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Yes, Another Cold

Today dear ones I'm keeping it short because I'm not feeling that great. I did want to show you more from the zoo if you are interested. Some people are opposed to zoos however if they are done well I am not one of them. Tampa can be very proud of the Lowery Park Zoo unlike Orlando. Our zoo is pitiful compared to theirs!

Since taking up photography in earnest I've learned there are some folks who dislike birds big time. I'm not one of them. I discovered today there are more than 10,000 kinds of birds!!! I admire many of them for their wonderful details, and colorful feathers. I wish I'd been able to get closer to the pictured African flamingos--they were a lovely pale pink. For some reason the door was locked. I must go again sometime. I've included one of the mother tiger which as you can see has the fencing in it but I thought the size of her paws was cool. By the way, the last photo is a snowy egret and her chicks which I discovered way up in a tree--I did th…

Mothers and Children

It bears repeating that when I see a mother with multiple lively boys I can't imagine how I did it!

Yesterday just felt like a road trip day to me, actually I felt it coming on Tuesday night, and with Bruce's wake up call, I was up around 5 making tea and getting a move on. For months I've been thinking of going to the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa where Emily works but just never got up in time to make the drive. That has now been rectified, and what an enjoyable place it is to visit. Except for....

Upon arrival I found the parking lot to be very full. I pulled into a space and asked the woman getting out of her car next to me (a darling yellow VW Bug I might add) if she'd ever been there. She asked me if I was looking for a job? She didn't look too closely because I was both un-showered and not dressed for a job interview! But I digress, anyway, she said they were holding a job fair which accounted for the gazillion cars. Sadly so many people are looking for work. I wa…

Back So Soon

Yes, I am back so soon. You would have thought I was vacationing last week with my lack of posting, but as you now know that was not the case. Speaking of which, I think Mr. Bruce and I will be going on some sort of vacation at the end of April, or early May. It has been quite a few years since we took a week long vacation, but it looks like this year Bruce's schedule will allow for the luxury. The last big trip was to St. Lucia, a lovely island near Venezuela. Bruce didn't think his cell phone would connect there, thus he had a week long vacation from problems. Of course that was nearly five years ago, so I expect that won't be the case this time wherever we go. I'm thinking I want to go someplace I've never been before; we are open for suggestions if you have them.

Before I forget I wanted to show off the beautiful afternoon light on the dining table set for our company last Friday.

Yesterday morning I had to do a few errands and decided to mosey around town just a…

When Last We Met

I was planning on showing off my new spiffy desk set up, well here it is in all it's glory:

Very handy wouldn't you say? I'm totally loving it. That Bruce is one in a million. Yesterday at the market a 40-something woman we know said she'd been asked out twice last week from text messages. I told her I didn't know how to text; she advised me never to divorce Bruce because I'd be out of luck all the way around! Everyone at the market knows I'm the luckiest lady around.

Last Monday Maureen and I went to heaven, followed closely by a trip to hell. She has always called this restaurant Hot Dog Heaven, however, according to the sign it is Chicago Dog Heaven, an Orlando institution. We both had a delicious hot dog with scrumprious fries as well, arriving there early enough to avoid the lunch crush.

We went down the street to the cheap seats at Colonial Promenade, a movie theater that used to do well, but now shows second run movies. Too bad it wasn't Tuesday be…

Three Faces

The weather was gray and dreary yesterday morning during our set up with rainstorms predicted during the day. This always makes one leery of setting up but set up we did. Bruce put up the sides just in case. This always takes longer than you want. As well Mr. Roger was a bit behind in getting me some new baby canvases. We planned our display including them and hung the walls accordingly. Mr. Roger arrived and Bruce set to work putting wires on them. He has to use our table to do this so the browse baskets were on the ground or in a chair. Much to our surprise people started coming to the market early, going through the baskets wherever they were. I had six sales before we were even ready. As you can well imagine I was not complaining!

One of the buyers was a woman who loved the picture below. She was returning to Philadelphia later in the day so couldn't purchase it. Additionally she really needed a portrait orientation piece. Of course, I'd taken it that way and our agreement…

Post 501, AKA For the Birds

Logging into the dashboard to write this post, I was stunned to see I'd blogged 500 times, but I guess after a couple of years that's what happens. Thanks to those who have shared my journey...

