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Fly Away

I adore white hibiscus flowers; they look like they have wings don't they?

I've been anxious all day, in fact, I tried to start this earlier, but I just couldn't sit still. It seems as if parenting of young children is filled with worries whether it be potty training, teething, first day of school and so on. As the children become teenagers (particularly boys, although that doesn't necessarily hold true anymore!) you worry about drug use, promiscuity, and driving. And so the worries mount as they age.

Mostly I'm an optimist meaning things often happen that I'm either unaware of or choose to ignore, however today is not one of those days. As you know both Bill and Dave work in the financial sector which as I type is fraught with misery. I literally felt sick for Dave in particular having to go to work today and keep from going crazy. I wanted to call him early, but I don't usually want them to think I'm meddlesome; fortunately he called me. His phone was already going crazy with investors seeking answers, the problem is that this time around there seems to be no answers. Although they put on a brave face neither Presidential candidate knows what to do. Which brings up the point--why in heaven's name would anyone want to be President? It boggles my mind why anyone would want to be in charge of the mess that things have become.

I've been working on getting it all into perspective after reading about the victims of Hurricane Ike. What misery those folks have faced already with some of the worst discomforts to come. Just like Florida, Texas is a hot box--no power is something very hard to live with at this time of year. It feels like all the humidity was sucked up into the Hurricane as it passed by our peninsula because the weather here has been spectacular the last few days--still hot, but bearable. The pool water is perfect.

To escape the bad news of the day I've been delving into fiction. Maureen loaned me Evidence of Things Unseen which I cannot praise enough. I found a post it note in the back from her friend Sherri who loaned it to her--"exquisite book, hope you enjoy." I couldn't say it any better. The plot begins in the early 1920's and of all things it involves not only photography, but x-rays as Marianne Wiggins Published in 1993, it lost the Pulitzer fiction prize to what I'm now reading, Jeffrey Eugenides The first novel took about 20 pages to get into, the second, one paragraph. I so envy the talent of gifted writers.

Bruce was off early to the North country returning on Thursday. That poor man works so hard. Being a perfectionist definitely has its drawbacks.

Did I mention I got acceptance into a gallery show for October at the City Arts Factory? Keep reading....more details forthcoming.
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