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I met Michelle on Park Avenue in Winter Park today for lunch. As you can see there was enough food for several people. I managed the soup (corn chowder) and 1/4 of the sandwich, both were delicious I might add. Park Avenue is the charming shopping street in WP, it reminds people of a European city with all the sidewalk cafes. I need not tell you that it was warm enough to eat outside. Actually we have had almost no winter which always makes a Floridian nervous about the summer. I'm sure I told you it was 85 degrees this week.

However, we cannot complain. Jonathan finally uploaded a picture to flickr showing the massive amount of snow on his street--wow! Speaking of Jonathan, Annie Lennox has now given way to one of his favorites, the Artic Monkeys on my iTunes. Alissa was kind enough to accompany him to see the band live in Chicago although it's not one of her favorites. And speaking of Alissa, she was officially hired by the PR firm where she's been working for months now. Congratulations. When they moved to Chicago with no employment it gave us pause but with the optimism of youth they did it and proved us wrong! I know they are counting the months until the weather improves. I've been very proud of how they've handled it thus far.

I've just returned from a walk with Baxter, I'm trying to be more diligent.

While in Winter Park I stopped by the museum to say hi to the curator of both the museum and the gardens. They have forgiven me for not staying on as a volunteer. Karen is such a nice person, not to mention a wealth of information regarding art work. We discussed this artist consignment form I'll be sending with my prints to Gainesville.

Which leads me to praise the world wide web. Whoever named that was a genius. Along with the new business cards I ordered, I got some t-shirts to wear at the show in two weeks from tomorrow. Unfortunately they were wrong. I thought this company was in the UK but when I called customer service I learned they are based in Bermuda, the call center is in Jamaica and the printing plant is in Ontario, Canada. Crazy huh. I must say it has been an extremely long time since I've had a pleasant customer service call ; I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The woman could not do enough for me. A great way to start a Friday.

Out for a date now--see ya!

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