Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weary Traveler

My poor baby feels like this sculpture from the Polasek Museum. You remember that place don't you? Yes, the place I did my internship last semester, which seems like forever ago. Bruce was in Florida yesterday, flew to Chicago in the evening, was at the airport this evening to fly to Pennsylvania and missed his plane. It's been a long week; he is indeed a weary traveler right about now. He's still got a job site visit to make in Lancaster, PA tomorrow before he flies home tomorrow night. You wonder how he keeps it up don't you? He just does.

Speaking of the Polasek, I went over there yesterday to drop off a submission for a show in June. The deadline was tomorrow, unbeknownst to me an extension was granted. I could not choose five from the hundreds I took there so was hoping Karen, the curator could help me. When I arrived she was just about to start a tour and needed me to watch the gallery for her. Turns out I was there around two hours but I realized I missed the place during that time. I may just start volunteering there again on Tuesdays. Because I was there during the fall I missed the gardens in full bloom. Yesterday they were literally exploding with color--gorgeous.

I received an e-mail from Karen this morning telling me she could hardly choose five either. I'm now in a quandary. I plan to use the one pictured today as one of them but the other four I'm still up in the air about. If I get picked they will hang in the museum for the month of June which will be quite an honor. We'll see what the judges think.

So you would think I had a full time job with all these photo related activities wouldn't you? I spend countless hours at this new avocation and each day something new seems to present itself. Today it was the designers I worked with on our home. She said I need stuff to cover this whole wall--do you have anything? An open house is scheduled for tomorrow with 600 invitations sent out. Naturally they'll have much less than that attend, but who better to market myself to than designers I ask you? I spent this afternoon getting stuff together, framing, and delivering.

Yesterday I sent out a package and application for another art show at the end of May. Some people have suggested I raise my prices because of all the time it takes to make this stuff happen; I would be inclined to agree if the economy was better. I'm paying my dues right now--brighter days are ahead!

Did I tell you my film professor happened upon my booth at the Maitland show? It was kinda fun seeing him and meeting his wife. When I tell people I sell photography they never know what to expect and sometimes they are pleasantly surprised.

Lisa called today--optimism is reigning at their home.

I've somehow got to find the time to vacuum, clean the pool, and get some groceries in this house!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dashed Hopes

Is there anything more cruel than dashed hopes? If so, I don't want to experience it.

As you now know Danny had the surgery about three weeks ago with a new PSA blood test two weeks later. Yesterday they received the unhappy news that although the doctor was optimistic he'd gotten all the cancer, apparently he didn't. The test was elevated showing more cancer cells to deal with. A serious course of radiation therapy is now on the agenda.

This unhappy news comes just days before Amanda, their eldest daughter, graduates with high honors from University of Florida. Apparently Danny took the news better than Lisa--she is devastated. You know a little about Lisa, but not so much about Danny. What I can tell you is that he is a quiet man of many talents. He was a fireman with the City of Orlando until retirement and is now a fire inspector. Throughout their married life Danny has always taken excellent care of Lisa and his girls. A wonderful father, good cook, hard worker, and exemplary husband. Why he has to have cancer I don't know, but if you are the praying type please keep him in yours.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where Has Gail Been?

She's been around.

While in Vero Beach with Bruce I visited McKee Botanical Gardens again. It will probably be my last trip there so thought I'd take advantage of it while I could. The water lilies were gorgeous; I was hoping one of the lotus flowers would be in bloom which was not the case. I did come across a little bunny while walking one of the paths, unfortunately the picture was not good enough to share. I heard the familiar sound of a cardinal and looked up in the tree in time to see a mother feeding two babies. Excellent adventure.

After a wonderful lunch in their antique district Bruce drove us to Hutchison Island where we stayed in an ocean front room in Jensen Beach. There's nothing like falling asleep listening to the waves crashing onshore.

