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Vim, Vigor, Vitality--Vanished!

For whatever reason when I'm not feeling good my voice also drops many octaves. Yesterday afternoon both Bill and Maureen heard that familiar tone so I suppose I could add voice to the above list. But I don't intend to stay this way! Yesterday the temperature was only 60, high humidity, and windy gusts. Not a winning combination in Florida. Northerners think it's just fine, to us wimpy Floridians it is cold! I'd worn a jacket to the little market but not heavy enough. Fortunately another vendor lent me a heavy jacket, while another one got a blanket and socks from her car. Nice, huh? Nonetheless, something about the cold just pierces me contributing to my downfall. Today is a new day with promise of recovery. We'll all been through this before with my mystery illness.

I've included my booth showing off the new banner Mr. Roger made for me. Fun isn't it? Those guys pictured were browsing my baskets for ideas to try out at home, a pretty typical occurrence. As you can see, I've got the canvases all over the place anticipating the show this coming weekend. It promises to be a pretty big hassle because we've got some fun activities scheduled around it, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Those activities are: "Spamalot", and Wrestlemania 24. Matthew and David bought tickets for Bruce for Christmas; I need not tell you who bought which. Friday night is Spamalot, Sunday evening is Wrestlemania. I'm not included in the Wrestlemania contingent (fortunately), but Spamalot should be great fun.

Our sister in law Judy has promised to help, as has Lisa. Lisa will bring the van on Sunday and we'll have to take it all down the best we can because Bruce needs to be in Orlando by 6:30. Let's hope that there won't be as much to take home as we brought! The show is in Deland, a small college town about thirty miles from here. If I feel better today I may drive up there to get a feel for the place. You may recall I shot the How Soon is Now? graffiti there by happy accident. It's now my third best selling photo behind a sunset and beach flowers. Something about that image appeals to all ages. Maybe because it's fun street art rather than angry?

After the market on Sunday we met with some of our managers friends for a birthday celebration. Susan, the birthday girl, works in PR for Universal Studios and is in charge of this weeks The Ellen DeGeneres show being filmed there. Apparently, according to Susan, Ellen is a delightful woman when not performing. (Celebrity News II--one of the men that stopped by the booth is a videographer for the Mary J. Blige/ Jay-Z tour that was here last night--more praise for a star(MJB) from him)

We also popped up to Maria and Dominic's condo on the sixth floor for a glass of wine. I took this Easter sunset from their balcony. She is the designer of the condo staging, talk about delightful.... They met through a dating service called "Let's Do Lunch" several years ago. Did I already tell you the story of how they met for that fateful lunch at a Bahama Breeze built by Bruce about (?) eight years ago? Small world huh?
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