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Here We Go Again!

While getting ready for Briggs and Victoria's visit a week or so ago, I noticed that the guest bathroom rug was looking a little dreary. Ever notice how much more things stand out as needing updating when company is coming? I sure do. Anyway I went to Ross looking, not really knowing what I would find. That's the way it is with those kinds of stores, an aspect I appreciate. I bought a turquoise rug because the shower curtain has that color stripe, not to mention that it just felt cheery. Immediately, I was in love! Once I get an idea going it is hard to stop me, so last evening, after the torrential afternoon shower, I arrived at Sherwyn Williams ten minutes before closing. You can imagine how thrilled they were to see me come in toting a rug, however it took me all of about one minute to choose the color, it's a shade lighter than the rug, they mixed it and I was out of there with a minute or so to spare. Normally I'm fast, but not that fast, however, this time I was a woman with a mission. I drove home, got out my supplies, cleared the room, and went to work.

This is how it looked at 1:00 today. I quit last night around 8 to eat some dinner and watch the Magic game--what a nail biter. David was there with Larry on the first row. Talking to him this morning, he mentioned that it was almost too stressful to be fun! Originally I thought it was going to end before 11 but that was before the overtime; it was quite a thrilling finish. The ceiling could use a fresh coat of white paint but it is just too high for me. Now we just have to do something about some counter space in that bathroom. We talked about it last year and didn't move forward but this year I need to get serious so when the family comes for the holidays they'll have someplace to put their stuff.

Did I mention the room was taupe before? The de-tauping continues. I said I picked the paint color in a flash--as you well know, I'm a sucker for good paint names--this one is called Meandering Blue. Now I have MB, Dancing Green, and Captivating Cream in the house. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? I think our bedroom is next for a paint makeover.

I'm posting these pretty little zinnias just because they are cheerful. We can all use cheerful these days.

Maureen arrived home safely from North Carolina last evening. Bruce went to Portland, Oregon, a place he's never been, which is saying a lot because he's been everywhere. Once I asked him how many states he'd built in, his response was it would be easier to name the states he hadn't. Turns out it was maybe seven?

My friend Kelly just called, she's on her way over for a little photo shoot. I'll let you know how it goes!
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