Friday, April 24, 2009

Camping Gear

You've probably guessed by now that I am NOT the planner in this family, preferring to wing most things; good thing I'm married to one! It is what makes Bruce such a superior construction project manager. You always hear horror stories about projects that never come in on time, however, if memory serves me right (a dubious claim from me!), he has a perfect track record. Which brings us to the camping trip.

While flying to Boston on Wednesday morning Bruce worked on a check list for the trip. It is so handy with all the necessary supplies listed along with menus for each day. He is so excited he can barely wait; he loves this stuff!

While he was flying, I was driving to both WalMart, and BigLots for stuff. Here is a little pile of what I purchased. Bruce already had a sleeping pad, now I have one too. I'm hoping this will help my slender body not be too uncomfortable sleeping without benefit of a mattress. Perusing the vinyl tablecloths for $3.30 at BigLots, I chose the more sedate green one over the bright green with multi-colored gerbera daisies. I suspect Bruce wouldn't have complained, but I know he will be fine with this one. You can just see the OFF wipes for my mosquito problem. Baxter knows something is up!

Our plan is for me to do the markets this weekend with our departure Monday morning as early as possible. Bruce will get the camping box down, check everything out, and do his project managing thing while I'm hawking my wares. This Sunday should bring a lively crowd downtown because there is a special event planned. 41 Gibson guitars made of fiberglass (?), standing about 8' tall, have been positioned all around downtown, customized by local artists, as a public art project. Both the artists, and guitars reunite at the market all day before heading to Universal Studios for a future charity auction.

The other afternoon I ran into an old friend who is a voracious reader like I used to be. She immediately launched into a long list of "have you read....?" with me admitting no, not even one of them. Moreover, not only have I not read them, I've never even heard of them, which is not like the Gail of old. I used to devour at least one novel a week, these days I might read one every month or so which might be a slight exaggeration. Armed with a list written on the back of her grocery receipt, I went straight away yesterday to the library downtown only to find just one she insisted I'd love. I turned to my tried and true method, looking at the jackets, reading the synopsis, and whether or not the NYT gave it a good review. I'm never fooled by the glaring lead--a New York Times bestseller--usually, more often than not a reason to avoid the book in my humble opinion. I'm just as enamored as anyone with the Susan Boyle craze, although I take a bit of an exception with the whole "can't judge a book by it's cover" comparison. I've judged a ton of books like that! Hopefully I will have loads of time to read and hang out while we are riverside next week. I enjoy paddling the canoe while seeing the sights but fishing isn't my thing; it requires more patience than I currently have. That is not the case with Bruce, he has loads of patience when it comes to fishing, with just a bit of a competitive streak thrown in for good measure! He is a catch and release guy taking great pains to be gentle with the fish.

The computer is on Bruce's check list but I'm thinking there will be no connection, so why bother? A camping trip is all about getting away from the daily routine of which the computer plays a big part for both of us. So not only will we be leaving Baxter home, but Bruce's laptop as well. We'll be back soon enough.

I can't wait to try the pound cake in this article. Although I'd never drink it just because I don't like creaminess, it sure enhances all sorts of recipes.A Favorite Ingredient

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spectacular Spring

If you've ever taken Baxter for a walk you know that it can be a terrific pain in the neck. Not only is he stubborn about going where you want him to go, he stops to mark nearly every mailbox, light pole and fire hydrant he comes across, making for a pretty much stop and go process. Inadvertently I've found a new way for him to get his exercise; I've begun taking him to Cypress Grove Park, letting him run free in the big open fields.

Right now, with the glorious weather we've been having, it is just great. When we arrive he literally jumps out of the Element taking off like a little rabbit. Of course I go in the early morning when there are few people about with no chance for him to get too far away. This morning it occurred to me that it was like when my children were young--I preferred to let them run a bit free, watching from the sidelines, knowing they would come back when they realized they had gone just a little too far. They, of course, will probably dispute what I've said, but that's how I remember it. I would not make a good parent today because I hated to keep them too tied down. Naturally we had some rules, but not nearly as many as some. I will attest that we were pretty strict about grades, however nothing like what I went through as a youngster. Chores, same thing. My siblings will tell you we had to do everything around the house which made for some very unhappy Price children. As such I made sure that our boys knew how to do laundry, wash dishes, vacuum etc. but mostly I did it. I really didn't mind. These days I have so little that needs doing that looking back it almost seems a privilege.

