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Huge on the Text

Today's title refers to something I heard on BBC Radio 1 today. While driving to the framers BBC 1 was broadcasting what I think used to be called a call in show, or a request line if you will. Today it's a text line I suppose, however out of context it seemed sorta comical to me.

So, we are back. We got home last evening before dark after a lovely little stay in St. Augustine. I tried not to take too many touristy shots but it can't be helped. In that spirit I give you St. Augustine as I saw it:

Now that you've seen the show you are thinking to yourself several of those don't seem like they are St. Augustine to me and you would be right! On the way I couldn't resist stopping at a state park called Washington Oaks. There was a lovely formal garden with the largest and most fragrant roses I've seen since a visit to California. As well on the beach side of the park there are those rocks that intrigue me although I'm certain I wouldn't want to swim there for fear of hurting myself while body surfing. If you people up North can imagine there were people in bathing suits!

We stayed, per Maureen's insistence at Casa Monica. I believe Bruce paid a small fortune for the room but I'm not going to look at this point. It is a beautiful place situated across from Flagler College. In the past we've discussed Henry Flagler's impact on our state so I won't belabor it; he sure knew how to have built magnificent properties. The memorial church built for his daughter is included in the slide show as is the vault where he is interred.

I must confess that we did not stay up till midnight. I still wasn't 100%; after a great time people watching, having a martini at a place that I told Bruce, "how could you not stop?", (because it was so inviting) we headed back to the hotel. The bar spilled out into the lobby with all sorts of people! We saw people in all manner of dress including a bride and groom with their wedding party. There were two women in heels that I swear were 6" tall! Across from us an older couple (probably our age) sat with what I'm presuming was their daughter and her date. While the young couple were there everyone chatted; when they left for a bit the couple just stared into space which made me sad. It seemed as if they had nothing to say to each other unless others were around. I'm so glad to report that Bruce and I never have that problem even after all these years. He kindly relented when I said I was too tired to stay up any longer.

Tomorrow is the hanging of the show. I'm picking up the pieces this evening on our way to meet Briggs and Victoria for dinner. Earlier today the pieces were on Nancy's work table as pictured in the slideshow.

I love my birthday gift from Matt as pictured on the left side of my bulletin board. That girl is going to be watching over me as I work.

I've realized in the last few days that what I want to show are pieces that are "compelling." That sounds kinda corny, but I want ones that invite a second look or are good enough to make someone either smile, go wow, or scratch their head and wonder what I was thinking. That will be my 2009 goal.

Thanks to all my wonderful family for the gifts, phone calls, and well wishes. I couldn't keep on without your love and support!
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