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You Never Know

Everyone who knows me well knows that when I like something I'm not shy about trying to convince everyone I know to share my enthusiasm. As such, I've already tried to convince about six people to read Lottery . Talking to Lisa yesterday I found out that not only is Danny still good, but she has the aforementioned book in her stack to read from the library. Naturally, I suggested she begin immediately, and I suggest you do the same.

In that same vein my enthusiasm for Mr. Roger's work has convinced several other folks to begin using his services. I've just returned from picking up some new stuff from him; the other night I went through my baskets removing things that have been languishing. Eventually they may sell, but I'd rather take the loss for now, and move on. That is definitely one of the hardest parts of the whole thing--figuring out what will appeal to people. As you know I've talked about emotional response, which still is key but, for some people it is decor, or aesthetics, or for that matter, what visitors to their homes will think.

I'm so pleased to show the picture today--my second published photo. It definitely was awesome that I am near the front of the book! The professor in charge of it, whom I met yesterday, was very nice; she had me sign five copies for when I become famous. Fat chance!

So yesterday I delivered the canvas, went to pick up the book, and then to a framing place. Steve, the owner of the Siesta Key condo where we went to the party, ordered a large picture for his living room giving me carte blanche as far as framing is concerned. I'm here to tell you that custom framing and matting is very expensive! Hopefully Steve will be pleased with the results. Did I mention that custom framing is excessively slow as well?

Bruce should be arriving home shortly from his trip--yeah! We are going downtown for food, and in a surprise move, a photography show. Really, tonight is Third Thursday, meaning lots of galleries are open. Although I have nothing going this month I'd like to see who does.

As the title of the post and the song make clear--you never know. Each day something new comes up unexpectedly making this crazy life of mine pretty exciting. Ruth has linked me to two new photography contests to enter which I'll have to get on pretty quick if I hope to have a chance. She's always looking out for me.

Back to the reading stuff. Before I began going to school, taking photographs in earnest, and blogging, I read every day. As well, flickr was stealing too much of my time. My current activities have really cut into my reading, a situation that I'm in the process of rectifying. Because the daily rains have begun in earnest I've spent more time in the afternoon"font-style:italic;">The New Yorker fiction issue came about two weeks ago. All the stories were marvelous, but the one by Annie Proulx was simply amazing. I've also just completed a book of short stories by a Russian emigree, Lara Vapnyar, entitled, There are Jews in My House--excellent.

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