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Feels Like More than a Hobby To Me!

Thursday night, you may recall, Maureen and I went to the Guitar Town auction with a performance by the Blue Man Group. It turned out to be very fun, including a red carpet which you see pictured with Maureen below. Doesn't she look super?

It was my first time attending a live auction which was very fun, albeit long. There were people from 38 states online included in the auction as well as other bidders via phone. Prior to the last guitar going for over $8,000, the highest winning bid was for a guitar done by our graffiti artist friend, Decoy, aka Brian Demchak. He is the one who did the Warhol on what is known as the "Black Box", or in my language, the permission building. During part of the auction Maureen and I amused ourselves reading the artist statements--yeesh! BMG put on a lively show that was both silly and entertaining. I must find time to research their makeup--very intense! We got home way past my bedtime, somehow I managed to stay up just fine.

Friday I washed the outside of the house as well as the windows and screens. After so long without rain things were looking pretty dirty. Later we went to a photography opening at Creative Spirit Gallery and then downtown for dinner. I'd never seen photography printed on metallic paper before--it gave some of the images a really interesting look. Again, home way past bedtime--the fatigue begins to build.

Saturday's market was hot and sunny yet worth it when a couple bought one of my canvases for their daughter's first Mother's Day. The money wasn't the thing; the thought of hopefully making someone happy worked for me. Dinner at Jane and Michaels later on was both delicious and fun--they are great company. The late night thing keeps going....

The super hot, and I mean super hot, Sunday did not keep the crowds away from the market at Eola. Did I mention it was 97 degrees? Yes, yes it was. Much to my great surprise I had my best sales day ever. My thoughts returned to my beginning two years ago when I had NO sales whatsoever. When Matt called later his response was, "Clearly things have changed." Clearly they have--much to my delight. Mr. Bruce, the one who makes it all possible, rode his bike to the market around 3 to help me tear down, riding home afterward. Did I mention it was 97 degrees? Yes, yes it was.

I am happy to report that I heard from all my boys on MD. Bill came down to the market, however he didn't last long. Did I mention it was HOT? Both Jonathan and Matt called (I secretly wish they could just pop over but don't tell them that, after all, they are out in the world making their way, very nicely I might add!), Dave and Michelle came over around six. Did I mention it was HOT? Yes, yes I believe I did. I'd showered and collapsed on the couch by the time they came over bringing Kiehls goodies and more importantly the full version of their wedding DVD. It is a showstopper! Watching it perked me right up seeing the happiness of the day; not just the stars of the show, but all the friends and family. The dancing show put on by a few can now be relived at will. One of those few is Jen, my nephew Rich's fiancee. I can't wait for their wedding with DJ Rich and dancing queen Jen. Bring on the festivities!!!

Frequently people refer to what I'm doing as a hobby. If only they knew the hard work I invest they most certainly would call it something else. Bruce is the backbone, doing all the hard work of setting up with my role as something like the curator. I hang everything, he levels it. Furthermore, he often improves my lay out. He now keeps a spreadsheet for me with all manner of statistics including the up to the minute sales. Last year I compiled stuff at year's end, but now we know how much the business has grown since last year, including the fact that I've sold over 500 images to date. Unbelievable! Which means that I have to order more all the time. Some of Roger's clients sell the same images time after time, however, that's clearly not my MO. Thus I spend hours looking for new stuff to print, much of which is a gamble; what the heck--you never know until you try. I do the shooting, processing (thank God that is minimal!), ordering, paying sales tax and selling. Oh yeah--marketing. Well, not so much on the last one, but some. Sounds like a business to me!
Below you see the gardens ablaze with color from the Polasek last week.

I had a jury duty notice for today, however my number was not up. And so I went to the museum.....

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