf…

Lessons Learned

Last summer while taking "Art with a Camera" class the professor repeatedly told us photography was all about light management. I've come to appreciate those words every day. Whenever I'm shooting pictures I keep that in the back of my mind. That's lesson one.

Lesson two is that I can make my pictures look best if I adjust the white balance. Matt taught me about this and I'm very grateful.

Lesson three is that aperture priority is the best setting for most picture taking.

Lesson four is that the camera does not make the photographer. Certainly it helps but the quality of the lens is paramount which is often overlooked by lots of people. The Leica lens on my Panasonic is awesome.

Lesson five has to do with my experience selling photographs for the last year. Most people are drawn to photos that mean something personal. By that I mean--they love pelicans (or used to be called that like a woman purchasing a pelican picture on Saturday), or butterflies, or dragonfli…

In Order of Appearance

So Many Choices....

I could have posted the story about gasoline going to $4.00 a gallon but the thought is too depressing.

Bruce's alarm went off very early this morning so he could get to the airport for his flight to Chicago. As such, I woke up as well but managed to go back to sleep until 5:30. Normally I don't wake up so early but I expect my two hour plus nap yesterday may have had something to do with it. At any rate I decided maybe I could shoot some pictures in the dark. I wanted to get the power plant at sunrise for Bruce because he is totally enamored with the structure.

Heading south east out of town was my strategy. Unfortunately it was a cloudy, foggy morning with no discernible sunrise. The fog wasn't even that good. I did however have some wildlife encounters. Not a one of these pictures are very good but it was exciting for me nonetheless. I wish I'd had Bruce with me because he would have easily told me those were deer out in the pasture. By the time I r…

A Picture is Worth....

A thousand words as they say. Saturday morning it rained even before we left the house to finish our set up which was a worry. That worry turned into reality with the heaven's opening on downtown Orlando. Our pictures stayed dry but the rain pooled on the sidewalk in front of our tent with nowhere to go but onto the ground under out tent. I'm not talking a smidge, I'm talking a lot. As you see Mr. Bruce ended up having to make signs warning customers of the hazardous conditions. It was miserable to say the least. My shoes wicked the water leaving my feet encased in wet shoes for hours before I ended up shedding them. My goodness it was sad. Bruce called Bill to bring some bags of sand which helped some. As you see we had to put a tarp down to make it bearable for all concerned.

Luckily some customers braved the rain so the day was not a total loss. Sunday was another story with mild temperatures and a good crowd. I am pleased to report that my sales were good. I was particu…

May I Help?

I went down after lunch to register and pick up our booth label and name tags. It was simple enough however I asked to look at the pictures from the program book and found that the one they printed I do not have printed. I'm still trying to figure out what I need to do about that.

While walking back to the car I came across this. A nightmare. The tent belongs to the man in the water with the others offering assistance. The man taking his shoes off rolled those jeans up and got in the water to help. I'm sure it was very heavy with the water in the middle of the tent. Did I tell you my tent blew over on Monday just when we were closing up. Fortunately it didn't hurt anything but it was a surprise.

Lisa and Bruce are on their way home now. Lisa is bringing the van and spending the weekend helping. I told you she was nice didn't I?

Poor Bruce arrived home last night late after missing his connection. He arrived with a terrible cold. Not good timing but when is having a cold g…

Nearly Ready

It's nearly show time folks, actually I need to be leaving shortly for the gallery because tonight is show time as well. Regina, my 70 something year old neighbor came over this afternoon to help me get the prints ready. She was so sweet, examining them all and full of compliments. I must tell you that Regina is a very hip lady for her age. She regales me with stories of her life. She and her late husband Max used to own a PR firm here in town before we got so big. Today I learned that Max went to the semi-finals in a seniors Jeopardy tournament some years ago. According to Max, Alex Trebeck was somewhat full of himself.

I returned some things to Bloomingdales in the morning returning home with only pictures to show for my trip.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my brother Pat. He's 62 today. Wow, it seems like only yesterday I was a young girl worshiping my only brother. He was in high school when the Beatles came out; I still remember his Meet the Beatles album. I was so taken with the…

Something Fun

Now for Something Fun
As you all know, I almost never turn on the television--don't ask me the how, or why of it, but it doesn't seem to fit into my schedule. You ask--what schedule--she doesn't even have a job, or go to school anymore? What's more, she has no kids at home....what does she do all day and night???? She's busy.

