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Let the Blogging Resume

Judy called last night to check on me because she'd not been able to electronically. Well, to answer her question, I'm fine, although I'm publicly admitting that it has been a quite a tiring time for me. When she called I was already in bed, snuggled in for the night. Now, however, I think I'm caught up around here--at least for the moment and raring to go.

If I do say so myself, I think everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here's a photo recap of the holiday. In this one everyone (except for the cook) is watching the DVD of Dave and Michelle, who, btw, had a wonderful honeymoon.

Because of the size of the crowd we had to eat at three separate tables which worked just fine. You can't really tell from the picture, but I know that Matt, Jonathan, and Alissa are especially enjoying the fine weather before their respective returns to cold/snowy/rainy city life.

Here are Carol, Hank, and Maureen eating at the kitchen table which sure looks pretty barren in this picture. I'm going to have to get a more colorful tablecloth for there!

We used the kitchen counters for a buffet line which makes all of the tables look empty. I will say there was more than enough food to go around. Ruth and Pat brought wonderful homemade rolls, a lovely lavender plant, and a pecan pie. Carol and Hank brought spinach casserole, Mom Peck and Michelle brought wine and cheesecake leaving Lisa to bring a pumpkin pie.

There are three in our family who are either vegans, or vegetarians, allowing me to be especially creative preparing an inclusive feast.

Here is what I made (at least all I can remember at this point):
Fresh turkey with sausage stuffing
Baked Ham with cherry glaze (I use that term loosely)
Mashed Potatoes with gravy (homemade stock makes it so good)
Brown Rice stuffing with pecans and cranberries
Spinach salad including almonds and cranberries with poppy seed dressing
Jello molds for fun in little foil muffin holders
Fruit salad with fresh grapefruit/oranges/pineapple and coconut
Haricot Verts with crispy shallots
Baby peas for Jonathan
Chick pea salad with edaname (very pretty)

Alissa helped by de-stemming the spinach and with the little jello project. I almost forgot the pigs in a blanket and hummus and pita LeAnne brought! They were a big hit.

As is always the case Mr. Bruce gets in the kitchen afterward taking over from where I left off. Several dishwasher runnings later, a full dish drainer (not emptied until Saturday night) and we were back in business.

On Friday Jonathan and Alissa went to Animal Kingdom, Carol and Hank left, and Bruce, Matthew, Maureen, and I went to the movies, meeting Liza afterward for lunch. I can't recommend the movie. Although Anne Hatthaway was spectacular in "Rachel Getting Married", the movie (in my opinion) suffered from a lack of editing. That's not what the critics said but it is what I say!

Then it was time to take Matthew to the airport for the long flight home. It was such a busy ten days that I don't think I ever got to visit with him properly and now he is gone leaving me a little sad.

Jonathan and Alissa departed Saturday afternoon, leaving us once again, empty nesters.

Listening to: Low - Blue Christmas
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Listening to: The Polyphonic Spree - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
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