Next morning after a stroll on the beach to catch the sunrise we headed to his job in Port St. Lucie. Actually it's in this massive planned community which interested me little. The map showed me I was but 45 miles north of Palm Beach so I steered the Beemer onto I-95 South. I drive Bruce's car infrequently because it makes me nervous. I can motor in the MINI all day but when I can't even find the gas gauge I'm edgy. I will tell you it has amazing acceleration. My destination was Flagler Museum located along the river amongst some pretty amazing real estate. If you've never been to Palm Beach you primarily see HUGE hedges surrounding grand homes. Now I say that but a glimpse of the actual home is hard to come by. Definitely how the other .00005 live.

Turns out the museum is a home called Whitehall that Flagler built for his third bride, Lily, who was half his age I'll add. Apparently, she requested a seaside cottage for a wedding present; during the Gilded Age this was Flagler's idea of a cottage, a mere 55,000 square feet of opulence. Frankly, it is hard to describe except to say that it is spectacular. The memorabilia from the building of the railroad down to Key West was so interesting as was his personal railroad car. When I was a child I loved to read biographies of inventors, as such Thomas Edison was a hero to me. Is it any wonder I married a man who is an inventor in his own right? I digress.. displayed is a letter Thomas Edison wrote explaining a new and improved concrete he'd developed and thought Flagler might want to use in building the railroad. It is safe to say that Henry Flagler changed the face of Florida, making it a major tourist destination, which as we all know, it still is today. Lot's more to say about it, but you get my drift.

The family is good, the bills are paid, and the clothes are on the line drying....all is right in our little corner of the world.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Home

Here is my darling Bruce thinking, always thinking, at lunch yesterday. I'll write more tomorrow as I'm a sleepy head tonight.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is Baxter's Last Name?

I took Baxter to the vet today for his annual check up including his shots. While in the waiting room, the attendant hollers out, "What is Baxter's last name?" I had to laugh as I said "Peck" thinking how it would make Matt a little crazy. Mr. Baxter Peck is no fan of going to the vet after his close call with the neutering. If he had been a human patient he would not have minded so much because the vet (giving the shot) was adorable.

After dinner last evening I asked Bruce if he wanted to come along to return some DVDs to the library downtown. "Sure honey." Because it was close to dark I took my tripod along just in case. I'd been wanting to photograph the bus station at night for ages because of the cool neon and Bruce agreed to the plan. Once there he was not so sure. It is only a few blocks from the library but the street people are a tad different. He was a nervous wreck while I set up the tripod next to the train track with Baxter whining on his lap. He remarked when I finished that I would drive him to travel, meaning he'd rather hear about my exploits later, not be a participant! Naturally I assumed I'd be fine, but of course he's right, it pays to be cautious. Nevertheless, I was very happy with the results. The horizontal white line near the bottom is of a car driving by while the 5 second exposure was cooking.

Pat and Ruth came to the show on Sunday, their wedding anniversary by the way. Ardent supporters of my attempts, they've gone so far as to suggest to the woman who is in charge of the lobby renovations at their office that my photography would be a perfect fit. I believe I've told you they both work for the Department of Environmental Protection for the state of Florida. I've put together a web album of Florida nature for her to peruse. As is always the case, I take every opportunity that comes my way, hoping something will be a good fit. Only time will tell, but I'm grateful for their confidence.

Back to Mr. Bruce, he's home until Thursday which is amazing. I'll be traveling with him to Vero Beach again and staying the night in Port St. Lucie where he has another job underway. I've done a bit of research on the place, turns out there is a Peck Lake Park. You've already assumed I'd be showing you that didn't you?

I've not talked to Jonathan for a bit but I heard by e-mail today that he and Alissa attended a Passover Seder at their friend's house which he found enthralling, even commenting on how good the Matzo ball soup was. As well they are celebrating their third anniversary of being together which is awesome.

