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De-Tauping, Part Two

Nation Building in America
I'll freely admit I was seduced by the name of the new paint I used in the kitchen, "captivating cream." How great is that? It fits nicely with the "dancing green" in my office, and "windy blue" in the living room doesn't it? Unfortunately Mr. Bruce is not as captivated as I am, but he's trying. He thought the other was just fine thank you very much. It seems I change colors about every four years. At one point it was bright, and I do mean bright, yellow with a sunflower theme. My boys were aghast at that color which after a few years was replaced by the taupe. It is so clean and fresh now, I'm loving it. I started on Saturday morning and painted the eating area while listening to public radio. Maureen asked how long it took and my reply was that I listened to "Car Talk", "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", "Weekend America", and "Marketplace".

After a few hours interruption I&#…

More Daisies

My latest challenge--trying to get a good shot of a red daisy I purchased this morning at Publix. It seems crazy how many tries it takes to get it right. I suppose if I was really something I'd have special lights etc. but as it is I try to use natural light when I can. These daisies have no interest in standing upright I can tell you that. There were five in the bunch and all of them bow down if you will. This is not a shot I'll be able to sell but I found it interesting and hope you do too.

That's one of my discoveries, people love daisies. They especially love daisies when you can present them with extreme contrasts. This one is still a work in progress.

Maria came for lunch today and we had such fun. Our intention was to go to a restaurant up the street, my treat, as she's been so helpful to me, selling my canvases and purchasing two herself. I'm so thrilled I met her, not because of the aforementioned, but because she is such fun. When she arrived I said, "…

Resident Snake

I imagine most yards have one of these black snakes, I know Lisa has one that hangs around her yard. The only place I ever really see it is on the front porch when he (?) travels from one bed to another. The mat in the foreground was out drying from yesterdays terrific storm. After some strong winds the rain began with intense thunder and lightening, really some of the loudest booms I've heard in a long time. As is usually the case, it cleared up nicely by the time Kristen came to get me for dinner. We used to work together at the hospital and have kept in contact. After much deliberation we went to a nice pizza place on Church Street . Turns out it was $3 wine night with refills for ten cents. The amazing thing was that they served nice wines for that price.

I've gotten over my crankiness, thank you very much. So far today I've taken Baxter for a nice walk at a local park, did some necessary shopping, mowed the lawn, and cleaned the pool. Not bad huh?

It's that time ag…

A Day for Ranting

I've calmed down now but I was pretty worked up earlier today.

Baxter woke me at 5:15 this morning to go out so that was the end of sleeping for me. On Saturday Bruce helped me organize my desk a bit and in an effort to keep it clean, I started right off on some mail. I now need to save my mortgage bill, cell phone, utilities etc. which I'd always thrown out in the past. So many things to do when you have a small home based business...but I digress. Most of our bills are paid automatically so I often don't even look at the paper trail but today I did. What a mess.

Somehow the mortgage company didn't take out enough to cover the mortgage, thus would not apply any to my payment. You don't want to know how many numbers I punched to get things sorted out. The customer care representative (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one) suggested that I should send the additional $47 by overnight mail if I didn't want to hurt our credit score. I got no sympathy from this pa…

Make Friends with Bruce Peck

More Things Can Happen than Will Happen

Bruce and I took a trip down memory lane late last week while talking about North Carolina. About twelve years ago, Bruce and Jonathan went on a hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail with a group of folks from the church. He went searching for the pictures and came across a narrative one of the women wrote about the trip. It was really marvelous reading about their adventure. What really rang true though was what she wrote about Bruce. She marveled at the way he was able to start the camp fire when everything was soaking wet from the torrential rains they'd hike through. Her comment was "if you ever go hiking in the N. Georgia mountains make friends with Bruce Peck." The truth of the matter is that if you ever want to do most anything that requires skill and patience, Bruce is your man. I'm so glad I made friends with him 42 years ago!!!

While talking with Jonathan about it he said, "did she mention how Dad had to carry my pa…

Capping Off the Week

For the second week in a row I've mowed the lawn on Friday morning, something I'm delighted about. I've done our yard for years because I've had more time to do so than Bruce. Because I've been mowing lawns since I was about 12, this has always been a breeze, until I got sick that is. After months of being unable to keep up with it, we hired a yard man. They use big tractors to cut the lawn in about 10 minutes, something that takes me around 35 when I'm doing well. This method however leaves big ruts in the grass which are particularly evident once the rains have started which is NOW! Remember I told you we were's been raining cats and dogs every day now, a welcome sight because not only does the aquifer need it, but it helps to bring down the temperature, thus reducing air conditioning bills. After the last two hours of rain the temp is only 72 degrees at 4 in the afternoon. As I was saying, I decided to give it a go again and I did just fine.


