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The Rain Continues

The storm remains a bit of a mystery--no one knows where it will go. As such, it came through our area overnight with high winds and rain. Today the rain continued throughout the day, not hard, just steady with gray skies all day. I'm posting a picture of our yard from across the street. Our neighbors did not stop their paper during their absence, so I've been picking it up daily for several months now. I thought for those of you who haven't seen our place I'd show all the large trees that become worrisome during a hurricane. The large oak from which the staghorn fern hangs is half the tree it was before Hurricane Charley. The trees provide an oasis during the hot summer months; I've no interest in taking them down unless absolutely necessary. I moved the baby car away from the house because there are still dead branches in the oak that could damage my little MINI.

Baxter was whimpering to go out around 5:30 this morning. I got up, checking for any damage, which is a bit hard to do in the dark, but I tried anyway. The howling winds woke me up several times during the night. I e-mailed Bruce, "all is well." I made a delicious coffee cake because I was up so early. Maybe I should call it a tea cake since I hate coffee?

Because I had such poor light today I had to refrain from picture taking for the most part. I forced myself to do inventory of my prints which is a miserable task as far as I'm concerned. You see the baskets of small prints, the larger ones were not so time consuming because they are fewer.

News flash--breaking into the Olympics, they just said the storm is 72 miles from Orlando with winds of 60mph. It is raining harder as I type.

It took me around six hours to complete the count. That sounds absurd, but the spreadsheet Roger makes for me is 12 pages long with almost 400 different images. I know, that is too many, but most of them have sold at least once. When it was all done it seems as if I've sold 750 prints in the last year. Incredible huh? Most of you have been with me from the beginning; neither of us would have dreamed it was possible. What I need to do is mark them off when I sell them, and I wouldn't find myself in this situation again.....I'm really going to try.

Jonathan read Lottery and loved it. He told me that it took him nearly a month because there are so many distractions for young people. I wonder what that says about the future of literature as we know it.

Since I've had my business I've been getting free issues of Business Week. While eating dinner tonight I was sickened to read that the CEOs of the S&P 500 work an average of three hours to earn what a minimum wage earner makes in a year. Can you say: out of control?

Speaking of magazines, an article in The New Yorker details the rise of "super bugs", those infections that don't respond to antibiotics. What is so tragic is that most drug companies have abandoned antibiotic research because it is not as profitable as drugs that people have to take daily. What infuriates me about this situation is that they are developing drugs for "possible" problems when there are people dying TODAY because there are no drugs to treat these bugs. Some of you know that Bruce's dad succumbed to MRSA, a super staph bacteria that sometimes responds to treatment. Furthermore, the surest place to contact one of these bugs is in a hospital. Patient beware!

Correction in order: Matthew had no part in changing the blog, it was all me. I don't want to tarnish his reputation as a (nearly) perfect son!

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