Since I began writing earlier this afternoon, Maureen visited bearing gifts from Peru, Matt called from London bearing well wishes, and we've had a delicious dinner of shrimp sauteed with garlic and pepperocinis, corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes, and a biscuit. Dave just called relating that Bill is sitting court side at the Magic playoff game and they keep showing him on tv. Lots going on.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

I Haven't Gone Far

Tent City, as you can see, began on Friday evening. Unfortunately my assignment was in "no man's land" at the very end of the line. No advertisement in the entertainment section did not help. The set up went well because the weather cooperated; and I had high hopes which were quickly dashed as the customary crowds never materialized. Now, I really don't mind if I don't sell, what I mind is sitting around waiting for something to happen. Lisa enjoys watching the people, and happenings, which is good because she came to hang with me. Bruce is working crazy hours so she stands in for him. The packing up after a show is made so much easier with the three of us. Lisa has been running for nearly a year now and she's putting her muscles to work with this endeavor. All in all it could have been much worse, and I think it was for some folks. They struggled to earn their entry fee back which fortunately we did with room to spare.

The conference was actually quite good. Although it was pretty bare bones, the organization was excellent, as were a few of the speakers. I'm puzzled why some speakers just read their power points, as if the audience cannot read for themselves. Apparently they have no anecdotal remarks to make? It's a poor excuse for teaching in my book.

Soon after arriving a woman came up asking if I remembered her. Indeed I did. She was the 3-11 tech when I was an x-ray student back in 1972 whom I'd not seen since. At the time she was a divorcee with a three year old daughter which was somewhat unusual at the time. Turns out she is on husband #4, however this one seems to have stuck. In fact, he was there as well and very nice; they've been married for twenty years and live in Tampa. She sent me a nice e-mail today saying she'd lost my card but had looked me up on the Internet--I wonder what she found. At any rate, she claims I look much like I did back then.

I skipped out on the little market today--a case of not enough tables for all--I turned around, came home, and did laundry. It was a spectacular day for hanging clothes on the line.

Last week I read a fun novel by Don Lee, Wrack and Ruin, it was a silly satire on today's society. I'd read a book of his short stories, Yellow, and knew he had more to offer although I do love short stories--they leave lots of room for interpretation.

Did I mention I have a terrible blemish dead center on the top of my nose? Surely, I'm much too old for them, aren't I?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Practical Advice

For the Love of Akron
For those of you who don't know, I was born in Akron, never mind that I've not been back since I was 3.....

One charming story before I go to bed. Several years ago, I wish I could be more specific on the time frame, but we all know how bad my memory is...I digress, anyway my Mom received a letter that included a copy of a paper that my brother Pat wrote when we lived in Akron. Apparently it was part of a time capsule he placed in the wall when my dad was doing some renovations. Many, and I do mean many, years later, another owner was renovating and found it. He was naturally delighted to find a piece of the house's history, copied it, and gave it to the neighbor across the street who remained in contact with my mom all these years. Sweet, huh?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Had to Do It!

Having taken photographs in earnest for the last year, I know it is impossible to re-take the same scene twice. I mean, you can do it, but your results are never the same. Nonetheless, this did not stop me from trying as my third best selling photograph is one that has problems. It is very noisy when blown up much bigger than a 16X20 which is not a good thing. When I took it last May I had no idea how to take photographs at the beach--nothing about white balance or using your flash on a sunny day. I've no idea now what settings I used, but the image needed improvement.

Unfortunately, although the daisies were still on the beach dunes, the other vegetation has grown all around it; I'm not sure it will evoke the same interest now.

When I got up this morning I got myself in gear, cleaning my desk, finally getting my business account online going, and in general taking care of business. I hopped in the car around 11 for the trip to Patrick Air Force Base beach where I took the beach daisies. It was an easy 60 mile drive on the Beachline and SR 520.

