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Learning Curve

For a while now I've been thinking about getting a "prime lens." Every now and then on a blog called Camera Crazy one must talk camera talk. For almost a year now I've been trying to get better with my Nikon camera,however the learning curve has been steep. The lenses that come with the camera are pretty mediocre; neither lens is as fast as the one on my Panasonic cameras. Nikon just came out with a 35mm f 1.8 lens for the Nikon D60 with auto focus. As you know I never spend any of the money I make except to buy new inventory, so it seemed about time to do so. I went to Colonial Photo and Hobby ready to spend the $200 only to find out that they are not only out of it but it has been on back order for a month. For some idiotic reason I decided to go ahead and buy the version without auto focus although I think I probably should have waited. I've had it for two days now and let me tell you it is a challenge. On occasion I use manual focus already but yikes, having to do it all the time is no fun. That said, I realize now I should have given this blog another name--I am not camera crazy, I'm picture taking crazy! Nevertheless here's a little sample of what I've done beginning with the young man who suggested I try it!

I'm not sure how I got that one of Baxter running at the park but I'm glad I did. How about my little tomatoes??????

I found the poppy today at the master gardener's house nearby and boy was I delighted. What an amazing structure! Those who've visited Leu Gardens will recognize the bridge and those who've been in my office will recognize the chair where Mr. Baxter is soaking up the afternoon sun.

You know how it is when happenings all collide? I know I've not written that very well, but let me try and explain what I mean. This afternoon after cleaning the mess in the pool from Tuesday's storm, I opened the gate to water the geraniums on the bench in the side yard. Rarely do I do this, in fact I can't remember the last time, but anyway they looked so lovely I went inside to get my trusty Panasonic. I was just finishing when a man stopped his moped in the street, asking me if I remembered him. He related that I'd once stopped to take pictures in his front yard and he invited me to take some shots in the back yard. "Why yes I do remember that," I replied. In fact, those who've been through my baskets will undoubtedly remember the garden bench shot, and the red chair with the sign, Stop and Eat. I asked him if he had a second and I ran in to get the prints to give to his family. The weird thing is that he was only passing through our neighborhood because he was visiting a friend on Gatlin nearby. Those prints are in my top twenty and continue to sell well; I took them about four months after getting the baby camera for Christmas from my darling Bruce. Now does that opening sentence make sense?

I heard from Lisa the other day, her great friend and neighbor, Debbie has severe ovarian cancer. She underwent the rigorous surgery on Wednesday and faces many months of chemo with no guarantees. Danny is still fighting hard, although miserably tired he continues to go to work and even ride his bicycle for exercise. He is one valiant soul! Over at Maureen's her television died and so far no employment opportunities have surfaced. There is bleakness all around isn't there? Thank God the weather has been so wonderful to at least keep spirits from completely sinking. I can't remember a spring as cool and pleasant as this one.

Someone told me recently that for a National Geographic article that publishes 20 or so photographs, over 20,000 have been taken. I don't feel so bad now when very few of mine turn out!
In a side note--the slide show is still running on the Times website....
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