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Nothing Could Be Finer

Than to be in Carolina....just kidding! What I'm referring to is this: A Must Read Yesterday morning on the way to the museum I picked this gem up from Maureen's house and stayed up until 11 finishing it. You all know how early I go to bed, so you know it must be good. Immensely satisfying is how Maureen put it.

Here's what I did today:

*Treadmill, while watching the Discovery channel--the people on Clean House were annoying.

*Washed the sheets and my tablecloths for the weekend, hung them up on the clothesline to dry in the wonderful breeze.

*Worked on cleaning the pool. As you well know, Baxter does his barking routine throughout the process with this time being no exception although he wasn't quite as irritating as usual. They say dog's senses are very keen; I don't doubt that for a minute. He can be peacefully napping on the couch in the living room, the pool nowhere in sight, but the very minute I pick up the pole to start cleaning, he runs outside furiously barking, and circling the pool. It is a sight to see.

*Took cash to the bank, dropped off Bruce's shirts at the cleaners, and returned books to the library. I got two books of short stories.

*Went to Ross to get sunglasses. Did I get sunglasses? NO, I forgot! What I did come home with?: a steamer for clothes by Rowenta, a chewing toy for Baxter (on the label it says something about power chewers, LOL),a watering can for out back,a new bed pillow, and some colorful candy fishes on sale. I thought I might be able to turn them into something. Later in the day I set this up thinking it could be called,"Swimming against the Tide."

*Got a manicure and pedicure. The OPI color for my toes is called, Orange You Glad You're a New Yorker. Who are these clever people? My fingernails remain in their natural state with just a buffing to improve their appearance.

*Yet another experiment below. I have a photograph that is hard to explain but is popular. I've sold six canvases 32x40 and I've been trying forever to come up with something comparable. Jim from the market calls it my oil slick. Taking his suggestion literally I dropped both food coloring and canola oil into a white quiche dish filled with water.

*After checking out the photos I spent some time reading this article from The Times:
Global Warming Questioned As mentioned yesterday I jump on no bandwagons without serious thought. What I think about global warming is that there is not enough long term evidence suggesting that we should all go crazy about the warnings. Anyone who has a differing opinion always likes to read about those who share the same doubts. One of my favorite quotes from the article is that those who go Green have never had to worry about their grocery bill. How true.

*Had a long chat with Bill. Sadly he attended a funeral today for a fellow musician who was in his thirties. He died of leukemia. Bill related that the last time he saw him he remained both optimistic and cheerful about his condition. The moral of the story I guess is that when faced with something terrible we can either think positively and keep going, or fall into a deep depression just waiting for the next round of bad news.

Signing and stickering prints! Last weekend I sold 37 prints which means my inventory needs replenishing. I grow weary of it sometimes. That said, what have I got to complain about????? I am truly humbled and grateful that strangers and friends are bold enough to take a chance on me. The show is still two-ish days away. I'll get it done.

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