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Water Colors

This morning I've been fooling around with water, color, and light in that order. I'm showing you a few of the experiments to see what you think.

I forgot to tell you that on Friday we were gone from the house from 8 till 3:30 in the afternoon. Normally, as soon as we pull up, little Baxter is waiting by the door. Not so on Friday. I'd dropped Bruce off at his office, a good thing because you know him, he would have freaked at what happened next. (Remember dogs are mans best friend) I came in thinking he was just getting lazy, but calling his name did not produce said little Yorkie. I started searching the house, went out back, and even into the garage thinking possibly we'd shut him out. I did not panic, but I must admit I was a tiny bit worried. Eventually (really like a few minutes later) I opened our bedroom closet door and out bounds Mr. Baxter jumping with joy to see me. Whew!

Here's a little something from the Times which a few of us can relate to: Sad,but Tru…

Black Monday

To combat the darkness of the financial news I'm posting a picture from The Villages, a planned community about an hour north of Orlando where Bruce is building not only a Red Lobster, but an Olive Garden as well. When Sarah Palin visited Florida it was right near hear that thousands gathered in the sweltering heat to hear her. Of course, that was before her interviews when people were still cheering....

On Friday I went with Bruce to Vero Beach to check on a parking lot problem. Because he'd driven around 700 miles last week I drove him so he could at least only singletask rather than his usual multi. His Blackberry never seems to quit. This way during the hour and a half drive he could handle his calls and e-mails with me doing the motoring. If you've never been exposed to MINI lingo, that is what they call driving. As well, when you drive a MINI it is understood that you automatically wave at your fellow MINI drivers. The non-compliance of some drivers used to exasperat…

The Windows Were Open

On Sunday Roger brought my huge order to the market and amongst the prints was one of this angel from a cemetery in Winter Park. Remember how our market managers soon to be daughter in law was killed in an automobile accident on Memorial Day? Well, the mother of the girl is naturally still in a lot of pain. Currently she's obsessed with angels and when Dana saw the print she freaked out saying how she'd love to have one to give to her. This is one of the only angel statues I'm familiar with around here; I hope it makes her a tiny bit happier.

Oh yes, we were talking about the order. I spent nearly seven hours today readying the prints; I finished around 6 this evening. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that anyone wants them, but truthfully it is a bit laborious between the stickers that go on the bags, sealing the bags, and signing them all. Customers often don't realize how much goes into just one of the prints. As you well know, I price them reasonably, maybe …


Did I get your attention with that title? Our beloved Publix Supermarket used it in their ad today to sound modern I 'spose. Can you guess what it means? With all the smarties reading this I'm sure you can; just in case you need a little help...Buy One, Get One. Everyone is wanting to seem like they are helping the consumer and the truth of the matter is that Publix does a very good job with that. In my former life as a inveterate shopper I was grateful that often the items on sale were the ordinary groceries I used anyway; unlike other stores that use a sale to get you to buy stuff you don't need! Although Matt didn't use a lot of groceries he desperately missed shopping at Publix after moving to Chicago. I imagine Amanda feels about the same way right about now.

Before I go any further, today's picture is of the little umbrella, if you will, over the intriguing black bat flower. Doesn't it look kinda like corduroy?

Yesterday's lunch with Mary and Rachel w…

It's That Time Again

To catch up on things.

A few days ago I tried a clock project around the house. We have a wide varitey of clocks, most of which have some variation of the current time. I thought it would be fun to make a mosaic with all the different clocks, and times, however I couldn't make it work with flickr toys. I'm showing you one of my favorites; a gift from Matt many years ago from an antique shop. The cord is very yellow with age and the plug is unlike those we see today with a cute little rectangle head. Not only does it keep perfect time, it has a sweeping second hand and a lovely patina.

So where were we....oh yes, we were going out for a date on Friday evening. We met Connie and Jeff at CityFish, or I should say they came downtown to meet us, albeit too late for me. I went into the restaurant from our sidewalk location only to hear the familiar refrain--"Hey Mom"; who should be sitting in a booth, but David and company. Orlando is a small world after all.

As the evening p…

Let's Pretend it is Fall

That's what I did last night with the dinner I cooked for Mr. Bruce last night when he finally arrived home after a harrowing week. Several of the restaurants he has going are re-models with the contractor starting after the restaurant closes. As such he sometimes stays way late resulting in two twenty hour days this week if you can imagine. I told you he was working entirely too hard. Blame it on the economy; many employers are asking employees to do more than is realistic.

