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Showtime in DeLand

Every show has it's own vibe; I'll try to describe DeLand for you. Before I continue I wanted to show you the beautiful orchid I bought while there. An Asian woman came by the booth selling these incredible orchids for, are you ready for this? $7!!! What a bargain. I hope you can see all the buds and blooms on this two-stemmed beauty. What I saved on this pays for my gas money for all the trips for the show!

This show is in a park near downtown. I was given nearly the same spot as last year which means I face a parking lot. This is good except that the afternoon sun shines mighty brightly--good for seeing the walls, not so great to set up in, which is what happened on Friday afternoon. Bruce took the day off (imagine that!), and we left the house around 2. We still had to take two vehicles because after packing there is room left for only one. I was super hot, Bruce was having an allergy attack, however we managed to get it done. We drove home meeting at our favorite little pi…

Nothing Could Be Finer

Than to be in Carolina....just kidding! What I'm referring to is this: A Must Read Yesterday morning on the way to the museum I picked this gem up from Maureen's house and stayed up until 11 finishing it. You all know how early I go to bed, so you know it must be good. Immensely satisfying is how Maureen put it.

Here's what I did today:

*Treadmill, while watching the Discovery channel--the people on Clean House were annoying.

*Washed the sheets and my tablecloths for the weekend, hung them up on the clothesline to dry in the wonderful breeze.

*Worked on cleaning the pool. As you well know, Baxter does his barking routine throughout the process with this time being no exception although he wasn't quite as irritating as usual. They say dog's senses are very keen; I don't doubt that for a minute. He can be peacefully napping on the couch in the living room, the pool nowhere in sight, but the very minute I pick up the pole to start cleaning, he runs outside furiousl…

Microblogging, or not....

My friend Josie tells me micro-blogging on sites like Twitter, or Facebook, is the wave of the future; this does not bode well for narrative writing. I'm still going to buck the trend and keep writing. According to the newspaper I read while eating lunch, writing each day increases your brain power; Lord knows I can stand a little bit of that.

When last I left you I was pontificating about photography's place at art shows. I was hoping to hear back from someone about this matter, anyone have an opinion? I've begun to wonder just what is "art?" I've looked up the definition although I'm not sure that tells me what I want to know. Furthermore, who decides what great art is anyway? We all know that some artists now considered masters were shunned while living. How does one place a value on art? Is it skill, creativity, color, nuance, or the ability to make the viewer either think or feel that sets some artists apart from others? Sounds like I should take a cl…

Officially Spring

Living in Florida, as you know by now, one experiences mostly two seasons--hot, and less hot. That said, this year has been a bit different. We've experienced much cooler weather than the previous three, or four years, with several freezes thrown in for good measure. This is a good thing; it seems criminal to run the air conditioner in January! To anyone who lives up North that smacks of fiction, but I swear we've had to do it before.

Today has been glorious with mild temperatures, blue skies, and a wonderful breeze. Angela and I went to the prestigious Winter Park Art Festival early this morning to beat the crowds. It is usually so thick with people you can't even see the booths so Friday is your best bet. We saw some very nice things, many of which are familiar to me because we've gone to lots of shows. Guess what the entry fee is? You'll never guess. Have I got you curious yet? Ok--$475!!! There are thousands upon thousands of browsers, not so many buyers. Imagi…

Good Morning

Hope your day is going swimmingly. The economic news keeps up it's relentless cycle of misery, but with spring beginning everyone will be feeling just a glimmer of hope. It's impossible not to when the days get longer, the air is filled with singing birds, and of course those beautiful flowering trees. The ones I showed you last week have lost all their blossoms but I came across this one yesterday at the Maitland Art Center. Gorgeous against the beautiful blue sky.

I was on my way home from delivering the book which is open here on the kitchen table. You'll remember I labored over how to put it together as well as what images to use. I was very pleased with the paper stock and the overall quality of the project.

Here is a link to the place where it now resides: Hospitality Galleries. I had two interior designer friends give me feedback on the layout and images I chose with mostly positive reviews. Ashley, my contact at HG seemed very positive, saying they had been getting c…

Art Show Diary

Here's some lovely geraniums to start the week from my neighbors' plant.

The next time you attend an art show you'll be better informed; hopefully you won't just glide by the majority of the booths, particularly the ones with no people. Most likely the artist spent considerable time preparing for the event, not to mention the hard work of set up and tear down. Besides that, there is the weather to contend with. Of course I'm not telling you anything new because you've heard all about it from this blog. So, that's why I've not written of late because I was in preparation mode.

Here's who it took:

Here's what they did:
Bruce-- Getting up at 5:30 to pack the Element, setting up, and hanging the framed pieces, little canvases, and leveling what I hung. Sprucing up a twirling rack I bought from another artist, including screwing it together. Did I mention he did not arrive home from his business trip until nearly 8pm on Friday …

Flowering Trees

Living in Florida is great for many reasons, one of which is the year long presence of flowers of one kind, or another. I know devotees of Northern living think we have no spring here but they are wrong. One of the first signs are the flowering trees and in particular tabebuia trees which come in both a brilliant yellow, almost like French's mustard, and a beautiful soft shade of pink.

While visiting my dear neighbor Regina Monday morning to revel in the beauty of her tree, we were treated to something more than just the tree. While chatting I noticed a bird fly into the upper branches of the tree which immediately sent us outside for a closer look. Unfortunately I had the Nikon with me, and although I had the zoom lens attached, it was no match for the height of this beautiful bird. I returned this morning with my Panasonic, which has twice as much zoom, hoping for another sighting, but no such luck. It is almost hard to see the bird for the flowers, but I think it is pretty none…

On the Road Again

This is my first day home at this time of the day for a few days. Of course Tuesday I'm at the museum, and Wednesday Maureen and I went over to the Brevard Art Museum to see an Annie Leibovitz exhibit. Yesterday I drove Bruce down to Vero bright and early to meet with a contractor while I took off for the sights.

So let's back track shall we?

Karen was hanging the Orlando Camera Club show when I arrived on Tuesday morning. Most of the pieces were seriously photo shopped which doesn't appeal to me all that much. HDR, that sort of thing. There were a series of tulips that I loved however--beautiful, particularly the one with the roots showing. Turns out the photographer used some sort of scannography to achieve the images. Here's an explanation if you are interested: Scannography Explained
I'm going to try it with a large feather I've found.

After watching another episode of "Clean House" while walking on the treadmill, which by the way is simply incredibl…

Results Based on Customer's Perception

Guess who has finally got back on the treadmill? Yes, it's me! After a two plus year absence I decided to give it a go. Yesterday morning, while watching "Peter Perfect" on the Style channel, I saw a commercial for some bogus skin care product with the above tag line. What a hoot! After some chuckling, I realized the truth in that statement. Isn't that what most things boil down to? Today I turned the television on again at 6:30 to see Mr. Peter but he wasn't there. At that time of the morning there are several shows on about cleaning and organizing. Wow, the episode this morning on Clean House was astounding. This family had two large rabbits in the master bedroom running loose, AND a huge ugly lizard that roamed the rest of the house. In addition they had several small children with clutter EVERYWHERE. It about made me sick!

The cardinals are back teasing me with their chirping outside my office window. They always manage to hide in the palms with this picture n…