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Weekend in May

When Briggs and Victoria arrived carrying a bottle of Plumpjack wine, I was almost embarrassed to tell them what was on the menu for the night, however, they seemed to be delighted with my plan. Plumpjack is a small winery in Napa Valley (Plumpjack) which I'd hoped we could visit on a trip there years ago. On our way to the airport, we tried to visit, alas, it was too early and we were leaving on a jet plane. It turns out Briggs got it on a visit there, making it a super special gift. We had a wonderful evening chatting, eating, and in Victoria's case, some crying. Her sister in Seattle is dying of breast cancer; the details are frightening. With any luck she'll be going out there this week to assist in her care.

Saturday I was up bright and early and off to the market. Fortunately I'd packed the car the day before making my wake up call not too early! The market is struggling to establish itself, a familiar theme with markets. Not only were the crowds thin, but the vendor count keeps going down. It is hard sticking with a new market if you need to earn a living. I am mighty lucky I don't have to pay our mortgage! It was hot, not nearly so much as last weekend, but hot enough that when I got home around 3 I was just plumb worn out. Bruce was working from home and was kind enough to unload the vehicle while I got an early supper together with the leftovers from the night before. By then there was a nice breeze and we ate on the patio.

Soon thereafter I laid down for a nap and didn't wake up until nearly 7:00 when the phone rang; it was Roger saying that my new prints were ready. Once again, Bruce came to the rescue, driving over there to pick them up. I finally came to and prepared them for Sunday. Ask me if I sold any of them? Only one.

While we were setting up Roger brought the new canvases which was a good thing because I only had a few to fill my walls. They were all new images, a big gamble when you are talking about potential sales. I could just keep showing the same images, but you know me--it just wouldn't work. Although I didn't sell many smaller prints, I did manage to sell two of the new canvases making me very happy. One, cattails from our camping trip, the other I took the same day as Street Art, of the evening sun on Lake Monroe in Sanford. The last one I'd never shown, but for some reason I must have been scanning through my outrageously huge photo library, and came across it, thinking it have potential. Apparently it does! Before Bruce leaves the market in the morning I always make a quick turn through the market getting photos before it gets busy. This usually includes a quick bathroom break before I'm on my own. Here's what I found in the public bathroom at the park. I'm extremely curious who would have left a bridal gown bag there on a Sunday morning at 10.

Today is Mr. Bruce's 56th birthday although we won't be able to celebrate properly because he left for Cleveland early, early this morning. His flight was at 6:15AM. While making the bed this morning I realized we've been together for 43 of his birthdays--pretty amazing huh? As we get older those birthdays become more and more precious, what with all the people we know whose health is a challenge. I will miss his sweet presence tonight.

Lastly a follow up on Angela--she's doing just fine now.
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