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A Picture is Worth....

A thousand words as they say. Saturday morning it rained even before we left the house to finish our set up which was a worry. That worry turned into reality with the heaven's opening on downtown Orlando. Our pictures stayed dry but the rain pooled on the sidewalk in front of our tent with nowhere to go but onto the ground under out tent. I'm not talking a smidge, I'm talking a lot. As you see Mr. Bruce ended up having to make signs warning customers of the hazardous conditions. It was miserable to say the least. My shoes wicked the water leaving my feet encased in wet shoes for hours before I ended up shedding them. My goodness it was sad. Bruce called Bill to bring some bags of sand which helped some. As you see we had to put a tarp down to make it bearable for all concerned.

Luckily some customers braved the rain so the day was not a total loss. Sunday was another story with mild temperatures and a good crowd. I am pleased to report that my sales were good. I was particularly pleased that a customer who had earlier looked seriously at a large canvas returned about an hour before closing time to purchase it. I had gone to the bathroom (which was a trek away), Lisa was meeting her husband at the amphitheater, and Dave had already gone home. Did I mention that Leon Russell was playing at 4:30? For my younger readers this means nothing, but older folks are always thrilled to see an icon from the past perform. At any rate, I had not signed the piece because it could be hung either vertically or horizontally. I wanted to wait for the person who bought it to decide which way they liked it best. Bruce was there to make the sale,; fortunately Lisa returned to the booth and he sent her to find me. As fate would have it someone she knew had seen me in the bathroom line so she found me as I was returning. You and I know I'm not the fastest these days, but Lisa pulled me along and we made it. It was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

I'm so grateful for all my families support. Pat and Ruth came out, as did the boys, my neighbor Regina brought friends and other friends came as well. As I've mentioned before it is a weird thing to put yourself out there in front of the public acting like you have something worthwhile. Without my families support I would be lost. Of course #1 is my sweet Bruce. He worked tirelessly Saturday to minimize the damage from the adverse conditions. He is the BEST.

Today I had the timeshare market which was once again worth it. Today's weather was spectacular. The majority of the visitors today were Canadians escaping the cold. I'm sending a picture to FlinFlon, Manitoba after I have it printed this week.

Somehow in the last 10 days I've managed to sell around 70 prints. Can any of the readers of Camera Crazy believe this is happening? One thing that struck me after the show was that although there were around 8 photographers at the show I may have been the only female. I believe this works in my favor as I'm not as caught up with the technicalities as the men. I try to make up for my ignorance of those matters with creativity and variety. I hope my pictures evoke an emotional response more than an intellectual response. That is probably not what experts would tell me to do but so far things are working and until they change I'll probably stick with that philosophy.

I know there are readers who never comment but nonetheless support me with their well wishes and for you I am grateful. Thank you.

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