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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

It is the end of an era. A pretty dramatic opening don't you think? I have finally faced reality and traded in the MINI. We've made it work for most of this year, but every time we go out to show we always have to take two vehicles. As it is we get to spend so little time together that I'm hoping this will be one step to rectify that situation.

The tag on the front lets you know just how long a MINI has been in my life. Although I'd been thinking about this for a while I couldn't let go. Well, now I have. My first MINI came soon after my mom died. I had a beautiful yellow one with a black top which I called my happy face car. I was pretty devastated after her death and it was one part of the healing process as I knew it would make her smile to see such a cute little car. Jonathan took that one over about two years ago and I got the current one to replace it. I must admit I was never as attached to this one as my previous one for obvious reasons. I'd always seen …

If it is Free....

...they will come. Although the admission to the museum is only $5 apparently it keeps people from visiting. Today was a celebration of Czech Independence Day at the Polasek with free admission and treats. On a blockbuster day I might have ten visitors during my three hour stint--today there were nearly 100! As you know, I lead a pretty leisurely life these days, so this was quite a day. I greet them, run the register, and inquire how they found out about the event. Turns out more people read the paper than you would think.

The photograph is of an orchid I got at the market on Sunday. I've been experimenting with a sheet of mirror outside--the background is the sky. While I was doing it, Baxter, who was wet from the grass, shook himself making water droplets spray all over the mirror.

Speaking of Baxter, here he is sporting his Obama campaign button. Trish gave it to me on Sunday because she knew Bruce would love it. He's been a good sport about it after initially trying to rub…

So Much To Say

These have been busy days my friends. So many places, people, and events to report on that I thought I might make it easier by showing you.

I took a trip to the zoo the other day which definitely received mixed reviews, not only physically, but photographically. I tried my best to focus inside the cages with very little success. I was positive I had the Toucan, alas it was still a bit fuzzy. The building with the snakes and reptiles was one of my favorite parts because they were so colorful. I managed to get this picture of a Skank of all things. I hardly knew that derogatory term was a real living reptile. I'd not been to the zoo since the children were way, way young. I just realized it was even before Jonathan was born. I've got a darling photo of the boys having a pony ride. No ponies these days. I will say that although the zoo is poorly funded, they do a good job with what they have.

Barely home for long and then off to see Jane's son Carter, and his girlfriend, Lauren…

A Caveat

This is a fairly long video (with new-agey music) of the show the other night made by one of the artists. My feelings will not be hurt if you want to skip it.

I'm just beating myself up these days. This morning, before leaving for the museum, I pulled a shelf from the upright freezer down onto my big toe. Add that to my scraped knuckles and skinned knee. You know how it is when something heavy strikes your toe, you think you will die it hurts so much. Tonight it is aching however I don't know if there is a bruise or not seeing as I have Black Cherry nail polish on. Underneath it may just be the same color.

With toe on fire I got into the car and headed to the museum. I was a few minutes early so I made a quick detour to see my piece in the window of Ginger. I thought you might like to see it as well:

I was thrilled. It is almost surreal when you see something you've made (well, sorta, Roger actually made it, but you get my drift) publicly displayed. The store was not open yet…

April 21st

That was the last day it was as cool as yesterday morning--what a relief to think that the worst of the heat is behind us. The windows are all open today, the wind chimes are twinkling in the gentle breeze, and the sun is shining brightly in the most incredibly blue sky. Is it any wonder that the population of Florida has more than doubled in the last thirty years when there are days like these to look forward to for the next six months?

The market was jam packed with people yesterday including buyers. I had a very good sales day, which needless to say, was wonderful. What was almost even more wonderful was that we were not drenched in sweat! I took this image of a swan the other day at Lake Eola. Are there any birds more graceful than swans? I love to see them gliding along with their feathers all on display.

Sharing with you what I see is a delight for me. Here is an example of an incredible new flower that I've found in someone's yard nearby. It is almost as if this bloom d…

Love Works

Let us begin at the entry:

As you can see with your own two eyes, Bruce arrived in time to accompany me to the City Arts Factory. We were both astonished and delighted to find this large graphic over the door advertising the show. The organizer must have worked incredibly hard to make it very special including this light display once inside. Note Bruce's new shoes amongst all the pretty colors. It was in this space that I checked in, receiving a button to identify myself as one of the "artists" in the show. Crazy, right? It was all very exciting.

There were so many people there I couldn't believe it--oh how I wished I'd invited people although I know they probably get sick of being asked (or that's my perception, right, or wrong). Here is a woman looking at my two. This show had some very particular entry parameters including writing a little blurb about each piece to fit the theme. Entering several months ago, not really expecting to be chosen, my words might …

All Sorts of Stuff

For those of you who know Orlando this photograph needs no explanation, for those who don't it, is Lake Eola, the centerpiece of the city of Orlando. It is here that I sell photography every Sunday. During the last few years there were upwards of ten cranes soaring above the skyline, now however, all the new buildings are complete. As you can imagine, many of them have lower than hoped for occupancies. It was the condo building boom downtown which convinced Bruce there would be enough people to buy my photography for decorating. As it has turned out most of the buildings house at least one thing from me. I envision several years passing before the occupancy catches up with the supply. Yikes, by then I'll be closing in on 60!

Let's get this out of the way first: I have two recommendations today, one for a novel, and one for a short piece from National Public Radio.