Anyway I cooked some pork spare ribs with sauerkraut and potatoes with sauteed apples on the side. It was way delicious. Actually it only got into the 80's today which gives up hope it will cool off one of these days.

Because Bruce goes to New England in the fall every year he always brings back leaves--these are from last year but new ones should be arriving in the next few weeks. Driving through the Catskill Mountains in New York this week he said they haven't begun there yet, but they will...

I took t…

You Weren't Expecting a Donkey Were You?

I was up close and personal with this donkey today while visiting Lukas Garden Center's Butterfly Encounter this morning. Man was it hot in there; I'm not much of a sweater, but good grief it was sweltering. While driving somewhere with Bruce recently we heard the director of BE on the radio enthusiastically describing the wonders of their butterflies. Although it was good I'm thinking his enthusiasm was just a touch biased. Turns out there is a butterfly festival there this weekend and they were waiting on a shipment of two hundred new butterflies; they kindly gave me a free pass for another visit. I decided to drive out to Winter Springs this morning and scout out the location of the art festival that happens in two weeks and Lukas was nearby. Located in a tiny village named Slavia it is a huge nursery with thousands of plants, pots, and even a pasture with two cows and a donkey. I approached the fence and he/she came trotting right up to me. Kinda cute huh?

Prior to gett…

Drop the Drama!

Once Bruce completes a restaurant the problems do not end. Inevitably there are some small problems that managers think are monumental--you know, the whole making a mountain out of molehill mentality. Furthermore, they call him and with new technology, not just him, they copy everyone up the chain of command with their woes. Bruce, ever the chess player, tries to appease them, but what he'd like to say is, "drop the drama!" Naturally, being the good guy he is, he rights the wrongs and life goes on.

I left a little early for the museum this morning hoping to take advantage of the light, stopping at Lake Eola on my way. This little guy emerged from the first of many baths he'll take today.

Unfortunately by the time I arrive at the museum the light is getting harsh; often it doesn't stop me from practicing on the grounds resulting in very uneven results. I hardly ever photograph roses, but here's a little cutie I liked:

That said, the lovely white hibiscus is from …

Fly Away

I adore white hibiscus flowers; they look like they have wings don't they?

I've been anxious all day, in fact, I tried to start this earlier, but I just couldn't sit still. It seems as if parenting of young children is filled with worries whether it be potty training, teething, first day of school and so on. As the children become teenagers (particularly boys, although that doesn't necessarily hold true anymore!) you worry about drug use, promiscuity, and driving. And so the worries mount as they age.

Mostly I'm an optimist meaning things often happen that I'm either unaware of or choose to ignore, however today is not one of those days. As you know both Bill and Dave work in the financial sector which as I type is fraught with misery. I literally felt sick for Dave in particular having to go to work today and keep from going crazy. I wanted to call him early, but I don't usually want them to think I'm meddlesome; fortunately he called me. His phone was…

A Time Remembered

Many people my age vividly recall the moment we were told that President Kennedy was killed, although I'm not among them. Sometimes my bad memory saddens me, other times I shrug it off. I do however remember September 11, 2001 vividly.

You've been reading long enough to know that Bruce's typical schedule is to fly out on Tuesday mornings, returning on Thursday nights. What he's doing now is extremely atypical. On occasion he begrudgingly flew out on Mondays; thank God that is what he did the week of September 10.

In my former life I had a surgical case scheduled at 8:30 most mornings. This procedure, called a breast needle localization, is used to guide the surgeon doing a biopsy on a suspicious area that can not be felt. It was my job to place the area under a paddle with a cut out, x-ray it precisely, and assist not only the patient, but the radiologist, who first placed a needle in position, followed by a thin wire to be removed in surgery. Although it was not terribl…

In the Mail

The long awaited wedding will soon be upon us as evidenced by the beautiful invitation arriving in today's mail. I had no idea how fancy they have become. No wonder Michelle has been so busy!

Michelle and David have been together for probably six years now so we are all excited that they are finally getting married. Their relationship is one where they both make the other one a better person, just what is needed for a successful marriage. I'll soon be a mother in law!

I've stayed home for the cable people to no avail--they have not shown up. A call to the cable company did nothing to get them here. In the morning I've got a dental appointment and then a wait and see for the cable guy. You've all experienced the same frustration I'm sure.