I've almost never taken 520 into Cocoa Beach before but since it's been widened it's a marvelous road, devoid of traffic. This took me past Merritt Square, a mall in Merritt Island. Memories flooded back after seeing it. You see, when I was 28 years old, serving dinner to our three very young children, the phone rang. It was my sister Nancy saying that our father was dead. Mostly I remember starting to scream. He was not sick, at least to our knowledge--it seems he died of a heart attack. My mom and her best friend were shopping at Merritt Square when it happened. Of course this was long before cell phones so the first my mom knew anything was wrong was when they turned down her street, seeing the ambulance in front of the house. The man across the street found him dead on the kitchen floor with their Siamese cat nestled on his legs.
My dad never even knew our Jon boy. I believe it was shortly after the funeral(the same day) breaking his arm. He was nearly three at the time. My, oh my, those were the days.

Bruce is always buying new CDs which I generally like. Today, while motoring, I listened to REM's new album, Accelerate, and Radiohead's In Rainbow. The later I liked, the former, not so much. I felt like the REM sounded not only angry, but repetitive--I kept thinking I'd heard the song already. On the other hand, to me, Radiohead's album was melodic, nuanced, and fresh.

Tomorrow I'm slipping back into my role as a radiologic technologist, attending a seven hour conference for continuing education points. Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake!----------------
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MINI and Other Stuff MINI
I guess when the test is positive the doctor calls, in my case the nurse called. I swear that is the last test I'll do. I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. Before some of you became intimately familiar with my daily life I was crazy healthy. In fact, I never gave it much thought. True, they have not been able to pinpoint my problem, but I know my own body, and it is not the same one I inhabited for 52 years. What's a poor girl to do?

I just finished dinner way too late. Yeah, and yeah again, Matt called, we talked for nearly two hours. He is such a dear son. As I suspected he's doing well, out and about in London all the time.

Speaking of dinner, I was thinking I wanted to share a few food thoughts:

Grape tomatoes are awesome.

The best way to seed a jalapeƱo pepper is with the handle of a spoon, or fork. Flip it over and drag it down the middle once you've cut it in two. I used to read recipes that suggested you wear gloves which scared me away from them; no need to be fearful. This method keeps your hands relatively unscathed with the heat from the seeds. One caveat however, never touch the pepper and then your face in any way. From experience I can tell you it is not a good idea.

Most people think grilling when they think about hamburgers or steak; I beg to differ with them. My favorite method is a HOT cast iron skillet. Years ago while crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a dreadfully scary experience for bridge phobiacs like myself, I kept my face glued to the magazine from The New York Times. If you've never been exposed to it, I can't recommend the magazine enough, but that's for another day. At any rate, I read an article about putting kosher salt on the bottom of the skillet while heating. When you let your meat (sorry Matt, my vegan son) sear in the hot skillet it develops a wonderful crust if you will. This works beautifully for steak as well.

I was a bit adrift today. Bruce is gone, the weather has turned unseasonably cold, and nothing scheduled. Later in the week will be crazy.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

If It's Monday, It Must Be Mystic Dunes Market

Mystic Dunes is the name of the "time share resort" where I sell on Mondays. In the past I've always ranted against them; I totally feel like a sell-out going there, however, a starving artist does what they have to do. I'll put it this way--sales were 90% better than yesterday which isn't saying a lot, but I've definitely broken my losing streak from last week. How cool would it be if it kept up through the weekend? Today's buyers were from Scotland, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Great Britain. It is kinda neat having your stuff travel around decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, and wherever. Mystic Dunes, wherever did they get the name? There is not a dune in sight, let alone a mystic one.

While taking the photograph above this afternoon I had an encounter that Bruce warns me about. He's always telling me to be careful, and really I try. I've had an obsession of late with water, fountains, and reflections. A man stopped and asked me what was I photographing. I replied, "the water." He asked me if I got paid to do it and nicely I said, "sometimes." His response was not fit for children's ears. He said, "I'd bet you'd get paid more for photographing yourself.......NUDE, don't you think?" I said, "not hardly" and he moved on. The nerve of some people!

