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I keep writing that we should ignore the news, but it is increasingly hard to do just that. This morning I'd planned on an adventure trip, getting up before 6, and researching Google maps. First one thing, then another, prevented me from taking off; before you know it the sun is getting higher in the sky. I called Maureen asking if she wanted to accompany me--something to take her mind off things. She declined, saying she was online with her unemployment application.

The new and improved Baxter (he's lost 1/2 pound), see below, kept staring at me with his big brown eyes imploring me to take him for a walk, and not leave him for hours on end. I caved.

Upon returning I saw Maureen's number on the caller id. Sure enough she needed a little help. I'm so glad I'd not followed through on the adventure--it's not as if I need more pictures! She came right over and we began the unemployment process together. For a time my mouse gave her a bit of a challenge, but she adapt…


So, just as I was blogging that we should all just go about our business during these trying times, our dear Maureen was absorbing the news that her job was terminated. The phone was quiet all day long until we began eating supper. First Angela called, followed quickly by Maureen. I told her I'd call after a bit.

When I did get through she wasted no time telling me the bad/sad news. Apparently she was not alone--it was a corporate decision--but that doesn't help pay the bills. It is hard to imagine how much worse this all can get. 45,000 jobs lost yesterday....unfathomable. I am a firm believer that this will all pass, when the bleeding will stop is anybodies guess. Until then, all we can do is hang on tight to each other and spend our money wisely.

Complications of a different sort are detailed in this story from the Times:More than She Bargained For Seriously, this sort of thing is so irresponsible. It's as if she were a cat or something. Don't try and tell me she did…

Sing Your Life

My thanks to The Smiths for penning the song "How Soon is Now." This photograph of a Deland artist's graffiti is my number one seller and still going strong. It has now traveled to Sweden via an older man (70's) who sent it to his son after loving the one he bought for himself. Make that twice--I just remembered a young couple who were returning to Sweden later in the day when they bought the little canvas I'm now selling. Yesterday I sold two small canvases of it, as I did the previous weekend. I do so wish I could give him the credit--all I have to take credit for is knowing a good thing when I saw it. Because the canvas gives it such a great look, I've begun selling it in a 12x18 version which sells for $40, making it affordable for lots of young people. The popularity of this print is not confined to youth only; I've sold it to people as young as 9, and as old as 75. Most don't know it is a song reference (or is it?). Those who do however are over…

Leap of Faith

Most of us of a certain age remember where we were when we heard the news that JFK was shot. It's something retold over, and over. Another news event of more recent vintage I recall perfectly where I was when I heard it--that would be O J Simpson's trial verdict. I was on my third day of orientation at the hospital when we learned that the verdict would be read around lunchtime. As such, our moderator brought a television into the room for all to hear. There were those who were thrilled and those disappointed. It's just weird being around virtual strangers at a moment like that.

Which brings us to yesterdays' glorious event. I say that with a giant leap of faith. It's against my nature to expect too much of either politicians, or celebrities. This time however I'm suspending that notion, hoping and praying that the charisma, talent, and political skills of our new president will be used to steer our country in these most challenging times. (oh how I wish people…


I thought it might be time to show you the booth set up again. When we do the downtown market we leave the side wall off because it allows folks to easily see what we have, unlike when we do a full blown art show when the fourth wall is required. Speaking of which, I'd not applied to any shows for the spring, but suddenly last week they all fell into place. I'm going back to Deland at the end of March, Baldwin Park (they contacted me), and Windemere. I won't be re-doing two of the shows I did last spring for several reasons--one of which was poor visibility at Maitland, and too high an entrance fee at the Expo. The Expo is held at Lake Eola, same place as the market, and we'll most likely get the overflow crowd, so I might as well keep my great location. I had a young man sit in one of my chairs last week and ask me how was it I got 50 yard line seats. I told him I'd been through the struggles of the market, and now I was enjoying the successes. Anyone who comes th…

What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

More about this later!
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"Throwing Money Out the Window...

brings money in the front door" according to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. What a statement--I hope Karl is right! When you have a little business like I do you question all of your expenses: are they worth it? will it come back? how long will it take to come back? The gallery show is a good example. Frequently I've had Roger print a canvas that just never sells. People may like it, even compliment it verbally but it stays put on the walls. I've gotten to the place where I'd rather just strip it and move on. That, my friends is because I've spent probably about $700 on stuff other than business; the bulk of that is for our night at the Ritz! Anyway the NYT article is about French luxury goods and how even their sales have suffered. They are adopting the attitude that things will improve over time but partly it is a good thing--the end of ostentatious living. In France it is better to have money but not show it which is my way of thinking as well. Live below your mean…


These two images certainly have a completely different feel don't they?

