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Now for Something Fun
As you all know, I almost never turn on the television--don't ask me the how, or why of it, but it doesn't seem to fit into my schedule. You ask--what schedule--she doesn't even have a job, or go to school anymore? What's more, she has no kids at home....what does she do all day and night???? She's busy.

With that out of the way, I did see a bit of tv last week when the Westminster Kennel Club dog show was on. It totally amuses me to see the effort put into these dogs, furthermore it always reminds me of my mom. We've discussed in the past her love of the movie Best in Show, which I also love. So it seems to remind me of her sense of humor. One year I had the boys buy her the VHS tape for Christmas and was she ever thrilled.

The market is full of people showing off their dogs, sometimes to the detriment of pedestrians. Did I tell you about the day I saw a small dog with painted toenails? Is that what they are called on dogs, or is it paw nails? At any rate, they were a dark fuschia. Who on earth painted them I wonder?

On Sunday a man ordered a canvas(three daisies) in a larger size than I was showing, Mr. Roger made it happen. Today I delivered it to Mr. Jerry Leibowitz in the parking lot of Lowes. While there I figured I'd stroll through the garden center, you see the result of that little jaunt.

Good news!! Bruce has been assigned a job outside Chicago. I suppose I should call that good news/bad news because the job is one month behind already due to the weather. Remember how I told you yesterday that he was the best, well this is what happens when you are the best, you get assigned insanely difficult jobs. He has never built a Longhorn Steakhouse before, which along with the outrageously cold weather, will complicate matters to the max. Darden, the company he works for bought the chain a few months ago. When you add his wife's fledgling business into the mix it begins to sound a bit scary. You've already guessed the good part of it, haven't you? Indeed, he will be able to see our darling Jonathan,and Alissa at some point. I don't even own clothes to withstand the Chicago cold, so visiting them anytime soon is out of the question, however, it will eventually warm up there won't it?

I bought some new baskets for browse bins today--apparently I'll need more than the two we had. An expected crowd of 15,000 will be at the event this weekend which will be the most people exposed to Out & About Photography ever. I hope all our effort will not be in vain. Have I mentioned I'm bringing out the big gun? And what is that you ask? It's David, the supreme salesman. Maybe you recall he helped at the one day show in October? I'm not for strong-arming people, but I do know that I've lost sales because I don't have the knowledge, or experience to close deals. David, on the other hand is a master at closing. He has tried to get me to quit the market because of the low traffic--he likes to go for big deals, not the puny stuff. What the market has been invaluable for is contacts. This really will be the first time I'm tested at a real art show, frankly I'm a bit nervous.

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