As you may recall my new physician promised he'd call with test results. I am accustomed to the no news is good news way but I said "great, fine, terrific, call me." Well, it's nearly a week later and he hasn't. Having worked in Radiology for 30+ years I know for a fact that almost everything that is done during normal business hours is read within a few hours. Presumably he doesn't have much to tell me, thus no call? I'll keep you posted. The improvements from B12 are still not evident, but I'll keep it up.

I learned last night that my niece Katie is in love--what lovely news. She was the first of the Peck grandchildren to get married, and what a storybook wedding it was. She married a French boy; the wedding picture I have is taken on the beach in the south of France in her wedding gown. Practically the whole town turned out for the celebration. Unfortunately, this story had a less than happy ending. She's now moving on with her life and happy as a clam.

Unfortunately, when I went out to get gas, stamps, and a library book, my dear Matt called. It has been his custom since leaving home at the tender age of 17 to call home on Sunday afternoon. I've interrupted that custom with my street peddling, leaving me hungry to chat. The time difference makes it more challenging. I've no doubt he's doing beautifully, but it will be super to hear his voice live, not just on the answering machine.

I've received an invitation to an Honor's Reception following the upcoming graduation ceremony. I've decided against doing the walk because it is way the heck out in Kissimmee. Really, it now seems so past tense. Valencia Community College has a HUGE student population with only one graduation a year which seems downright silly. We all know I made it.... that's enough for me. No gifts please.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can You Feel It?

I'm hoping this picture will produce fond memories of playing in the waves, maybe body surfing, an exhilarating sensation. Because the beach I visited is undeveloped there are few traffic, or people sounds to distract from the sound of the crashing waves. I think sometimes when you see a young child scared of the ocean it is because it is loud more than anything else. We tend to forget it unless there are few ambient sounds to distract. At the same time when I was driving on the loop road beside the lagoon, I heard not only loads of birds, but a squirrel chattering away. In the age of constant noise, listening to nature is a real treat.

Once again it rained today during most of the market...I needn't tell you how unpleasant it was. When I bemoaned last weekend's rains I neglected to mention that we received as much rain that weekend as is typical for the whole month of April. Today we got more. This is a good thing for not only our lakes, but the aquifer as well, I only wish it would come when we were not set up with a tent and stuff. That is life as they say, so I just need to accept what comes our way and move on. It is just a bit sad that as I type this at 7PM it is bright and sunny, the front having moved through.

Bruce leaves in the morning for four days...boohoo!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


This Would Be Me
I read the term "technotard" in The New Yorker a few weeks ago; I know it is not very politically correct, but I'm thinking when one applies it to oneself, it's ok.

Which brings up the point that I'm more tech savvy then some my age, way less than others. I may have mentioned that Mr. Roger gave me a copy of Photoshop Elements to use for my Mac. I've managed to load it, but to date, still have no clue how to use it. I figure, for the most part, I either got a good picture, or I didn't.

I am so agreeing with the author of the article about WAY too many choices in everything--I believe we've discussed that in the past; stop me before I belabor that rant.

We finally got to go on a lovely date last evening. My poor honey is so worn out with his workload and the stress that comes with it. He graciously said yes when I suggested we go to Houston's in Winter Park. Although we've not been for a while my memories of the place were good. Now, they are excellent. It's lakeside with attractive lawn furniture cozily arranged. In addition there is a large boat house with more chairs and tables, a beautiful place to watch the sunset and bask in the spring breezes with a cocktail in hand. The lighting is wonderful as is the food. They've planted a raised bed kitchen garden with an amazing assortment of herbs, vegetables, and fruit. There are orange, grapefruit, and lemon trees along with blooming strawberries. All in all, a complete delight for the senses, particularly when you are with the one you love.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Expect to Encounter Mosquitoes

The title refers to a sign I saw this morning along with one stating mosquitoes may be bothersome--no joke, when a place is called Mosquito Lagoon, it's a given. I went to Turtle Mound near New Smryna Beach, mind you, Turtle Mound itself was having a new boardwalk constructed, however I did go up as far as I was allowed. Adjacent to Mosquito Lagoon,the mound is made up of old shells presumably placed there by Timacuan Indians eons ago. The whole area is the northern part of Canaveral National Seashore, a pristine area with no development; the southern end houses NASA. Amazingly,I saw two bobcats run across the road--no pictures as I was driving, not that that usually stops me, this time they were too fast for me!