The park has a lovely lakefront setting with gigantic, old moss-draped cypress trees and a rose garden that is bursting with colorful blooms! Best of all it is but a mile away.

Speaking of exercise the bike is getting used!

The days have been busy this week with Monday a learning experience about shipping rates. I had a fantastic sales weekend at the markets with one man buying two smaller canvases asking if I would ship them to California. When he asked me how much it would cost I was way off--by like ten dollars! Anyway, it all worked out fine by both of us. I shipped the one I told you about last week to Pennsylvania. Things have indeed been going well for Out & About Photography.

I learned late last week that Mr. Roger's son Ed is not cancer-free despite two surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy. Recently he not only graduated with his engineering degree from UCF, but he bought a house nearby with a house warming party on the horizon. Roger was despondent over the idea of more surgery. I went right over to Angela's house asking her about her latest surgeon, calling from there to pass on the information. Angela took over the conversation, encouraging Roger with her latest surgical success story; she's had a total of eighteen on her face alone from the near fatal car crash twenty years ago. I hardly notice her glass eye anymore, and after having the big mass removed from behind her good eye she looks great, with the sweetest personality you can imagine. We love having her across the street. In fact she is going to watch Mr. Baxter next week while we are gone.

Right now the big excitement is for our camping trip next week. I can't believe I'm going camping but it was actually my suggestion. Bruce is so thrilled he wants to leave right away. We've settled on a state park named Oscar Sherer, six miles south of Sarasota. There is a large lake with sandy beach and what they are calling a creek looks like a river to me! I've reserved a spot along the river with a bath house very close. If you care, and most likely you don't but I'm posting it just the same! I've not been camping in maybe fifteen years, mostly because I hate the preperations and packing but with all my new experience with showtime it has been a primer. We'll be sleeping IN the Element rather than a tent. Without the back seats there is adequate room for both of us to use sleeping pads and linens. The canoe will be hoisted onto the roof by Mr. Bruce, although I'll help if I can, and the bikes mount on the back. Bruce is an old pro at camping dating back to his Boy Scout days. Hopefully the mild temperatures of late will continue. Tomorrow we'll get into more specifics about "Bruce and Gail's Upcoming Adventure."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning Curve

For a while now I've been thinking about getting a "prime lens." Every now and then on a blog called Camera Crazy one must talk camera talk. For almost a year now I've been trying to get better with my Nikon camera,however the learning curve has been steep. The lenses that come with the camera are pretty mediocre; neither lens is as fast as the one on my Panasonic cameras. Nikon just came out with a 35mm f 1.8 lens for the Nikon D60 with auto focus. As you know I never spend any of the money I make except to buy new inventory, so it seemed about time to do so. I went to Colonial Photo and Hobby ready to spend the $200 only to find out that they are not only out of it but it has been on back order for a month. For some idiotic reason I decided to go ahead and buy the version without auto focus although I think I probably should have waited. I've had it for two days now and let me tell you it is a challenge. On occasion I use manual focus already but yikes, having to do it all the time is no fun. That said, I realize now I should have given this blog another name--I am not camera crazy, I'm picture taking crazy! Nevertheless here's a little sample of what I've done beginning with the young man who suggested I try it!

I'm not sure how I got that one of Baxter running at the park but I'm glad I did. How about my little tomatoes??????

I found the poppy today at the master gardener's house nearby and boy was I delighted. What an amazing structure! Those who've visited Leu Gardens will recognize the bridge and those who've been in my office will recognize the chair where Mr. Baxter is soaking up the afternoon sun.

