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So Far--A Non-Event

If you had watched any television in the last few days you would think the world was ending. Although the tropical storm was days away, hourly updates began on Saturday while I was watching the Olympics. You just want to throw something at the tv! During our season of hurricanes four years ago the "meteorologists" (I use that term loosely because I don't believe all those folks that broadcast the weather deserve the label)kept telling folks to hunker down--please make them stop. Anyway, so far there have been a few rain squalls, but not much else. Jonathan called around 3 because he'd heard it had it Orlando--it wasn't even raining then. Allegedly it will be stronger later on, we'll just wait and see.

Yesterday afternoon I was practicing the manual focus on the Nikon. As you can see, I need more....although Baxter does look pretty cute doesn't he?

I have some good news to report--I got a call this afternoon that they have chosen not one, but two photos I entered in the City of Orlando calendar contest!!! I was dying to tell Bruce because he'd chosen one of them, but his phone went to answer. He left for New York this morning, after a trip over to Bangor, Maine he'll get home LATE Thursday night. I called Maureen who also voiced her opinion on the entrants. Furthermore, it was she that suggested I enter last year. She's not steered me wrong yet. I've had so much help on this journey, I can't thank everyone enough.

Here's the word from London--pear cider is the trendy drink of choice these days. I learned this while chatting with Matt yesterday for more than an hour. He's busier than you can imagine, not work so much, but a very active social life. He described his private tour of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral given by a new friend who works there. If you've ever traveled to London you know what an imposing building St. Paul's is. In fact, I have one of the photos from our trip there in the foyer, long before it became Matt's church. We also discussed how Beijing used to be called Peking, finding out that the city has had more names than those two. He also fixed my links on the blog, logging in on his computer. I asked him to change anything he liked; apparently he didn't like my green background because when I saw it today it was a little more subdued. It probably was a little hard on the eyes....sorry.

He also told me that the site of the London Olympics is only three tube stops away with things are already underway. Gosh, by the time they roll around in 2012, Matt will be 36!

Special thanks for all the anniversary wishes from everyone--Pat and Ruth, as well as Dave and Michelle, sent cards, thank you very much!

Now seems like as good a time as any to rid the fridge of all the worn out food....we'll talk more tomorrow.

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