You would think that all I photograph are flowers, and you would be right about 60% of the time. If you live in the frozen North it is hard to imagine the tropics. We don't live in the tropics, but almost.

On my way to the museum today I spotted this burst of color along a major highway I take, but because I was running a tiny bit late, I didn't stop. I did stop on the way home however. I walked up to see this beautifully colored dahlia decorating the highway. Because there is finally a cold front coming (about time--it is January after all) rain was just beginning to fall. Nonetheless I shot these two images--one toward the other bushes, the other from underneath which was quite a challenge. I wanted to get the blank, gray sky as my canvas. I waited for traffic to abate a bit, got down on the sidewalk, and here is the result. It really pops against the sky--I can only imagine what it will look like to…

Gail Moves Indoors....

At least for one night anyway! It was back to the streets first thing Saturday morning.

The weekend was pretty much a blur. Per my last post you know that I was staying very busy on Friday, and in fact, was a few minutes late to the show if you can believe it. I almost left without the camera and had to run back in to get it. I gave Bruce the Nikon and said it was set on Auto--not enough instruction. He dislikes (as we all do) using the flash, so he held it down when it tried to fire, causing motion on nearly every image. Thus you see my back. Or maybe you do--I seem to be having all sorts of trouble uploading pictures to the blog. I'm definitely on a learning curve switching back to Picasa.

Last night after two markets I learned on the job how to upload pictures to Picasa web albums straight from Picasa. I did have some good news on Sunday--Orange County Convention Bureau wants to use some of my pictures I take at the market. We're trying to figure out how to make that viable.…

This is all New!

Looking Forward/Back

The amazing Mr. Bruce (sans beard) in one of his new Frank Lloyd Wright t-shirts I gave him for Christmas. Did I tell you that a customer asked on Sunday if we were newlyweds? We both just laughed at that one.

Here is the new walk I mentioned yesterday. I thought briefly about sweeping it before taking this photograph but quickly decided otherwise. The leaves are falling in earnest. Isn't it snazzy?

Thanks to Dave and Michelle for the birthday gift card to Nordstrom where I purchased this new watch. As some of you know I'm crazy for Skagen watches; this new addition makes five for me. I've got a green band, gold band, two types of silver bands, and one black with white flowers on it. Yikes, I can't count--this makes six. I thought a white one would be fun, especially with the rose gold that matches one of the bands in my Trinity ring. I may not be able to find a pair of jeans that fit me, but by golly, watches do!

So, you may be asking yourself, "self, what does t…

Tuesday in the House

I had to show you a little closer picture of the darling chick. This is my first time seeing little yellow ones; while at the market on Sunday someone told me about them, but I couldn't leave except for bathroom breaks. Don't confuse my not leaving with sales because there were few however I did have lots of chatters. I told Maureen that if the weather hadn't been perfect then you would have heard me whining.

We had a busy weekend starting with dinner at Houstons on Friday night with Briggs and Victoria. As is always the case when we get together, it is a blast. After dinner we sat on the dock lakeside and had it all to ourselves. I'm not sure if that was a sign of the faltering economy, or that after NYE people were staying home on Friday night. On the way home, at 10:30, we stopped by Nancy's studio and picked up the framed pieces; she didn't have them ready on our way to the restaurant. Bruce delivered them to the gallery on Saturday morning while I was at W…

Magical Monday

I have lots to say, but no time to say it tonight so I'll leave you with this for now. I will tell you one thing exciting--Matt sent me the link to download the new Picasa for Mac and I'm ecstatic--it is doing it's work as we speak. Finding nearly 20,000 pictures takes time!
All the pictures are from today--aren't the chicks adorable?

Huge on the Text

Today's title refers to something I heard on BBC Radio 1 today. While driving to the framers BBC 1 was broadcasting what I think used to be called a call in show, or a request line if you will. Today it's a text line I suppose, however out of context it seemed sorta comical to me.

So, we are back. We got home last evening before dark after a lovely little stay in St. Augustine. I tried not to take too many touristy shots but it can't be helped. In that spirit I give you St. Augustine as I saw it:

Now that you've seen the show you are thinking to yourself several of those don't seem like they are St. Augustine to me and you would be right! On the way I couldn't resist stopping at a state park called Washington Oaks. There was a lovely formal garden with the largest and most fragrant roses I've seen since a visit to California. As well on the beach side of the park there are those rocks that intrigue me although I'm certain I wouldn't want to swim ther…