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The Real Artist Shows Up

Saturday afternoon Bill called wondering if we could watch Ziggy for the evening. We had no plans other than an early bedtime, so I said sure. Bruce came with me to pick up what did not sell at the gallery--yes, a month has passed since it was hung, and we arrived just in time to greet our little visitor. Baxter is suspicious of all dogs with this little interloper no exception. He is such a tiny little dog. I compared Ziggy to myself--scrawny, and Bruce to Baxter--nice and cuddly. Here is Mr. Bruce's winning attempt to settle them down.

Baxter is nearly a perfect dog except for his inane barking when I clean the pool--I'm sure I've complained about that to you in the past. Our pool was a disaster because of all the falling oak leaves--I couldn't stand it another minute. Baxter, Ziggy and myself went out back to rectify the situation. Ziggy calmly roamed around the yard whilst Baxter ran madly around the perimeter of the pool barking, barking, barking. There were so many leaves I gave up, eventually finishing it yesterday afternoon. Half a huge garbage can full....

Now for the real story which the title refers to:
As you already know my biggest seller is the graffiti print I showed a week or two ago. Coming along nicely is one I took of a Warhol likeness on a permission building downtown. I was lucky enough to mosey down there late one afternoon in October after a rainstorm making for a killer reflection of the image in the puddle. I've already sold it a number of times including one large canvas. On Sunday the artist was sitting in the circle at the market when he saw it in my booth. I was chatting with some other customers (tourists, who btw are from Chicago--they bought some things on Saturday and followed me to LE to buy more!), when I turned around and saw the image on the back of his shirt. He cheerfully said--I'm the one who did it. He went on to say that he was flattered that I thought it was worth selling. I gave him this small canvas as a token of my appreciation. Furthermore, he said it was the great thing about public art--the sharing of it. He's painting a new one this week which he suggested I come by and check out (you bet I will!). I was thrilled to have his blessing. Of all things his wife ended up buying a small dogwood print...
He was kind enough to allow me to photograph him.
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Which brings us to this: Controversy
I saw this in the Times last evening. It seems as if it is just the opposite. Who owns what? My take has been that graffiti art is like a building--once it is in the public space anyone can photograph it, which I guess if you think about it, the internet is a virtual public space. Just one more instance of our changing society. Before all the rules were in place but now the lines between right and wrong are constantly being tested. It just occurred to me that we are living in our own version of a Brave New World.

If you can imagine I sold 43 prints between Saturday and Sunday. Lots of them were the smallest size which is fine by me--I can do volume over a few large sales. Truth be told, it wore me out.

Mr. Danny is facing some serious health challenges again, please remember not only him, but Lisa and the girls, Emily and Amanda, in your prayers.

I'm happy to report Maureen had a job interview yesterday afternoon--she felt it went well; hopefully we'll know something within the week. On Friday she and I saw The Reader , a very intense film which raises all sorts of questions about right and wrong--see above. Kate Winslet was amazing, as was the young man she seduces. Great cinematography.

Before the film started we had lunch at a restaurant that two of my market buddies opened about two months ago. I don't know how they are doing it--seven really long days a week. It was so cute and cozy with very charming decor. Did I mention the food was yummy as well? They went through so much to get the place opened, I was delighted to see the results. It is quite small but already they have done better than their wildest dreams. Hurray!

Time to get ready for the museum...
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