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International Mail

The post yesterday brought mail from London; the charming card from Matt, along with a set of Moo cards from Jonathan. Those on flickr are familiar with Moo, the darling little calling cards with your own photos. Jonathan selected some of my favorites from his photo stream and here they are. As well, I'm going to be busy reading thanks to my faraway sons. Matt sent a book and a magazine subscription; Jonathan sent two photography books. One is on exposure, which I can't learn enough about, the other is HDR. That's a very popular technique in photography these days. I'll explain more once I understand it myself. Without Bruce home last night, I read the exposure book before falling asleep.

Speaking of Bruce, he is on his way home from Chicago as I type. Although I just read the newspaper while eating dinner, wherein they described Southwest as the most on time airline, his flight is going to be an hour late. We're trying to formulate some plans for both of us to fly to Chicago on his next trip and I'll get to see Jon-boy and Alissa! It's a secret thus far.

A few sprinkles today--not nearly enough to do much good.

I saw premium gas over $4 for the first time tonight--good thing the MINI is not a gas hog, although the mileage is probably not what you'd presume--the baby car averages around 25MPG.

I've been toying with the idea of a new camera, however, I think I'm going to shelve that idea for now. Practicing with Roger's NikonD40 has convinced me that as of now I'm doing just fine with what I have. That said, I'm sure I might be getting more out of the experience if I had the manual. When I got my first camera I ignored the manual for months, but now I know how critical it is to get familiar with your camera's features. Notice how I said critical--as if it were life and death...whatever.

After my stint at the museum this morning I spent time painting. Ever since last week I've been thinking about the combination of yellow and purple. As I've mentioned in the past the grounds are bursting with blooms, in particular there are loads of brown-eyed susans. If you've not seen this you can't imagine how cheerful they are. Several arrangements combined the BESs and purple spiky flowers making a brilliant display. Today I got around to seeing what the two colors look like on paper. I'll await Bruce's critique.

A trip to Nordstrom yesterday to return some over-priced jeans. Last week I fell prey to the idea, but have since come to my senses. I exchanged them for an over-priced bathing suit which will get more wear. I have a moratorium on jeans until around October for the most part--it is just plain too hot to me. While at the concert the other night I was struck by the sea of blue jeans. Say what you will about baby boomer's' influence, but I suspect most young people are thankful for the bb's trailing the way for denim. Today it is so common place that you'd think it was always the case, people wearig denim everywhere, but you and I know differently.

The New Yorker magazine has no rivals.

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