Today I've loaded the blog with pictures and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The only ones I might need to explain are the clean pool and Baxter. Finally the oak trees have completed their annual abuse of the pool, no more fuzzy things, or leaves to fight. Actually last evening while I was cleaning it so we could dine on the pool deck Baxter fell into the pool. I've mentioned before how he barks like a little maniac while I'm using the equipment, often practically getting tangled up in the hose. This time he misjudged things and SPLASH, he was swimming! He tried to climb out the side, hopeless for a little dog like him; I snatched him out by his harness. I've pictured him as he's going through his drying frenzy.

So now you see the new dining room furniture (as well as the old table, I can't seem to delete the picture!), as well as the new pillows and chair. We're very pleased with it all.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Universal Experience

Lisa arrived early and we headed off to a sound stage at Universal Studios, about 10 miles from the house. When you live in one of the tourist capitals of the world you tend to forget that people come thousands of miles to visit the attractions. The promised crowds did not materialize, but we spent a pleasant day chatting, enjoying the snacks, and provided lunch. It was part of their diversity program--this month's theme was women. The woman who invited me was super nice asking when we left if I'd be up for another event in the future. Did I mention the compensation was two, one day passes to both parks for each of us. I've not been to the park for too many years tocount. Lisa is having fun being my assistant. A turkey wrap, apple, veggies with dip, and a brownie the size of two decks of cards made up the box lunch. My only complaint was that my camera takes terrible pictures indoors, thus, this is the best I could do.

Turns out we could roam the park at will today. Lisa walked out the side door onto the street that leads to the Blues Brothers show, one of her favorites; she caught the 2:15 performance! All in all it was well worth the time. As you are well aware from following my exploits, one thing definitely leads to another.

I forgot to mention something from my recent doctor's visit that may prove interesting. As he was scanning through my ridiculously huge chart he said he noticed my B-12 was low on a blood test--news to me. He suggested it could explain my neurological symptoms which I was skeptical about. Turns out he may be on to something because when I got home I researched it, finding it can cause peripheral neuropathy. My, oh my. We agreed that I'd start on B-12 vitamins looking for improvement. I can't report any changes just yet as I took my first one last night. Maybe my previous doctor moved on so I would have some fresh eyes poring over my medical records?

Wouldn't you know it--there's not been a drop of rain since the downpours over the weekend.

Tomorrow the MINI gets fixed and the federal taxes get paid. Our CPA called last night to tell me the damage--not too bad.

Before I forget my few minutes of fame, turns out I was on TV on Saturday. One of Bruce's coworkers mentioned she saw me, as did my MINI salesman when I was there yesterday. I knew they filmed me at the show, but that's all I knew.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've Been Nailed

Driving to the set up on Friday night a warning light came on in the MINI, never a good feeling. Turns out I found out today that I had a nail in my tire, fortunately the run-flat tire was not ruined because they are seriously expensive.

During the inspection the mechanic noticed a coolant leak, a much more serious problem underscoring my belief that nothing happens coincidentally. He was willing to fix it right then and there, but my appointment time was nearing and I had to take off. Additionally I saw the new MINI Clubman and boy is it cute. It's about 9 inches longer than mine with a fancy two door opening in the back; they even have a new color, milk chocolate! I'll be returning on Thursday afternoon to fix the other problem.