You Never Know

Everyone who knows me well knows that when I like something I'm not shy about trying to convince everyone I know to share my enthusiasm. As such, I've already tried to convince about six people to read Lottery . Talking to Lisa yesterday I found out that not only is Danny still good, but she has the aforementioned book in her stack to read from the library. Naturally, I suggested she begin immediately, and I suggest you do the same.

In that same vein my enthusiasm for Mr. Roger's work has convinced several other folks to begin using his services. I've just returned from picking up some new stuff from him; the other night I went through my baskets removing things that have been languishing. Eventually they may sell, but I'd rather take the loss for now, and move on. That is definitely one of the hardest parts of the whole thing--figuring out what will appeal to people. As you know I've talked about emotional response, which still is key but, for some people it is…

Sometimes I Lose Track of the Date

You probably find it hard to believe that I stay busy, what with not having a real job, but I seem to. As you know I've been back at the Polasek and today found me there. It has been interesting to see people's reactions to the photo show. I eavesdrop a bit to hear if they have comments on mine and since they are in the front gallery I don't have to try very hard.

After returning I received an e-mail from a young man wanting to buy one of my big canvases he saw at Sunday's market--how about that? He's giving it to his partner for a birthday gift. Let's all collectively say SWEET; I guess sitting out there in the suffocating heat pays off sometimes!

Bruce left this morning for a few days...boohoo!

Yesterday I spent quite a while searching for some specific pictures. I've probably not told you yet that our market manager's son's girlfriend of thirteen years, was killed in a horrific auto accident on Memorial Day. We've all been quite sad about it an…


For the last several days I've been trying to get a wonderful shot of raspberries. I know you are thinking, how hard could it get. Well, turns out pretty hard. What I've learned over the last year or so is that unless you've got some strong contrasts in your subject it is pretty hard to get it right. Furthermore, working with my new camera is proving challenging because I have to get comfortable with it. Actually the raspberry project is helping as I try different lighting situations,and camera settings. That said this is my first attempt of many.

I've been having lots of problems connecting to my blog of late leading me to waste time trying to share with you. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I get frustrated. Because it's been quite a few days I really wanted to catch up only to have the "beach ball" whirl away meaning there is some hold up. I spoke with Jonathan about this a few days ago and he recommended I try it on Safari rat…


Now you see what I saw. Forgive me if you've been to Chicago and taken all these same shots...

*Bruce caught and released that little rainbow trout in the stream he's wading in.

*Me (without a bit of makeup!) at the Cole House, the nicest restaurant in Andrews, NC

Now you see what I saw. Forgive me if you've been to Chicago and taken all these same shots...

*Bruce caught and released that little rainbow trout in the stream he's wading in.

*Me (without a bit of makeup!) at the Cole House, the nicest restaurant in Andrews, NC where we enjoyed a lovely dinner on our last night in NC.

*When the rain was coming the fog comes in and you'd think there were no skyscrapers all around you.

*River City Condos is the building Jonathan and Alissa are moving to this month. She is suffering from a stress fracture in her tibia it seems requiring a boot for the next six weeks. That will be not only miserable for her but complicate the move for sure.

*Obviously the Chicago Stock Exchange t…

Popcorn and Chips Appetite Study

Today's title refers to a presumed health study advertised in Sunday's paper. Do you suppose they feed the participants chips and popcorn followed by a meal? Whatever...

While trying to locate The Rookery Building in Chicago I came across the amazing "Flamingo" sculpture in a downtown plaza. Please note that I also came across a farmer's market which runs every Tuesday. I managed to find the aforementioned building only to be told that I could not go upstairs to photograph the gorgeous spiral staircase. Apparently it is off limits unless one has a permit. On Monday afternoon I stumbled upon an architectural photography exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center (which is an absolutely wonderful building). The photo of the staircase was awe inspiring, thus my quest. Evidently it was not meant to be this trip.

David update: I don't feel so bad now because when I talked to Bill later in the day I discovered that David had not even told him about the VP business. Dave…


Hi friends, I'm back! I'll not bore you with all the details, but here are a few highlights, as well as some breaking news:

*Flying first class is the best, thanks honey. I particularly like getting on the plane first as I have a slight aversion to standing in lines.

*The Orange Line is a godsend for those staying near Midway Airport. There's a hotel shuttle that takes you to the airport every ten minutes allowing you to get on the Orange Line into the city.

*I finally understand what "The Loop" refers to--the elevated train that loops through downtown--awesome.

*Fabulous seeing Jonathan and Alissa, although our time together was limited as Bruce worked long hours (thus, no dinner date) and they already had tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie at the Pritzker Pavilion on Tuesday night. Far be it for me to interrupt a chance to see DC!

*I did get to meet many of Jonathan's workmates, see his cubicle, and some of the documents relating to projects he's working on.…