You know how it is when happenings all collide? I know I've not written that very well, but let me try and explain what I mean. This afternoon after cleaning the mess in the pool from Tuesday's storm, I opened the gate to water the geraniums on the bench in the side yard. Rarely do I do this, in fact I can't remember the last time, but anyway they looked so lovely I went inside to get my trusty Panasonic. I was just finishing when a man stopped his moped in the street, asking me if I remembered him. He related that I'd once stopped to take pictures in his front yard and he invited me to take some shots in the back yard. "Why yes I do remember that," I replied. In fact, those who've been through my baskets will undoubtedly remember the garden bench shot, and the red chair with the sign, Stop and Eat. I asked him if he had a second and I ran in to get the prints to give to his family. The weird thing is that he was only passing through our neighborhood because he was visiting a friend on Gatlin nearby. Those prints are in my top twenty and continue to sell well; I took them about four months after getting the baby camera for Christmas from my darling Bruce. Now does that opening sentence make sense?

I heard from Lisa the other day, her great friend and neighbor, Debbie has severe ovarian cancer. She underwent the rigorous surgery on Wednesday and faces many months of chemo with no guarantees. Danny is still fighting hard, although miserably tired he continues to go to work and even ride his bicycle for exercise. He is one valiant soul! Over at Maureen's her television died and so far no employment opportunities have surfaced. There is bleakness all around isn't there? Thank God the weather has been so wonderful to at least keep spirits from completely sinking. I can't remember a spring as cool and pleasant as this one.

Someone told me recently that for a National Geographic article that publishes 20 or so photographs, over 20,000 have been taken. I don't feel so bad now when very few of mine turn out!
In a side note--the slide show is still running on the Times website....
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

British Invasion!

Bruce's flight was later than usual and as such he was just leaving the house around 8:30 or so. I was finally getting around to finishing breakfast, ready to jump in the shower to get ready for the museum, when he called saying he had a problem. Actually my heart sunk when he said it, but I calmly asked what was the problem. Turns out his drivers' license was still in the pocket of the shirt he came home in on Thursday night. Huge bummer for him. I threw on a dress, quick like, called Karen saying I wouldn't make it in, and jumped in the car to meet him at the departing flights area. Time was of the essence! Fortunately the traffic cooperated with the impending storm holding off until I saw his somewhat worried face on the sidewalk. Although he has a "Clear" card to board planes with ease in Orlando, that is not the case everywhere. I was happy to save the day!

On the way home I stopped by Lowes to look for a new hanging basket--they sure are charging a lot for them these days. Nothing struck me so I went home empty handed but not before I decided to check out the peacocks on my way home. By now torrential rains and wind were pounding our area causing me to wonder what did the peacocks do in that kind of weather. Well, what they do is gather in groups under trees, apparently getting on each others nerves. I wish I could show you two pea hens in an altercation, both of them were up in the air, but the picture just isn't clear enough. I took this one of a drenched male when the rains subsided a bit.

Guess what? My tomatoes and peppers are coming along nicely with three baby tomatoes and several tiny peppers evident. I'm so excited!!

The weather was wild most of the day with tree limbs falling all over the yard.

Last week I'd purchased some shoes for Bruce at Nordstrom that did not work out. I took the opportunity during a break in the rain action to return them at Florida Mall. The mall was packed to the gills with Brits--you would have thought it was Christmas the crowds were so thick! You know those annoying kiosks everywhere? Here's a new one to me--teeth whitening--the new national obsession. If you can imagine this tourist is sitting here having his teeth whitened in the middle of the mall with his family looking on. Incredible!

Arriving home I found a message on the answering machine from a past customer who lives in Pennsylvania. While visiting Orlando some months ago she bought a canvas for her kitchen, and a small print for her daughter. The small print has gone AWOL before she could gift it. Happily during our conversation she decided on a small canvas instead. That makes two surprise canvas orders this week. A young man called Monday night wanting one as well. Just when I told Bruce that two slow weekends were getting me a bit discouraged something unexpected happens. Oh ye of little faith!

Bruce put air in my bike tires on Monday night and this morning, a little after 7, I was flying down the street. The treadmill is ok, but being outdoors makes me much happier. Although I love my office with the "dancing green" walls, I prefer the spring green everywhere I look outside. The sun was just coming up, and the air was a bit chilly--it was exhilarating! I'm still having a problem with my hands and feet in cold weather with today my hands going a bit numb, but running them under hot water returned them to normal. Next up--breakfast. I'm not much of a cereal girl however today I had a bowl of Cheerios. It struck me while pouring them that Cheerios were one of the first finger foods all of our children ate. Funny how things come back to you...I could just picture their chubby little fingers picking them up off the high chair tray. Sweet memories.