The character development in the novel is remarkable, keeping you up later than is prudent. You care deeply abo…

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Gentle readers please forgive my absence, however some of you might just be thinking, "thank goodness she hasn't posted in days, it is all too much." For those I will skip the apologies, for others who missed me, I'm sorry. The days have been jam packed since we last met.

Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, the Magic game. Well, we now know how the other half does it. Pulling up within yards of the entrance, we find our designated parking spot, #53. A special entrance with a red carpet is our next surprise. We are warmly welcomed and shown the way to "Blue", a private dining room with a sumptuous buffet. After our meal we made our way into the arena through the same entrance the team uses, and on to our seats courtside opposite the Magic bench. While eating we saw one of the former players that, back in the day, was a favorite of the boys--Nick Anderson. I'd know that smile anywhere.

Saturday was a series of miscues and misunderstandings. What I thought…

Is the End Near?

After my annual doctor's appointment today I headed over to Winter Park. My visit went fine with no outward signs of malady. The office is near the new Whole Foods in town where beginning in November there will be yet another place for me to peddle my wares. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this, forgive me if I'm repeating myself, the powers that be at WF contacted Dana about running an outdoor market. Negotiations ensued with Dana signing on to the deal. I won't be able to bring my tent however she's got a place all picked out for me under the awning. I didn't have time to go through the store but I now understand the parking lot. They have already begun advertising in our weekly newspaper magazine with local listings of things to see and do. Excellent.

So, on to Winter Park we go. Here is an image of the front elevation of the boutique, cute huh? The owner, as I've previously mentioned, is just as cute as her store. And, get this...she drives a Vespa! We both …


If my sons who read this are not mad at me for my Obama comments, these pictures are for you. There is an area near our house, a little under two miles away that the city is dubbing SODO, short for South of Downtown, which for most of you I didn't even need to explain. At any rate, I visited the new Super Target yesterday morning during their soft opening. The area is going to be quite attractive. I'm most excited by the TJMaxx which was not having a soft opening. Although I could see clothes through the window, I don't know when the opening day is scheduled. I do know that Maureen and I will be extremely happy to have it in the neighborhood.


The other night Alice mentioned that she had "googled" me, saying I might want to do the same. Here's something I found this morning:

Upcoming Convention

Who knew? By the way, remember when I took the photos of Michelle so she could do conventions? In a small case of irony, she is scheduled to do the same show!


Stormy Weather

I must admit I did not watch the debate last night, deciding instead to go to bed. The first one was so discouraging because the candidates never answered the questions directly. I know that when Bruce gets home, he'll have CNN blasting away; they will still be discussing/debating the debate ad nauseam. Frankly, there isn't a whole lot more I need to know about the candidates, what I do know makes me sad. Bruce's question is, "is this the best we can do?"

Early on, I was taken by Barak Obama, but the more research I've done, the more I realize that there isn't really much substance to the man. I know there are those who will vehemently disagree with me on this issue which is what makes America great. We can agree to disagree. Reading everything I can about him from a wide variety of sources, convinces me that although he is charismatic, his accomplishments are scarce. While in the state legislature his achievements were primarily made possible through th…

Fully Recovered

I think by the time you read this I will be fully recovered from the weekend. To say that it was hot and humid is an understatement. Poor Judy--the two shows when she's been my assistant have been the most miserable weather wise. Baldwin Park was unbearably hot, and now Winter Springs, unbearably humid. Anyone who has ever visited Florida knows that the humidity is the worst, like being surrounded by a wet blanket. Danny and Lisa came by in the morning for a short visit--the heat was bothering them both, which says a lot because Danny was a fireman for over twenty years--he knows heat! He is recovering from the surgery, slowly but surely.

The final sales came to $770 which is not too bad considering we've just gone through one of the worst weeks as far as economic news is concerned. What is often so interesting is that some people will scan through every print, chatting about the ones they like, and spending some time in the booth before leaving without a purchase. Others will …

Family to the Rescue

One day down, one to go. Today was somewhat disappointing except for my wonderful family. The crowds were pretty slim so when that happens I import family to make up for it. Not really, Pat and Ruth just showed up and is always the case they insisted on buying some prints. I tried to say no but Ruth went into my little area where the payments happen, used the calculator and slipped a check into my money pouch--sly girl that she is. It really was wonderful to see them as it has been quite a while. Pat says he is enjoying retirement which is such good news. They hung around for a while keeping me company after Judy, sister in law extraordinaire left. She teaches at the high school next door to the festival and scooted over after she taught a PSAT class. Sadly, it was so slow that I don't think I had a single sale while she was there.

Good thing for my graffiti picture because if nothing else sells it will eventually. I was thinking it was a different crowd then I usually sell to bec…

Please Wait.......

As you know we have a fancy new television, what you don't know is that it hasn't worked very well. Last Friday night we anxiously waited for the presidential debate to begin. Unfortunately the tv kept going to a black screen with the phrase, please wait... visible. Naturally this occurred right in the middle of a response and never during commercials. We finally gave up as it was so frustrating. The next day after asking one of the neighbors if she'd had trouble with her cable and getting a negative response I thought something must be wrong here. Because we took the little drive to The Villages, I didn't get the chance to call the cable company and inquire about our problem. Arriving home I was geared up to watch Florida State play football and there we went again. Always during a big play I would get the same message. Today the repairman came and replaced the box and the remote and hopefully we'll be get to go from now on. Either that or one of the arriving sons…