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Baxter is Under the Weather

Friday morning found me going through photographs trying to pick images for the upcoming gallery show which is fast approaching. It opens on January 3rd, although the opening reception is not until January 11, a Friday night. Eleven colorful images is the goal, a harder task than one might imagine. While Matt was here I got his opinion, as I did Carols'. I put together a web album and sent it to Karen, our museum curator, to solicit her advice which was quite a bit different than the others. What, oh what, is a girl to do?

This had me wondering why in the world I agreed to do the show in the first place.

After lunch, to rest my mind, I began a novel that I'd picked up at the library on Thursday. It turned out to be quite good with me reading the afternoon away. I noticed our little Baxter seemed lethargic; when I cleaned the pool and he did not do his barking routine I knew my instinct was right--something was wrong. Oh yeah, the name of the novel is This Must Be the Place by Anna Winger. I finished it that night so you know it is a winner.

Saturday I packed my things and off to the Whole Foods Market I went. For the record, I'm not sure how that market is going to pan out. There was spotty rain early on which had me worried, but the sun began to shine bringing with it a beautiful day. My sales were abysmal.

Arriving home around 3, I found our Baxter in sad shape. I raced over to the vet before they closed at 4, waiting about an hour or so to see the vet. I'd not met him before; he looked like no other medical professional I've ever seen with bushy, and I do mean bushy, gray hair that looked like a brillo pad. His face was covered with a giant beard to match his untamed mane, and his pants were too short with a large hole in one knee. This, btw, was not a trendy hole. Apparently, he must be an eccentric of sorts, but I digress. He examined Baxter, who was shaking like a leaf the entire time, declaring that his shaking, and constant licking of his nose, were symptoms of pain. His diagnosis--a back problem for which he ordered an x-ray. Off he went with the tech and returned none the worse for wear shortly thereafter. The vet brought the x-ray in, a lateral view of his thoracic and lumbar spine, and I was stunned to see how tiny his skeletal system is. His little femur is no bigger than my finger under all that fur. No serious problem was evident thank goodness. Baxter was given a steroid shot and pills to take for five days. Dr. Hill pronounced that with rest and medication he would be as good as new in a few days. So far, so good.

Remember the email I wrote about last week? It turns out that I had tagged the post Tom Ritter Orchids; when you google his name my post comes up. The gentleman explained that is how he found me. Interesting.

The weather was chilly most of yesterday; sunny and bright. That said, it did not help my sales, which were once again almost non-existent. I realized a few months ago that I might reach a sales goal by the end of the year, however, these last two weeks are not helping so much. I am close though.

Today I've been doing some throwing out. First my cosmetic drawer, followed by the refrigerator. While Carol was here she had to use my makeup as she'd forgotten hers. When you share something you all of a sudden see it in a new light. This shining light reminded me that it was messier than it should be. I keep what I have in a plastic rectangular basket which suits it just fun. The trouble is, I'd not seen the bottom of the basket for some time. I removed everything, throwing away old q-tips which were buried underneath everything else. I rarely buy makeup, but when I do, I make sure to get the GWP (you may recall this stands for gift with purchase), which sometimes leaves me with things I don't use. Today it was time to clean up my act. I also use a plastic deviled egg holder for my earrings. I'd not been into for a while because I was selecting from the pile I keep in an old Irish ashtray on the vanity; I'd forgotten I had some of them. Very fun, it feels like I have new jewelry!

Mr. Bruce will not be traveling too far this week necessitating me to grocery shop--a much dreaded task. Upon my return, after shelving my purchases, I made squeezed some tangerine juice with fresh tangerines from my neighbor at the market. They have all types of citrus trees, so every week they bring some to share.

It is chilling as I type. Time to get started on dinner--the menu--mustard crusted pork chops, buttermilk mashed potatoes and spinach salad with cherries.
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