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Excitement in the Air

The Orlando Magic WON! I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know by now, but it still feels good to type it! Yesterday the market was abuzz with people happily reliving Saturday night's game. Thankfully the Magic took an early lead, never letting it go, allowing the fans to watch a great game without having a heart attack. Dave sat court side for game 4, as I may have mentioned, he said it was pretty stressful! Although the Lakers are favored to win, I have a feeling the Magic may surprise some folks with their grit and determination. Let's hope so.

Speaking of favored to win, I only learned this morning that Susan Boyle came in second for Britain's Got Talent. Later on I read she entered a clinic for what may well be a nervous breakdown. What that woman has gone through in the last seven weeks, can you imagine? I'm sure her mother never imagined how this would all turn out. As they say, truth is always stranger than fiction, or the imagination for that matter.

This morning, while we were still in the yard before Baxter's walk, or maybe I should say tug, as you well know what a pain he is to walk, I saw this beautiful light shining through the caladiums.

Hard to imagine that these were planted by the previous owner, more than 14 years ago, yet they faithfully pop up every May. Speaking of gardening, I've failed as a farmer. Yes, I'm not proud to admit it, but admit it I must. My vegetable count to date is three patio tomatoes, one of which fell off with a soft spot; the two peppers are not only deformed, but way small. Sad but true, my friends. I'm not sure what my next move will be. My herbs are doing marginally.

Time once again for taking pictures to hopefully get in the Orlando calendar for the third straight year. What I'd really love is to get the cover photo! The subject this year is the two old train stations in town, one of which is on Church Street, the other Sligh Blvd. This morning after I took a few pictures at the arena with the new Eastern Conference Champion banners, I headed over to Church Street. I scored a parking spot with more than an hour left on the meter which gave me plenty of time to roam. I spotted our Downtown Ambassadors and waved. They waved back.

They work at the market on Sundays helping with traffic flow. It is quite an operation getting 70 booths set up, what with all the cars, vans, and trailers. All of them are quite nice, but the girl in the front passenger seat stands out as the best--she's not only nice, but takes her job seriously. We always get a kick out of her repeating, "Vehicle moving, vehicle moving..."--maybe you have to be there to appreciate it.

Weekly Market Report: Negligible sales. :(

Mr. Bruce will be home all week which means Miss Camera Crazy must head to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. I take that back, I don't have to, I want to. He is always asking if I want to go out with my typical response, "No thanks."
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