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British Invasion!

Bruce's flight was later than usual and as such he was just leaving the house around 8:30 or so. I was finally getting around to finishing breakfast, ready to jump in the shower to get ready for the museum, when he called saying he had a problem. Actually my heart sunk when he said it, but I calmly asked what was the problem. Turns out his drivers' license was still in the pocket of the shirt he came home in on Thursday night. Huge bummer for him. I threw on a dress, quick like, called Karen saying I wouldn't make it in, and jumped in the car to meet him at the departing flights area. Time was of the essence! Fortunately the traffic cooperated with the impending storm holding off until I saw his somewhat worried face on the sidewalk. Although he has a "Clear" card to board planes with ease in Orlando, that is not the case everywhere. I was happy to save the day!

On the way home I stopped by Lowes to look for a new hanging basket--they sure are charging a lot for them these days. Nothing struck me so I went home empty handed but not before I decided to check out the peacocks on my way home. By now torrential rains and wind were pounding our area causing me to wonder what did the peacocks do in that kind of weather. Well, what they do is gather in groups under trees, apparently getting on each others nerves. I wish I could show you two pea hens in an altercation, both of them were up in the air, but the picture just isn't clear enough. I took this one of a drenched male when the rains subsided a bit.

Guess what? My tomatoes and peppers are coming along nicely with three baby tomatoes and several tiny peppers evident. I'm so excited!!

The weather was wild most of the day with tree limbs falling all over the yard.

Last week I'd purchased some shoes for Bruce at Nordstrom that did not work out. I took the opportunity during a break in the rain action to return them at Florida Mall. The mall was packed to the gills with Brits--you would have thought it was Christmas the crowds were so thick! You know those annoying kiosks everywhere? Here's a new one to me--teeth whitening--the new national obsession. If you can imagine this tourist is sitting here having his teeth whitened in the middle of the mall with his family looking on. Incredible!

Arriving home I found a message on the answering machine from a past customer who lives in Pennsylvania. While visiting Orlando some months ago she bought a canvas for her kitchen, and a small print for her daughter. The small print has gone AWOL before she could gift it. Happily during our conversation she decided on a small canvas instead. That makes two surprise canvas orders this week. A young man called Monday night wanting one as well. Just when I told Bruce that two slow weekends were getting me a bit discouraged something unexpected happens. Oh ye of little faith!

Bruce put air in my bike tires on Monday night and this morning, a little after 7, I was flying down the street. The treadmill is ok, but being outdoors makes me much happier. Although I love my office with the "dancing green" walls, I prefer the spring green everywhere I look outside. The sun was just coming up, and the air was a bit chilly--it was exhilarating! I'm still having a problem with my hands and feet in cold weather with today my hands going a bit numb, but running them under hot water returned them to normal. Next up--breakfast. I'm not much of a cereal girl however today I had a bowl of Cheerios. It struck me while pouring them that Cheerios were one of the first finger foods all of our children ate. Funny how things come back to you...I could just picture their chubby little fingers picking them up off the high chair tray. Sweet memories.

Right now I'm waiting for an awning salesman to arrive shortly with a quote. We're thinking of having an awning made for the side door; I think it might just be a spiffy addition. He should be here shortly so this will do it for today's episode of "Camera Crazy."

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Listening to: Keane - Put It Behind You
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