With that out of the way, I did see a bit of tv last week when the Westminster Kennel Club dog show was on. It totally amuses me to see the effort put into these dogs, furthermore it always reminds me of my mom. We've discussed in the past her love of the movie Best in Show, which I also love. So it seems to remind me of her sense of humor. One year I had the boys buy her the VHS tape for Christmas and was she ever thrilled.

The market is full of people showing off their dogs, sometimes to the detriment of pedestrians. Did I tell you about the day I saw a small dog with painted toenails? Is that what they are called on dogs, or is it paw nail…

Do You Agree?

Try This at Home
Every family has it's adages as far as life goes. Kitchen wisdom is usually passed on, be it true or false. I remember our mother putting oil in the boiling water to keep pasta from sticking together. I've been skipping this route of late with no sticking problem. I wonder if that came about when people were cooking pasta to near death. I'm glad to see he's given the ok to rinsing mushrooms. I try not to but I'm with him, a little moisture is preferable to dirt.

Used to be we learned most things from our families and teachers; seems like today there are experts on everything. That includes lots and lots of useless information. The more information available the more suspect it becomes in my book. How about all the health information bombarding us daily? Our paper wastes a whole day in the Living section on alleged new health information--like you should exercise. Duh? Speaking of myths, I've recently read that drinking eight glasses of water a da…

It Takes Two

We've had to expand to both cars for the market these days. Bruce carries the bulk of it with the MINI used as an auxiliary vehicle for overflow. Fortunately it's only a little over two miles away. Saturday was taken up again with organization . Our garage was very messy. Most people have always been amazed at Bruce's tidiness there--it's usually neat as a pin, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. The business has not made this long standing philosophy easy.

The dining table looks only marginally better than when you saw it last, but I did manage to sell seventeen prints from the stacks. I ordered a huge amount in anticipation of the shows we'll be doing. The little Monday morning market started up again today, so there was another place for your favorite street vendor to peddle her wares. It's always interesting to meet the tourists. Today three prints went to Kent, England. There was a large contingent from Long Island. I puzzled about th…


You can imagine what this led to!


Yesterday when I woke up it was chilly. Not chilly to Northerners, but to this Southern lady 39 degrees is definitely chilly. The good news is the gloom from the previous few days lifted leaving the sky brilliant blue with nary a cloud in sight. When I went out to get the paper I saw steam rising from the lake and had to run in, throw on some clothes, and grab my camera. Unfortunately it was a challenge to really show what it looked like. I imagine with this warm winter the water was still pretty warm, thus the steam.

After lunch I tackled the dreaded task of going through all the sales and receipts from last year. As you know, my CPA's father died two weeks ago so I won't be bothering her anytime soon, but at least I've now done my part. The task was made tolerable in the glorious sunshine by the pool. Earlier I'd cleaned a mountain of oak leaves out of the pool, so things were looking pretty spiffy. My new cards are pictured here, as is a new abstract I've been wo…


I woke up in the middle of the night Monday in terrific pain reminiscent of when I first got sick. I was tossing and turning when the alarm went off at an alarmingly early hour for Bruce to get ready. He got out the trusty heating pad and four Ibuprofen, eventually I went back to sleep. I wrote yesterday's post to catch you up on things and purposely didn't mention it as I didn't want any worriers among my readers. I tried to soldier on, but it just wasn't happening. When Maureen called around lunch time she convinced me to rest, take a pain pill, and ride it out.

Fortunately a new New Yorker came yesterday and I read it nearly cover to cover. As is always the case when you read that fine magazine you learn amazing things. I was especially pleased to find a short story by Alice Munroe, a fine Canadian author.

One thing I'd forgotten is that pain medication doesn't make me sleepy, it puts me into sort of a trance. I am awake and aware, but on a different level. A…

Being Normal is Not Good Enough

I don't know about you, but even with the best e-mail there is, I still get spam. I am constantly amazed at the titles when I scan them. I used to delete them all without checking, but of late, a few places I do business with have ended up in my spam folder. One time I had over 300 from the same viagra peddler, they were all sent one minute apart. The title to today's blog refers to one of the junk mail titles.

The creator of that title isn't acknowledging that there is almost no such thing as normal as we are all delightfully unique.