Right now I'm waiting for an awning salesman to arrive shortly with a quote. We're thinking of having an awning made for the side door; I think it might just be a spiffy addition. He should be here shortly so this will do it for today's episode of "Camera Crazy."

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Monday, April 13, 2009


Today we begin our post with a collage I made with Picasa. It occured to me that what I was going to write today might fit the same mold. All sorts of stuff to follow.

While cooking this afternoon I had on "All Things Considered" and heard this story:
New Canterbury Tales. The broadcast began with an actor reading the original language version of The Canterbury Tales of which I could understand little. It definitely made me even more impressed with Matt's reading of The Faerie Queen, an English epic poem by Edmund Spenser written in 1590. Unthinkable--a poem and archaic language--a double whammy. Did I mention it is huge, but I guess you knew that by my description. Of course nothing Matt does surprises me, but still....

Back to the program--a man is walking the same path as the pilgrims in the book and documenting the changes to both the landscape and the culture. He's only outside London as of today's installment.

How much do I hate long fingernails on men? A lot. Make them stop will you?

It has been such a blessing of late--rain has been a week day event rather than a weekend one. Good for those who wait all week for a chance to be outdoors, and good for me because I have to be!

Met an old junior high classmate at the market yesterday. Their family has sixteen cats if you can imagine. I know I can't.

Baxter's shade shelter is complete. Now we just have to pick a place to try it out.

Friday afternoon Bruce called around 3:30 with a problem in Port St. Lucie. He made the round trip of 260 miles, arriving home around ten. Thursday night his plane was delayed and he didn't get home till midnight! That man is a wonder!

For nearly every year of our adult life we've gone to church, not just on Easter and Christmas, but weekly. This Sunday gig has changed all that. I hope God doesn't mind.

The above collage is made up of pictures I'm thinking of printing. If you notice any standouts, please let me know. I realize there are some you've seen, some not.

It seems like every day I go somewhere I see another closed business; on Friday I saw our local Big 10 Tires closed up shop. They practically knew us by name between tires, and the last repair to the Altima before I sold it. Did I ever tell you the young woman totaled it six months later? Better her, than us. I seriously do not understand all that has gone into this recession. It seems impossible to me that everyone has either a sub prime mortgage, or a home equity loan they can't afford. What were they thinking? Was it all an attempt to keep up with the Joneses? Didn't their parents teach them that it never works? It bears repeating--"if it sounds too good to be true, it IS!

Apparently Bill and LeAnne are breaking up once again. She is scheduled to move out this week. As you may recall, Baxter moved in with us the last time this happened three years ago. Both of them have their problems, neither one is to blame more than the other and as such I definitely think it is time for them to say their goodbyes. We'll see if it sticks this time.

In the post today I received a notice that our homeowners insurance was being canceled--sort of. Actually a new policy is slated to start, but before the due date they wanted us to see the language of the new policy. I don't know about you, but slogging through sixteen pages of insurance lingo is not my cup of tea. One thing I'm sure of is that they don't have our best interests in mind.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Upstaging Baxter?

Not likely. I expect the picture of him in the life jacket will be hard to beat. This is just another pretty flower from the master gardener's yard:
Before I forget, I neglected to tell you that I cleaned out both of my closets as well as my drawers last week. Years ago my sister Nancy organized everything, but as time has passed I began mixing it all up. She'd taken everything out, and started over. Because I've not changed sizes ever I tend to keep things a while, but it was clearly time to repeat the sorting. Everything now is hanging by not only color, but by sleeve length. I use Bill and Dave's old closet for my dresses as well as purses. Dare I use that term anymore? That closet looks much better.

Anyway I gave away a ton of things, one of which was a bit hard to do. I'm thinking I bought these black capris pants at least five years ago on a shopping trip with Matt. I remember they were very expensive, however you know me well enough by now to know I got them at a serious discount at Off Fifth, Sak's outlet. I loved those things; I realized after all this time they were pretty faded even if they'd only been dry cleaned. I made myself do it. I took a mountain of things to that new little thrift shop I mentioned a while ago.

