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For those of you who know Orlando this photograph needs no explanation, for those who don't it, is Lake Eola, the centerpiece of the city of Orlando. It is here that I sell photography every Sunday. During the last few years there were upwards of ten cranes soaring above the skyline, now however, all the new buildings are complete. As you can imagine, many of them have lower than hoped for occupancies. It was the condo building boom downtown which convinced Bruce there would be enough people to buy my photography for decorating. As it has turned out most of the buildings house at least one thing from me. I envision several years passing before the occupancy catches up with the supply. Yikes, by then I'll be closing in on 60!

Let's get this out of the way first: I have two recommendations today, one for a novel, and one for a short piece from National Public Radio.

The character development in the novel is remarkable, keeping you up later than is prudent. You care deeply about Lev, the Eastern European immigrant who moves to London hoping to remake his life in a city with more opportunities. I'll go no further because the link has all the details if you are interested.
Suggested Reading

Secondly, this little story from NPR informs the listener about the 1952 election between Eisenhower and Stevenson, the first presidential campaign when television was a factor, somewhat akin to the use of the Web for this one. Illustrating the time worn phrase, "the more things change, the more things stay the same", you learn about the advent of the sound bite.
Sound Bites

An email I received last evening:

To all "Love Works" artists,
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Love Works. We have a very nice show and the buzz around town is already very good. Please come see me when you arrive. I have a Love Works Artist button for you so people can know who to talk to.

See you then,

Terry Olson

Bruce will arrive in Orlando around six, in time to make it downtown giving me much needed moral support. The truth of the matter is that I am a newbie at this, I need loved ones at my side during this kind of thing.

Carol called yesterday from California informing me that her tickets are booked for the wedding. It sounds like I'll be needing to be more consistent with grocery shopping next month! Between the rehearsal dinner, Thanksgiving, and everything in between, my fridge will be fuller than it has been in months. Jonathan and Alissa arrive from Chicago on Friday night, with Matt arriving on Wednesday night. We'll definitely have a full house!

Speaking of Matt, we had an hour long video chat on Tuesday afternoon with much discussion of the upcoming election. We both agreed that November 2 can't come soon enough.

Remember how I mentioned Baxter being walked? Well dear friends, it was almost like a flashback to when some of my boys were young. Our neighbor Angela's son realized on Monday evening that he was to have done some sort of community service and turn in the evidence on Wednesday. He and his mom cooked up the idea that helping me with walking duties would suffice. He walked him not only in the evening, but called at 7 the next morning for another go round. I also taught him how to clean the pool with Bruce signing off on that one. I remember clearly those almost forgotten assignments.

Although I'd love to open the windows again, the weather remains quite warm hovering still in the high 80's. By now we are suffering from heat fatigue, somewhat like Northerners do in late April when winter has dragged on for what seems like forever. Will it ever end?
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