In the world of literature, one of my most revered novelists, Anne Tyler, uses her gifts writing about ordinary things in such a way as to make them seem extraordinary. I am in awe of her talents. She can write about a spice cabinet making it seem like the most interesting thing in the world. Same with her characters--on the outside you would probably pass them on the street without a second glance, oh, but their insides are full of surprises…


I met Michelle on Park Avenue in Winter Park today for lunch. As you can see there was enough food for several people. I managed the soup (corn chowder) and 1/4 of the sandwich, both were delicious I might add. Park Avenue is the charming shopping street in WP, it reminds people of a European city with all the sidewalk cafes. I need not tell you that it was warm enough to eat outside. Actually we have had almost no winter which always makes a Floridian nervous about the summer. I'm sure I told you it was 85 degrees this week.

However, we cannot complain. Jonathan finally uploaded a picture to flickr showing the massive amount of snow on his street--wow! Speaking of Jonathan, Annie Lennox has now given way to one of his favorites, the Artic Monkeys on my iTunes. Alissa was kind enough to accompany him to see the band live in Chicago although it's not one of her favorites. And speaking of Alissa, she was officially hired by the PR firm where she's been working for months now.…


Here's what I have to say today--run, don't walk, to your nearest IMAX theater when it shows U23D, it is nothing short of amazing! Bruce got an earlier flight which allowed us to attend the 5pm showing-- wow, what a treat. There were only seven of us in the whole theater. It's really hard for me to praise it enough. We were lucky enough to see U2 in Tampa a few years ago and it was incredible. The 3D thing made it feel felt like Bono was going to touch us--if I don't quit this post I'll just bore you with more gushing.

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I'd Really Nothing Better to Do

Graceful Exit
Regular readers will know that I've had my struggles with my iMac. Today was one of those days. Really it started yesterday, but I didn't call until this afternoon. Somehow my computer did not recognize me, thus making tasks extra difficult. It only took a 2 1/2 hour consultation with three different guys before I was back in business. When the second guy said he was handing me off to someone else and the wait would be an additional forty minutes I was incredulous. Thank goodness for speaker phones!

For a good part of that holding time I made this wonderful orange juice from a tree in Lisa's yard. I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to have my first fresh squeezed orange juice of the season. I've had some from a grove store, but the best is when you do it yourself. I squeezed all she gave me which made a bit over a gallon of the good stuff. I wish you were here Matt to share it!

Hurray! Michelle got her first gig from the pictures. Orlando is second in…

Till the Cows Come Home

Smart Spending
I came across this picture I took of Bill a few months ago while working on my order today--he's so cute if I do say so myself.

Yesterday I had two new experiences.

I attended the funeral of my CPA's dad. Her dad was a Cuban,three weeks shy of his 90th birthday, who emigrated when Castro took power. Although my mom had a Catholic mass before her burial it was nothing like this. For one thing the music our mom chose was decidedly different. Thinking back, I'm sure the church officials thought it was highly unusual that she wanted Mahalia Jackson and Elvis at her funeral mass. This funeral was conducted almost entirely in Spanish including all of the music. Olga and her sister gave beautiful testimonials about their dear father bringing tears to many faces. I want to describe what I saw. Two priests sat on the platform with VERY straight faces, one with …

Family Time

Oh my goodness it was a busy weekend.

Friday night we stayed home and chilled with comfort food--mac and cheese. Bedtime was 8:40!!!

Saturday Maureen stopped by after Bruce went to his office wanting to know if I would go to Bloomingdales with her. After a moments hesitation I agreed. Turns out we shopped like crazy. You would never guess there was a recession going on with the shopping we did. Reality check--we hit the 50% off sale price racks for the most part. We both decided we had gone plum crazy. It was super fun actually--have you ever heard of me doing such a thing? No, you haven't.

Mr. Roger came to the house after the shopping spree to help me take inventory of my prints. As you well know he has been imploring me to use this spreadsheet he's made but I'm helpless with that kind of thing. Later that night I received an e-mail with my statistics. By that I mean what I've sold the most in what size and so on. Actually we stopped by his house later because I RUINED…


Yeah, yeah, and one more if you don't mind. Our Jonathan passed his LEED certification today in snowy, and I do mean snowy, Chicago. It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.a

I can tell you with certainty that I am so proud of him. Jonathan is not only super smart but he's super at procrastinating. He has done fine for himself all these years but I knew he could do better if he put a little effort into things. Turns out, he studied this week after work. This is astonishing news as I can't remember any studying on Jonathan's part all these years. It will be nice if there is some monetary compensation but mostly it's a big boost for his ego. As a mother I'm allowed to brag just a tad--his score was nearly perfect.

I've spent all day working on my inventory, framing, breaking glass--that's right. I put my hand down and crack! Wouldn't you know it would be a 20 X 24. I went to my local hardware store to get a new piece--a waste of time …