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When I showed Angela the photos I was considering for the calendar contest this is one of the ones she chose. Mangroves from the Wildlife Preserve are behind the wildflowers. Because I've not had Bruce's input yet, I'm still not sure, but at this point, the other two are a sunrise with a dock, and a pelican. I don't think any of them are going to win the $300 prize.

I'm glad I took that picture of the back yard in the sunshine because we haven't seen the sun since. The rain began days ago, and has hardly quit except for brief respites; you would think we lived in Seattle as gray as it's been. As such, the grass was long and desperately needed to be cut. Although rain was threatening this morning, I went out as early as possible to begin finishing before the next round.

Afterwards I did some cleaning which is never a favorite of mine. I've got lots of glass containers holding various decorative things that I finally got around to cleaning. My word, they look so much better, almost as good as the windows looked months ago.

I spent the afternoon finishing a novel, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I hardly know how to describe it as I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. It's a cross between a mystery and a love story with a subplot about how great books can influence us long after we've read them. Let's just say it was very intriguing. I know someone in my past suggested it and my last day at the museum a gentleman mentioned he'd just finished it and was in his top ten books of his life. The novel is a translation and was a bestseller in Spain for over a year. I can highly recommend it.

Mr. Bruce arrived home late last night and left early this morning--he has yet to arrive home tonight but we do plan on some kind of date as it's been too long.

Danny update--almost done with the radiation with only five more treatments to go after which he'll have several blood tests to see what to do next. He's been a good soldier throughout but it's been far from easy. Lisa swears she'll start wearing scrubs around the house as there has been much nursing going on in that house. Emily had her wisdom teeth out earlier in the week with misery ensuing. That reminds me of when Bill and Dave had that surgery at the same time. I remember the assistant telling me I was brave to let them both have it at the same time and you know what? She was right!

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