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Call Me Camera Crazy

These photos of a dreadful rat in our backyard convinced me I could catch things quickly with a DSLR (if you can stomach it, click on photo for a closer look!). Aside from not really thinking it would be useful, I was afraid that things would pass me by while I tried to set up the camera. Usually in the spring we are plagued with at least one rat in the backyard--fortunately they only come out around sundown. That's both good and bad, it can quickly spoil the mood while having a candlit dinner by the pool. Bruce is concerned about rat poison--he's always thinking of ways Baxter might get hurt.

I decided to go to Colonial Photo and Hobby after calling them and finding out they were competitive with their prices. They've been in Orlando for over 50 years, one of the few remaining businesses from my childhood. I was surprised at the number of people in the store as I went there around 2 in the afternoon; apparently their customer service must draw repeat customers. I had a nice young man for a salesperson, he was very helpful, didn't try to convince me to buy more than I need. I bought the NikonD60 with two vibration reduction lenses, two UV filters, and a polarizing filter. The price came in about what I was expecting. I now have a person I can call about the camera if the need arises, something that Costco doesn't offer.

While in the store I held both the Canon Rebel XTI, and the Nikon. Because I'd had two weeks practice with the Nikon it already felt good in my hands which convinced me it was the camera for me. After a lengthy discussion with Matt on Monday, the conclusion was that both cameras will give you great pictures, however if it doesn't feel comfortable it won't be as pleasurable. As you are well aware by now I listen to my eldest son, usually following his sound advice. The cool thing about the camera purchase is that I bought it with some of the money I've earned from taking pictures. We shall see if the camera pays for itself in the next few months.

Speaking of which I made my first invoice today to send to the assisted living facility using a template on my iMac word processing program, Pages. The more I use it the more comfortable I've become, it is very intuitive with seamless integration of my photos.

That brings up yesterday's project. Lately I've woken up more frequently at night than I'd like. Normally I don't look at the clock but after lying there thinking about stuff I got up. You would not believe some of the things I did at 2 in the morning, one of which is to gather any garbage around the house putting the bag by the door to take out in the morning. As well I noticed the moon which was way cool. I got the tripod out and set up in the front yard. Poor Baxter thought I was crazy! Lastly, I remembered how to burn the DVDs of the photos and began that project. Eventually I went back to bed. Now I'm a tired girl, as is Mr. Bruce; he's fast asleep on the couch after returning home from a business trip. He got up at a ridiculous hour this morning so who can blame him? I'm just happy he's home.

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