I always go out to my old hospital for tests because I know I'll be treated well--today was no exception. Arriving at lunch time is not the best time to see old friends, however you can't have everything! Lying on my back for 2 1/2 hours was the hardest part aside from the IV. The technologist said I'd probably be bored, honestly I wasn't. It is pretty cool watching the radioactive material go from your arm to your heart, down the aorta, and taken up by the liver then excreted to the gallbladder. I'm not sure if it was normal or not because a few things looked weird to the tech, but they are possibly normal anatomical variations--we should know something in a few days. I brought my Shuffle along to keep me company, chatted with the tech--the time went by pretty quickly. While doing my radiology training in 1971 I rotated through Nuclear Medicine which students today no longer do. Memories of those challenging days came back as I watched the scanning. Of course today's camera is more sophisticated, but really not by as much as you'd imagine. When I trained there were only two imaging modalities, x-rays and nuclear medicine. Today the revenue sources have expanded greatly with the invention of medical sonography (you think of it as ultrasound), CT scans, and MRI. When MRI was first around it was called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as you are well aware, they dropped the nuclear part from the name.

Tomorrow the show goes on the road once again. Nearly done with the packing up in the rain, a woman from Universal Studios came by, apologizing for the late notice, but asked if I'd be willing to come out to one of their sound stages for a one day event for the 13,000 employees. lunch, free tickets to Universal, possible sales...really a no brainer. Lisa will be my sidekick. I'll set up similar to the little market with browse baskets, a table easel, and my upright easel for the larger prints. What can it hurt?

Driving home from Mr. Rogers this evening I saw a new sign where the Urban Target is being built--a TJMaxx is going in one mile from the house!!! I'm not a big cell phone user but this news required an immediate call to Maureen...darn it, she didn't pick up!

I took Bruce out for pizza and wine last night with company funds to thank him for all he does to ensure our success. My sweet boy got up to catch an early flight to Pennsylvania where he'll be till Thursday night. boohoo!
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Monday, April 7, 2008

April Showers

As the title implies, we had showers, not just puny showers, I'm talking massive, tent and display destroying storms, which Bruce saw at least twelve when he arrived on Sunday morning to set things right in our tent. It was sad. That said, we could have made out much worse than we did. Friday night it sprinkled while setting up the tent, but the real rains came around 2 on Saturday. I was by myself after Bruce got things hung, and managed pretty well closing the tent. Unfortunately I did not manage so well conducting business. Dave tells me not to beat myself up over it, so I'm trying not to, but I screwed up two of the credit card sales. Two ladies will soon be surprised to know they got their prints for free.

I did meet a really nice woman during one of the storms--she holed up in my tent with me for about half an hour; we chatted like we'd known each other forever. Another neat thing is seeing folks who don't know what I'm doing these days. Several former Valencia classmates, old high school classmates, some of the kid's friends, and two of the doctor's I worked with came by the booth. My friend, Dr. Tom Quinn, and his wife Teresa were so complimentary. I think I've mentioned that I used to do all the doctor's wives mammograms,she was no exception. He is one of the best radiologists I ever worked with in my 30+ years taking x-rays, which just between you and me, pays much better than my current gig.

Lisa came to help out on Sunday and what a huge help she was. She handled the transactions ensuring everything was done correctly. Unfortunately she didn't use up too much energy with that task leaving plenty for the real work--taking it all down in the driving rain, carrying things to the van(about a block away I might add), in general working alongside Bruce like a trooper. I did not stand idly by mind you, but I'm no match for Lisa in the strength department these days.

Enough said about the show.

I forgot to tell you that Maureen went to Peru for a week, returning around 2:30AM today. I missed her terribly as I'm so used to talking to her nearly every day. She has graciously assumed the role of family matriarch.

Danny is doing remarkably well following surgery. He went home so darn quick I never even got flowers ordered! He and Lisa are two tough cookies.

My HIDA scan is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. What say they discover the source of my problems, shall we?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Every Child is an Artist

I can't remember if I felt artistic as a child or not, it was so long ago, however I'm having fun now.

As is always the case I can't take a good picture when I need to although I won't take all the blame. Last night when we met the girls and boys for a birthday dinner at Season's 52 I begged for a picture. They were embarrassed forcing yours truly to rush the shots--the inevitable outcome-- blurred shots which was too bad because they all looked so glamorous! Bruce began building that restaurant some years ago but moved onto other projects; for those of you unfamiliar with the concept it serves not only yummy food but a delight for the eyes as well.

