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A Luncheon

Today I went to lunch at Mary's house. She is an old friend that I'd not had contact with for years who found me on Facebook. I've also got a request to get together with a high school classmate, that for the life of me I can't remember, but I may go through with it--why not? At any rate, it turns out the youngest of Mary's four daughters is doing fashion photography. I think she is quite talented, and as you can see, she has a Nikon as well. We were talking so much about photography that poor Mary must have been feeling left out. That's probably not true because if ever there were a more selfless person than Mary, I've yet to meet them. In an odd twist, Rachel is working with her second cousin's husband who was Bill, and Dave's first modeling agent. Small world, huh?

Mary made a wonderful lunch including homemade bread (she sent me home with two mini loaves). Actually, it was a dinner because she wanted to make sure I had a big meal and wouldn't have to cook for myself tonight. I told you she's amazing. As well, she is a big garage sale person, the treasures she has accumulated are amazing. Their home is quite modest in an area of severe gentrification, no, make that mansionification. All around them the original homes are being torn down to make way for houses entirely too big for their lots. One day, they will make a fortune selling their property, but for now they are quite content.

I ended up getting nothing done today because I was there for so long.

Have you thought much about the notion of mind control? Last night I awoke at 1 and couldn't get back to sleep for ages. My one rule about that is to never look at the clock, thus I've no idea how long I was awake, but I know it was far too long. My mind was jumping all over the place with thoughts about various family members, the state of the union, things to do, and I don't remember what else. If only I could have controlled my mind I wouldn't have been sleepless in Orlando! What I really needed was my darling teddy bear, Bruce, who thank God, is flying home as I type!

Bruce bought The National's new cd which is great; their lyrics are always quite smart. In one song he sings, "what to my wondering eyes should appear?...nothing." What band can you think of that could get away with using a line from "The Night Before Christmas?"

You may have been wondering how things are going at the museum, have you? They are not going because the museum closes for the month of July and August. I miss having something scheduled on Tuesdays, but soon enough it will be here.

No call from the reporter, my brush with fame appears to be a no go....maybe next time.

I've got nothing done today because I was there for hours. I promised my neighbor I'd help her hang a cornice so I'm going to run over there now.

Lastly, it's a good thing I took that picture of the backyard bathed in sunshine because I think that is the last time I've seen the sun. The days have been terribly dreary, however, I heard on the radio that the weekend weather will be delightful.

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