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The Joy of a Second Act

This Modern Love

I borrowed the title of today's post from an article written by Frank McCourt, of Angela's Ashes fame. If anyone should be thrilled with his second act it is surely Frank. I'm enjoying my second act as well.

The picture is of the wetlands park again. Today on my to do list was a delivery of a picture to my brother Pat at his office. He works for the Environmental Protection Agency with the state of Florida. He particularly liked a picture I posted maybe two weeks ago of a great blue heron in the algae covered water at the urban wetlands park I've been visiting. The picture today is from about a week ago--I thought it was so amazing seeing the duck swimming along in the water and the bird's shadow that is flying over. While there he introduced me to Steve, a biologist who looked at the photo and determined it is a type of algae called duck weed so this picture seems a bit appropriate huh? He explained that the water there is nutritionally rich so the algae spreads quickly once it takes hold. As well talapia (algae eating fish) are plentiful in the waters there and should clean it up before too long. It is a nice place to walk Baxter so I'll be watching to see if the talapia do their job.

I needed a two hour nap yesterday afternoon, as well as a long night's sleep, but I'm back and busy now. I took care of some errands today, also just got off the phone with the carpet cleaning guy. Bruce was ready to kill me if I didn't schedule it, like everything else that requires maintenance (hair, nails, etc.), I kept putting it off in lieu of you know what.

I was going to paint this afternoon but realized the paint pan and rollers are missing. Could they still be over at Bills from when we were helping him with his place?

If anyone knows what a good cleaner is for a white pad keyboard please come forward. Amazing how gross they become with use.

It's always an adjustment to get used to a time change isn't it?

Bruce has gone first to Virginia and then on to Chicago. Actually his job is in a suburb of Chicago, about thirty minutes from downtown. Next time he meets with J & A that will be the place to hook up because they both work in the Loop. Of all things it is getting into the mid 40's in Chicago today--yeah for better weather.

Do you suppose the governor of New York spent as much on his wife's Valentine gift as he did on his own? Maybe he and his wife should have read this article from The Times, published quite awhile back. It was on the list of top ten e-mailed articles for nearly two months. Very insightful.

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