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I keep writing that we should ignore the news, but it is increasingly hard to do just that. This morning I'd planned on an adventure trip, getting up before 6, and researching Google maps. First one thing, then another, prevented me from taking off; before you know it the sun is getting higher in the sky. I called Maureen asking if she wanted to accompany me--something to take her mind off things. She declined, saying she was online with her unemployment application.

The new and improved Baxter (he's lost 1/2 pound), see below, kept staring at me with his big brown eyes imploring me to take him for a walk, and not leave him for hours on end. I caved.

Upon returning I saw Maureen's number on the caller id. Sure enough she needed a little help. I'm so glad I'd not followed through on the adventure--it's not as if I need more pictures! She came right over and we began the unemployment process together. For a time my mouse gave her a bit of a challenge, but she adapted, and the application is hopefully in the processing stage. While she was doing her thing, I completed a chore that had been hanging over me for a week, or two.

Ironing. I know young people rarely iron which I don't understand at all. What do they do with their wrinkly clothes I ask you? I was wondering where all my white shirts were. I now have a closet full of them!

I ironed some pants as well which gives me another option to wear to the markets. I am seriously not in love with jeans like almost every other living American. Last week we went to the Magic game, arriving late due to Bruce's schedule. This forced us to park several blocks away which was fine by me--giving me a chance to catch up with Bruce. Anyway, on the walk back we were in a pack of people--maybe twenty or so, and only ONE woman had on khaki pants--all the rest were jeans. So much for individuality.

Last week I did buy a pair of jeans that I may grow to like despite what I've just written. I'd gone to the Gap to find some jeans that did not drag the ground on an average height woman. Nothing doing. However, the young woman steered me to the Lucky store where the sales clerk behaved as if her job were important. I told her my size along with my insistence on having jeans that can be worn with flat shoes. Immediately she whisked four different pairs off the shelf. First pair--excellent. They cost more than the Gap jeans, but per wear cost is good. Bonus--made in America!

Our extra dirty carpet was cleaned on Monday morning by the chatty carpet cleaner man. To stay out of his way I did another task that this time of the year needs doing more than I do it--you guessed it--I cleaned the pool. Our little resident rascal, Baxter barked his fool head off the whole while. There's something about having the pole in hand that makes him go crazy. This behavior is not confined to pool cleaning though. You should see him when I vacuum. He barks and runs right in front the the Oreck and I just keep going, hoping to wear him out! This, however, rarely occurs. You would think he'd learn, and maybe he would if I did it every day, but he doesn't. As you know our Mr. Bruce is a bit of a worrier about lots of things. This falls into the category of worrisome activities. He's afraid the vacuum will suck him up but I know better. That's why we get along so wonderfully--he thinks the worst, I think the best, and mostly things fall in the middle. Balance is what it is all about.

The picture at the top of the post was taken in an alleyway downtown. Although the name fits for today's economic decision makers, it seems a bit odd for the name of a winery, don't you think? What, oh what will they do?

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