On Wednesday Regina and Angela came over to help me with another long put off project. When I re-did the dining room last year I never liked the fabric on the seat cushions. Although I'd gotten fabric to cover them that matched the new chair in the living room, I never really liked it. When I went to Altamonte Springs last week to get the vacuum cleaner bags (8 bags for $40!!) I stopped at the nearby Calico Corners finding a lovely neutral fabric that is what I'd call somewhat elegant. Angela kinda got forced into it. Watching how slow we were she grabbed the staple gun and started shooting! Nothing like being young--no fear and lots of energy.

Yesterday I drove to Orange City for a meeting of the Florida chapter of this organization: National Museum. During the DeLand show some lovely women invited me to the meeting. When they first approached me I thought it was at night which didn't strike me as too fun being that far away. Furthermore, I had no knowledge of what they were talking about. Turns out there were around thirty women artists at the meeting, a few I knew, most not. One of the ladies who invited me purchased my peacock canvas at the show. She brought it to the meeting, putting it on an easel up front, and revealing it as she introduced me. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed, but such is this new crazy life I lead. A delicious lunch was served, along with news about upcoming exhibitions, as well as the construction in DeLand of a space funded by a combination of both the national and local organization. One extremely cool things was a beautiful invitation passed around for a gala next weekend in Washington at the museum hosted by none other than the Obamas. The cost to attend--$500. I figured that every opportunity that comes my way always leads to something else so I might as well go. I'm happy I did.

They are predicting (who is they?) lovely weather this weekend. Excellent.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

No Show is Perfect

The show this weekend would have been perfect except that there were almost no, and I mean no, spectators. Because we'd left the car mostly packed, there was little to do on Friday to get ready. I drove out to Windermere, arriving around 4, and pulled my Element right up to my booth space, situated among stately palms. So far, so good. I unloaded the majority of our stuff, leaving the heavy stuff for the big gun. He arrived a bit later, somewhat stressed from a long and hard day, but of course did not complain one second. The weather was perfect, no direct sun, and no stifling heat. The bathrooms were quite close, spacious and clean, as was a water fountain. Finally we were done, everything hanging, level, and ready for sale. We were feeling good.

Saturday morning, after dressing for success, off I went for the 9:00 show start time. After opening the booth, finding everything as we'd left it, I hung the price tags and began the waiting process for people to come. We waited, and waited, and waited. Fortunately, I, once again, had wonderful people surrounding me. This was a good thing, in fact I can't emphasize it enough, because we spent two full days primarily chatting with one another. I learned all about families, partners, job histories, food preferences, and much, much more in our time together. So, despite perfect weather and a lovely setting, no people came. Fortunately for me, I sold the flamingo canvas early on which kept the day from being a total misery. As well, I received second place in photography which carried a prize of $350. Sunday was more of the same.

I mentioned last week that Bruce purchased a life jacket for Baxter to use in the canoe. Saturday afternoon, they tested it out; Baxter's first time on the water. According to Bruce, he just sat there quietly, sometimes peering over the side, but mostly just enjoying the ride. Here they are returning at sunset from their play time

Because there was no set up on Sunday, Bruce enjoyed his coffee, worked on email (he gets crazy amounts of important stuff), and invented a shade shelter for Baxter to use in the canoe. His dark fur can get really hot in the sun, so with the addition of a life jacket, you can imagine he needs one.

Back for a moment to the show. One thing that is very weird is talking to the judges. I hardly know what to say and am learning on the job. There are usually at least two per show, each with their own style. One of them this last weekend asked me what was my favorite thing to photograph. You can imagine I was challenged to come up with an answer. I believe I may have stammered, "anything." She also asked me how much my photographs were manipulated. Now that I could answer---very little. The second judge barely said a word, and for once, I kept my mouth shut, no babbling from this lady. I may have to do some research for next time on how you are supposed to present yourself.

As excited as I was last week about the Times, it is not the first I've been in there, just my first, and most likely last photo. Below are some words--I'm #16 comment.
Another Times Appearancea

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holy Cow!

