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What is Baxter's Last Name?

I took Baxter to the vet today for his annual check up including his shots. While in the waiting room, the attendant hollers out, "What is Baxter's last name?" I had to laugh as I said "Peck" thinking how it would make Matt a little crazy. Mr. Baxter Peck is no fan of going to the vet after his close call with the neutering. If he had been a human patient he would not have minded so much because the vet (giving the shot) was adorable.

After dinner last evening I asked Bruce if he wanted to come along to return some DVDs to the library downtown. "Sure honey." Because it was close to dark I took my tripod along just in case. I'd been wanting to photograph the bus station at night for ages because of the cool neon and Bruce agreed to the plan. Once there he was not so sure. It is only a few blocks from the library but the street people are a tad different. He was a nervous wreck while I set up the tripod next to the train track with Baxter whining on his lap. He remarked when I finished that I would drive him to travel, meaning he'd rather hear about my exploits later, not be a participant! Naturally I assumed I'd be fine, but of course he's right, it pays to be cautious. Nevertheless, I was very happy with the results. The horizontal white line near the bottom is of a car driving by while the 5 second exposure was cooking.

Pat and Ruth came to the show on Sunday, their wedding anniversary by the way. Ardent supporters of my attempts, they've gone so far as to suggest to the woman who is in charge of the lobby renovations at their office that my photography would be a perfect fit. I believe I've told you they both work for the Department of Environmental Protection for the state of Florida. I've put together a web album of Florida nature for her to peruse. As is always the case, I take every opportunity that comes my way, hoping something will be a good fit. Only time will tell, but I'm grateful for their confidence.

Back to Mr. Bruce, he's home until Thursday which is amazing. I'll be traveling with him to Vero Beach again and staying the night in Port St. Lucie where he has another job underway. I've done a bit of research on the place, turns out there is a Peck Lake Park. You've already assumed I'd be showing you that didn't you?

I've not talked to Jonathan for a bit but I heard by e-mail today that he and Alissa attended a Passover Seder at their friend's house which he found enthralling, even commenting on how good the Matzo ball soup was. As well they are celebrating their third anniversary of being together which is awesome.

Since I began writing earlier this afternoon, Maureen visited bearing gifts from Peru, Matt called from London bearing well wishes, and we've had a delicious dinner of shrimp sauteed with garlic and pepperocinis, corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes, and a biscuit. Dave just called relating that Bill is sitting court side at the Magic playoff game and they keep showing him on tv. Lots going on.

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