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I've Been Nailed

Driving to the set up on Friday night a warning light came on in the MINI, never a good feeling. Turns out I found out today that I had a nail in my tire, fortunately the run-flat tire was not ruined because they are seriously expensive.

During the inspection the mechanic noticed a coolant leak, a much more serious problem underscoring my belief that nothing happens coincidentally. He was willing to fix it right then and there, but my appointment time was nearing and I had to take off. Additionally I saw the new MINI Clubman and boy is it cute. It's about 9 inches longer than mine with a fancy two door opening in the back; they even have a new color, milk chocolate! I'll be returning on Thursday afternoon to fix the other problem.

I always go out to my old hospital for tests because I know I'll be treated well--today was no exception. Arriving at lunch time is not the best time to see old friends, however you can't have everything! Lying on my back for 2 1/2 hours was the hardest part aside from the IV. The technologist said I'd probably be bored, honestly I wasn't. It is pretty cool watching the radioactive material go from your arm to your heart, down the aorta, and taken up by the liver then excreted to the gallbladder. I'm not sure if it was normal or not because a few things looked weird to the tech, but they are possibly normal anatomical variations--we should know something in a few days. I brought my Shuffle along to keep me company, chatted with the tech--the time went by pretty quickly. While doing my radiology training in 1971 I rotated through Nuclear Medicine which students today no longer do. Memories of those challenging days came back as I watched the scanning. Of course today's camera is more sophisticated, but really not by as much as you'd imagine. When I trained there were only two imaging modalities, x-rays and nuclear medicine. Today the revenue sources have expanded greatly with the invention of medical sonography (you think of it as ultrasound), CT scans, and MRI. When MRI was first around it was called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as you are well aware, they dropped the nuclear part from the name.

Tomorrow the show goes on the road once again. Nearly done with the packing up in the rain, a woman from Universal Studios came by, apologizing for the late notice, but asked if I'd be willing to come out to one of their sound stages for a one day event for the 13,000 employees. lunch, free tickets to Universal, possible sales...really a no brainer. Lisa will be my sidekick. I'll set up similar to the little market with browse baskets, a table easel, and my upright easel for the larger prints. What can it hurt?

Driving home from Mr. Rogers this evening I saw a new sign where the Urban Target is being built--a TJMaxx is going in one mile from the house!!! I'm not a big cell phone user but this news required an immediate call to Maureen...darn it, she didn't pick up!

I took Bruce out for pizza and wine last night with company funds to thank him for all he does to ensure our success. My sweet boy got up to catch an early flight to Pennsylvania where he'll be till Thursday night. boohoo!
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