Yesterday morning I woke up to another dreary day. Not knowing just what to do with myself I wasn't doing much of anything. I do know I was going to write about my $40 vacuum cleaner bags, but that's old news now. After walking Baxter I returned to my computer to find this:

Just before I went to bed Monday night I saw a notice on the Times asking for reader's photographs picturing the recession. The last trip I made to Vero Beach with Bruce I saw these young man after dropping him off at the job site. I was on my way over to the ocean and couldn't get a picture at that time. Sadly, two hours later on my return they were still there. Proving once again that while driving it always helps to have the camera on the front seat, I took this shot through my open window. At the time I thought it was very creative on their part and just wanted to document what I saw. When I saw the notice in the Times I thought it might be perfect. I assumed they would email a person or something so when I didn't see it for two days I thought, oh well, which makes finding it unexpectedly all the more thrilling. I called Bruce--went to voice mail. An email to Jonathan said he'd have to get back with me after a conference call. When he called he provided a screen capture for me. I had not been able to get a link myself so I took a photograph of my computer screen of the home page. I'm not sure what delighted me more, the image with text or being featured on the home page. In any case, I've been reading the Times for years and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd have something to contribute. Bruce teased me saying he would now call me a New York Times contributor!

Something is going crazy with Blogger right now so I'll sign off--too irritating to go on. I am hoping in a big way the weather breaks later today and over the weekend because it is nearly SHOWTIME!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Joke

By now you know I'm not much for pranks--way too practical and serious for that sort of thing. People always used to get such a kick out of the fact that I had twins on April Fool's Day thirty years ago today; I didn't see it that way. It seems as if the ambivalence Bruce and I share about birthdays has been passed onto Bill and Dave. I spoke with both of them this morning, neither of them were impressed. Just another day is how David put it. That's my boy.

Actually it occurred to me that on Matthew's 30th birthday I was in the hospital. I can't even recall for certain if I spoke with him, but I do know dire news regarding my mortality was being batted around at the time. Shows you what doctors know.

Moving on....
One thing I am is a hamburger lover. I rarely go to fast food places, yet today the billboard advertising Burger King's "burger shots" seduced me into a BK, which if you shared my ignorance on the subject, was founded in 1954. Who knew? Here is my serving which is nothing like a billboard one:

I actually returned this version after photographing because the cheese were just little slabs, and the ridiculous amount of seepage, not to mention it was lukewarm. Somehow when there is a bit of melt to the cheese it makes you forget what a sorry excuse it is for cheese. Suffice it to say I won't be back anytime soon. Curiosity satisfied, taste, not so much.

The recent winds and rain caused most of the tabebuia trees around town to shed their glorious petals. The intense yellow color is such a day brightener, I'm sorry to see them go for another year. As you can see, the carpet of yellow below this tree at Leu Gardens is pretty thick. I promise this is the last of these you'll see from me!

Often I picture Mr. Baxter in a close up which is really not much of a true representation of his size. Last week I took him to the park closest to the house on a Tuesday morning when few were sharing the space with us. I took his leash off, and boy was it a joy to see him run, something I can't remember ever experiencing. He would run a ways, stop, looking back at me as if daring me to catch up. Those of you who've not had the pleasure of meeting him in person, (really I'm not prejudiced!) can appreciate his small stature. Speaking of which, he's trimmed down a bit on his new diet.

One last detail I wanted to mention from last weekend's show in DeLand. My first customer was a woman who bought quite a few from me last year to give as gifts. It was such a pleasure to learn she'd come to find me again, as did a few others.

You know how sometimes you don't want to fulfill an obligation, instead preferring to stay home and be left alone? I was totally feeling that yesterday morning before leaving for the museum. I've realized that those are the times when something unexpected is the most likely to happen. As I was saying goodbye to Bruce yesterday morning I mentioned something about my dear friend Judy Auger. I'd been thinking of her because she went to Stetson University in DeLand many years ago. She's a devout Catholic and SU is a Baptist school...Anyway I'd not seen her for WAY too long. I stopped at Publix on my way home for Cokes and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Judy! We chatted it up forever in the little clinic waiting area. Such a lovely surprise. Judy is a bit older and didn't know that when text is in a different color on my blog that means I'm suggesting my dear readers click on it to reach another web page that hopefully will tell them something I can't. Now she knows.
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You Just Never Know