I must tell you it is VERY hot here this week--84 degrees as I type this. The sun feels particularly hot although I'll be happy if it hangs around for the weekend as rain would not be welcome during the show. When Fiesta in the Park began more than 20 years ago I never dreamed I would one day have a something to exhibit there. The truth is that there are lots of poorly done crafts with some art thrown in but it normally brings huge crowds which statistically should be beneficial. What with the gloomy news daily about the economy buying art is not first on most folks minds but we'll take a wait and see attitude.

Good health news: Mr. Roger's sons lymph nodes are all cancer free. I hadn't mentioned before about Lisa's husband having prostate cancer but now you know. He had the surgery yesterday and incredibly he's already gone home to get some sleep. If you've ever been a patient you know that sleep is not an option unless heavily drugged. His doctor seems to think he got it all. We'll know more in the coming days.

Speaking of Lisa she helped me at the show on Sunday arriving early with the van. Judy helped on Saturday, returning to help us load it all up on Sunday afternoon. The saying "no man is an island"is so totally true in my life. Without all my wonderful families support, muscle, and encouragement this little venture called "Out & About Photography" would be just a dream. Thank you my dears.

The furniture arrives tomorrow at noon; good thing as there is china and glasses strewn about the living room at present. Furthermore I'm using one of my work tables to hold stuff which we'll definitely need for the weekend. The folks we gave our old stuff to lost everything when they overextended for farm equipment; the crops failed leaving them with no income. I'm pleased as punch that another family will be able to eat at our table.

My test is scheduled for Tuesday morning--let's think positive shall we?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So much has happened in the last few days, here's a recap:
*Spamalot exceeded my expectations by a mile. I laughed so hard, and left feeling great. Always look on the bright side of life!

*Yesterday Amy and Jonathan came to get the hutch to complete the dining room set. Forgive me if I already mentioned they are a young couple down on their luck with six children. Needless to say they were thrilled. This is the last picture I'll be taking of the set. What a nostalgia trip cleaning out the hutch; the drawers held many of the "boys" childhood cards, awards, and letters from Matt when he went away to college at age 17. In a word, I have the sweetest sons one could ever hope for. The promised delivery tomorrow is rescheduled for Friday.

*We managed all the activity just fine. You already know how time consuming the set up is, we did what we could on Friday afternoon before hightailing it back to Orlando for Spamalot. Aside from Bruce calling at 11:30pm on Sunday seeking a ride for the clan, Wrestlemania went off beautifully. Taking cabs had been the plan all along, apparently the cab never arrived to deliver them home. As you can imagine, I'd been was fast asleep since 8:45pm when the call came through. Bill and Dave are nearly 6' tall, five adults in a MINI is really something--good thing we only live about 2 miles from downtown! They had a blast.

*Sales were good for the size of the crowd. One thing for sure, people are thinking twice before spending money which is a good thing. The picture from yesterday shows the honorable mention I received which carried a $200 prize--my first award!

*Bruce's Vero job naturally came in on time, but you expected that didn't you?

*Today Bill and Dave turn 29--Happy Birthday sons. Did I tell you Bill was #1 in the state for his position with Wachovia last month?

*Speaking of sons, Matt just received a nice promotion as well as large raise! He's on his way to Madrid as I type.

*Spring cleaning continues around here with the carpet cleaner returning to clean the kitchen tile and grout. My word, it looks like new!

*Lastly, Bruce witnessed a shooting on his way to Midway Airport in Chicago last week. He'd stopped to get gas, saw some graffiti he thought I'd like, and pulled out his camera. Next thing you know he sees a young man running across the field with the sound of SIX gunshots in the air following him! How fast do you think it took him to get back to his car? He managed to get the shot however (anything for his sweetie).

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You Just Never Know