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Officially Spring

Living in Florida, as you know by now, one experiences mostly two seasons--hot, and less hot. That said, this year has been a bit different. We've experienced much cooler weather than the previous three, or four years, with several freezes thrown in for good measure. This is a good thing; it seems criminal to run the air conditioner in January! To anyone who lives up North that smacks of fiction, but I swear we've had to do it before.

Today has been glorious with mild temperatures, blue skies, and a wonderful breeze. Angela and I went to the prestigious Winter Park Art Festival early this morning to beat the crowds. It is usually so thick with people you can't even see the booths so Friday is your best bet. We saw some very nice things, many of which are familiar to me because we've gone to lots of shows. Guess what the entry fee is? You'll never guess. Have I got you curious yet? Ok--$475!!! There are thousands upon thousands of browsers, not so many buyers. Imagine being an artist who travels from say Michigan, paying that kind of fee, staying in a hotel for probably five days minimum; you've got to sell a lot of art to make up for those expenses. To tell you the truth, I'm glad I'm not big time. There are over 200 artists, and for most people that is art overload. I'm glad I can only get into the small ones where at least I have a chance to be memorable.

Which brings me to a subject that I've given some thought to. Photography has a reputation for not really being art, and after seeing the displays today I would have to agree. Mostly what I saw was what I call "travel photography." Gorgeous pictures of Venice, or Paris, or you name the beautiful place, and we saw it. What they lacked was any creativity. Furthermore it is my contention that most people if given a big time camera and a travel budget could turn out spectacular images. I can just imagine Matt shaking his head no at this point, and hopefully I'm wrong. I hate to think of being judged by those standards. One girl's photos stood out however. Using little figures next to food and everyday objects, she created whimsical photographs that weren't suffering Photoshop overload. I wonder how many she sells.

Which brings me to the pricing. Wow, I'm cheap compared to lots of those folks. What I charge $250 for, they charge $900! Lots of canvas and even photographs on basically foam core. Let's just say it was an "eye-opening" experience.

It seemed like everywhere we turned there was someone I knew. The Whiteds were out in full force. I got to see four of their grandchildren, and two of their daughters, which is always a joy. After strolling through about half of the exhibits we took off for the Ravenous Pig, a wonderful bistro nearby. Angela and I shared our entrees making for a very tasty lunch. Maureen would have joined us if not for her interview today. No details to report as of now.

I may have mentioned that Mr. Bruce has spent some Sunday afternoons sprucing up the yard while I'm hawking my wares. Here is one of his little projects. You are seeing only about a third of the trunk of this gigantic oak which he swears will fall down on the house one day. I respond that we have insurance for that sort of thing.

After you have established yourself as camera crazy people seem to be quite gracious allowing the practice of same in their gardens, especially master gardeners who love to show off their work. We've got two who live nearby that never turn me down. I took this in the yard about two blocks away. This won't ever see the bins in my booth but it feels like spring to me.

Yesterday I planted two tomato plants, along with thyme, parsley, basil and a red pepper plant. The Obamas and I think alike. Now we'll have something to look forward to together. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Listening to: Bloc Party - Banquet
via FoxyTunes

Listening to: Bloc Party - Banquet
via FoxyTunes

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