Baxter woke me up early, 5:30 to be exact, to go out. Thankfully I went back to sleep because there is not much to do around the house at that hour. A ringing phone woke me at 8, later than I usually sleep, with a girl wanting to …

Just Another Tuesday

Well, in some ways it was, in other ways, not so much. Over the weekend we took the plunge into the big television waters purchasing an LCD 40". I'm sure I need not tell you that it is an HD set. After some initial struggles getting it going we quickly realized that without the HD box the potential beautiful picture was nowhere in sight. This afternoon the cable technician came with not only the box, but the capability of programming the remote! I am terribly challenged when it comes to most things like this, so I was very appreciative. The sad thing is that I may have mentioned that our old tv was not working well, thus we finally broke down to replace it. Guess what? The bad picture, and out of sync video and audio were caused by a FAULTY outdoor cable which will be replaced tomorrow! He tells me the new cable will speed up our computers as well, always a good thing. Remember the couple we gave the dining room furniture to? Bruce suggested we give it to them, but I said I&#…

Signage and Stuff

Today some things that have caught my eye lately. The first I sent to Matt, calling it Worth Celebrating--I love Premium Saltines and when I saw these little guys I couldn't help but take their picture.

This one's from Macys---the retro look of the Benefit cosmetic line; taken surreptitiously of course.

I wish this one had turned out better but it was taken through the windshield during a rainstorm. Bruce was driving us to his mom's for dinner and this sign in the window in Apopka made me laugh--You Ring, We Spring.

Taken in Marshalls, make sure to look at this one larger--The Sales Pitch:

I saw this couple enjoying the company of pigeons:

Finally--Sex Sells

If I ever get a decent picture of the bedroom I'll post it--four bright windows are wreaking havoc on my attemps. I'll say this much though, Bruce was delighted when he came, calling it "very cozy" which is the supreme compliment from my honey.

Grab Bag

Our first picture of the day is one I took on the way to the beach. As you know Tropical Storm Fay dumped a lot of water on these parts and it's still around. This is the normally meager St. John's River that meanders North. I say meager because although it is quite wide in some areas this spot off the Beachline (formerly known as the Bee Line Expressway) is usally hardly detectable. As you can see the water covers everywhere in sight.

Secondly, yesterday I dropped off a picture at Judy's house in Altamonte Springs. Notice where her jet ski is parked in the upper right corner--yes, that is where the lake typically stops. She tells me the water was even higher a week ago. Until I saw it with my own eyes I couldn't imagine it. Sadly, the grass underneath all this will be dead when the waters finally recede. I was wrong about yesterday being rainy, in fact it was unusually pleasant, however, it is raining as I type; Hannah is off the coast thankfully, but producing rain no…

The Day Before

How I wish this picture were bigger! Lisa sent it with an email celebrating her 25th anniversary. My how we have changed. I am holding our Mr. Jonathan; I can hardly tell from the picture which one of the twins is acting silly although I'm sure Matt will be able to. It's funny with identical twins, when you live with them day to day you totally see their personality not so much how they look. When looking back at pictures however it is hard to tell the difference. Matt has a funny face as well. I can see that I made Bill and Dave's little jumpsuits, one with a blue suit and white shirt with the other just the opposite. I'm sure you knew that I used to sew nearly every day. Congratulations to Lisa and Danny--25 more to come!

I've titled this, the day before, because as you may have been hearing, in the relentless media coverage, that there could be a storm coming our way--at the very least, more rain and wind. That's a shame because tomorrow our new yard people s…

Baxter Hosts a Sleepover

Bill called asking if we would watch Ziggy while they went with Dave and Michelle to the Ritz for a sleepover. Because Le Anne used to work there, she is able to get room rates that the rest of us can only dream of.

Ziggy, as some of you know, is the dog that LeAnne bought after being without Baxter for a year. In effect, he is Baxter's half brother. For those of you in the dark about the cutest dog in the world, (oh, did I mention that before), that he's the cutest dog in the world? Of course I have! About two and a half years ago Baxter came to live with us during a break-up between Bill and LeAnne. After gaining custody of Baxter, whom they had raised from the challenging age of puppy hood, Bill decided B. would be better off living at our home. We'd never had a dog because I'd never wanted one. Just goes to show you that you should "never say never!"

Fast forward to now, Ziggy is a cute little toy Maltese, or are they all toys? Anyway, he's very tiny…