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On Sunday Brian (graffiti artist) invited me to see what he was working on this week. He had his painting clothes on at the market and said his plan was to do a Hendrix piece. Yesterday afternoon I drove to the permission building to check it out and wow, he outdid himself. Next to it he did the featured piece as well. She seems to have such a look of either horror, or dismay, I can't be certain; it's an apt portrayal of how many people are feeling these days.

I know I've been saying to ignore things, however it keeps getting harder every day. There are so many big stores closing--you've read about it. While at Marshalls yesterday the cashier told me that her hours had been cut because it was slow. That is scary business when even the discount stores are affected. I almost feel guilty buying things because others can't. In today's mail we received a postcard stating: Because you have been able to maintain your personal lines of credit we are giving you--blah, blah, blah. This is just the sort of thing that got less saavy folks into this mess. Every publication I read has articles about how to spend less money--unfortunately this should have been in print years ago---not in the middle of the mess. Bruce and I had a conversation about how I win the most frugal contest hands down. Just ask my kids.

I remember when the twins were in high school, many of their friends had nicer clothes than they did. I refused to charge clothes, rather we searched out the best bargains we could. I explained that those parents were spending money they didn't have, and no amount of pressure was going to make me change my ways. Even today, when I can afford to spend whatever I want on clothes, I won't do it. Expensive trendy clothes are so disposable, no point throwing good money away on things that have such a short shelf life. Don't get me going on the handbag craze--insanity!

After I left the graffiti area I was driving on Church Street where the new Magic arena is being built. I was nearly past it before I realized there was smoke billowing out of the parking garage across the street. Unfortunately I did not have the baby camera handy--I stuck the Nikon out the window and here's what I got. The smoke is almost hidden behind one of the trees. This came out pretty good for me not even looking at the viewfinder! I believe it is one of the only fires I've ever seen. Fire trucks starting screaming towards the scene with me getting out of their way. I'm sorry I can't tell you the rest of the story...

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time going through my baskets, organizing, and ordering. I think I told you I'd sold 43 things over the weekend which either need replacing or something new. This is much harder to do than you would think. Because I buy everything from Mr. Roger, I need to make as few mistakes as possible, otherwise I'm just throwing my hard earned cash away. Of course you were already thinking that was my motivation, re: the earlier paragraph! I did an analysis of what type of photograph I sold the most, and turns out it was urban, followed by landscapes (very loosely used), and florals. That means that I can't reserve 1/4 of my basket space on food stuff because it was way down the list. Funny, that's what I started with.

While that was happening I reloaded my Shuffle for the car. When Matt was home he insisted I buy the cable to be able to use it--fantastic idea. So far, everything that loaded automatically has been great. I'd already pretty much decided against the satellite radio although I very much enjoyed listening to BBC 1. Thirteen dollars a month is not so much, but because I have over 3,000 songs in my iTunes library I might as well listen to them. Should I re-title this post-Frugality is My Middle Name?

I've got some sort of eye infection going on. It's always something...

Mr. Bruce returns this evening and I couldn't be more pleased.

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