I got up super early today and went to work straightaway, loading the washer, changing the sheets, and vacuuming. If you could order the weather, today would be at the top of your menu--absolutely gorgeous. I hung the laundry out to dry, and then off to Gatorland. I know, I know, that I only visited two weeks ago, but the white alligators arrived for a limited stay, as such, I felt I should take a look. The four on display are a third of the known population in the world. They aren't technically albino because they would have pink eyes, not blue. American alligators have a goldish-brown colored eye. Apparently these were found deep in the Louisiana swamps by a Cajun fisherman in 1987. This is the first time they have left LA. So here you see what I saw, not really white, but a light…

Missing Photo


On Sunday Brian (graffiti artist) invited me to see what he was working on this week. He had his painting clothes on at the market and said his plan was to do a Hendrix piece. Yesterday afternoon I drove to the permission building to check it out and wow, he outdid himself. Next to it he did the featured piece as well. She seems to have such a look of either horror, or dismay, I can't be certain; it's an apt portrayal of how many people are feeling these days.

I know I've been saying to ignore things, however it keeps getting harder every day. There are so many big stores closing--you've read about it. While at Marshalls yesterday the cashier told me that her hours had been cut because it was slow. That is scary business when even the discount stores are affected. I almost feel guilty buying things because others can't. In today's mail we received a postcard stating: Because you have been able to maintain your personal lines of credit we are giving you--blah, bl…

The Real Artist Shows Up

Saturday afternoon Bill called wondering if we could watch Ziggy for the evening. We had no plans other than an early bedtime, so I said sure. Bruce came with me to pick up what did not sell at the gallery--yes, a month has passed since it was hung, and we arrived just in time to greet our little visitor. Baxter is suspicious of all dogs with this little interloper no exception. He is such a tiny little dog. I compared Ziggy to myself--scrawny, and Bruce to Baxter--nice and cuddly. Here is Mr. Bruce's winning attempt to settle them down.

Baxter is nearly a perfect dog except for his inane barking when I clean the pool--I'm sure I've complained about that to you in the past. Our pool was a disaster because of all the falling oak leaves--I couldn't stand it another minute. Baxter, Ziggy and myself went out back to rectify the situation. Ziggy calmly roamed around the yard whilst Baxter ran madly around the perimeter of the pool barking, barking, barking. There were so man…

Fire and Ice Part Two

See previous post to make sense of this one!!

I'm trying to figure out how to get the most from Picasa with limited success. I uploaded the pictures for Part 1, but didn't know which order they would be in so here are the explanations.

Picture #1 is of the lightbox I mentioned in my last post. I'm still trying to figure out how to exploit it. It is now sitting on my printer because I've got the pole light above it. To date, I'm having mixed results.

Picture #2 is evidence of our recent freezing temperatures. I'm very proud of myself for getting all my tax stuff together. I delivered it to Olga yesterday; when I was leaving her development this caught my eye across the street. You may, or may not know, that citrus growers think the ice protects the trees, thus they run sprinklers every six hours. The remarkable thing about this picture is that I took it at 11:30 in the morning. Normally, even when there is a freeze, by 10 the temperatures have risen, especially whe…

Fire and Ice

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Generally we've experienced the most glorious January I can remember, however in the last few days we've been experiencing a little gloom and rain. You would think it was winter! We definitely needed the rain; the gloom I can do without.

Last week I had to take my Nikon in for a sensor cleaning. Apparently this can be a diy project however it's not recommended for klutzes like me. I'd begun to see some spots on images with a blank background. Reading up on it I learned the way to check for a dusty sensor is to shoot a blue sky on f-stop 22 which I did. The image revealed probably fifty spots which were the result of me changing the lenses so often. I must not have been as careful as I should have been. Nonetheless, it is all clean now, and I couldn't wait to try it out. These images are mostly from a water pipe (I think that is what it is) by Lake Lawsona. I took the dry ones on the way home from picking up the camera--the wet ones a day or so later during the rain.