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Just a Quickie

Michael and Jane should be ringing the door bell any minute. Just wanted to say hi and let my dear readers know I'm ok. I'm posting this cactus because I've always really liked the light on this shot and I've never shown it to anyone.

Michael, as far as I know, is still unemployed. This week Jane said let's get together, which I instantly agreed to, but when we talked I asked her what her pocketbook dictated. She revealed that eating at home was best. So, that's what we're going to do. I'm doing the comfort food thing again, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad. The one slightly upscale, if you can call it that, part of the meal is the chipotle chili powder I've mixed with the ketchup for slathering on the meat loaf if one wishes to. In a moment of weakness or stupidity, I bought some ice cream sandwiches a week or so ago, and that's what's on tap for dessert if anyone wants one. A real recession dinner. I say stupidity because I almost…


Yesterday morning I did a little photo shoot of the gardens at Casa Feliz, the Gamble Rogers's house that was moved to Park Avenue a few years ago. The gardener there also does Regina's yard (my awesome neighbor); she shared a few pictures I'd taken with him. As such, he wanted me to photograph the gardens so he could have a picture for his office to show off his handiwork. It didn't take long so just down the street is the Winter Park Cemetery where there is the only angel monument I'm aware of in town. Pictured above is yesterday's shot, below one about a year ago. I seriously thought it was brand new! I was absolutely amazed when I saw the transformation. Frankly, for a photograph, I think the dirty one has more interest.

Today, Mr. Coleman, along with his assistant Mike, came to the house to clean. They cleaned the white sofa in the sunroom, the striped chair and throw pillows for the sofa. Moving into the living room, they did both couches. Mr. Coleman was …

Lots Happening

Not necessarily what I want, but time marches on as they say.

Since last we met:

1. My new operating system from Apple arrived with the end result I now have a serious back up plan for my photos. As well, I got a new version of iPhoto, iWorks, and iPages. Today I picked up a book by David Pogue, the technology writer for the Times called The Missing Manual, which explains iPhoto 09 in detail. I know there are shortcuts and features that I've never used so hopefully I'll learn a few tricks. As you know, this old dog can learn them.

2. We saw The Hangover, if you can imagine. The market was so slow on Saturday. I sat there for hours with no sales, sweating I might add (but not too bad), then twenty minutes before closing someone arrived and bought a print. Yeah--no shut out! Five minutes before packing it in for the day, another woman arrived and within about a minute she'd purchased a 16x20 print. It is funny like that, sometimes the people who stay the longest never buy and t…

Here's Some Color for You

As some of you know I have lots of daisy pictures but not so many of hibiscus. I've been doing my best to get a great picture of a red hibiscus, a flower I adore. For those of you unfamiliar with them, their beautiful blooms last just one day. I've probably already described how many beautiful colors there are in a previous post, today I want to mention that red flowers are very difficult to get right. I found this paper at Sam Flax and have tried to make something of it. It may be too much for most folks--what do you think?

Previous posts, indeed, there have been many. For many, many years I tried to keep a journal and never got past about a months worth of entries. I can hardly believe I've kept this up for more than two years.I go back in time (re-reading old posts)infrequently, but it's nice that I can.

Hurray! I've successfully cleaned up the external hard drive! Let's hope when my new Leopard operating system arrives in the mail next week I'll be so lu…


This Australian black swan is like me--a sleepy head. Got about nine hours last night!

It has surely been a summer of celebrity deaths hasn't it? My goodness. The latest, of course, is Frank McCourt. I was a huge fan of Angela's Ashes; I only wish I could remember how I came to read it. Knowing how much I admired him, Jonathan sent me a link to this: Memories. I can only imagine the fond memories former students would write about my infamous sister-in-law, Judy. Those who know her know just what I'm talking about! Through the years, because we share the same last name, I've heard so many wonderful comments about her--"although I got a D in her class, she was my favorite teacher," "she was such an influence on my life," "hardest and funniest teacher I ever had," to name just a few that come to mind. This has gone on for over thirty years! I even met a young man at the convention I did in October who had her back in the 80's, he told me h…

Mrs. Peck Goes to Washington

In first class, no less.

A little slide show of some things I saw. I tried to show you only things that are not typical of a visit to our nation's capital. Furthermore I've added captions if you are interested click on the album.

Arriving in DC a little after 11, Bruce and I parted company, he picked up his rental car, I hopped on the Metro. I've found there are always people willing to help a stranger if you ask nicely. In this case, the attendant punched all the buttons on the machine for me with the end result, a day pass. I took the blue line, getting off at the Smithsonian stop and was on the Mall by 11:35.

Because my time was so limited I went into only one gallery, the Freer. Mostly I lugged my backpack and purse around outside. It was fairly warm and muggy, but not enough to send me inside into air conditioning. Instead I found several wonderful gardens awash in gorgeous flowers.

The day before we left a strange symptom occurred. You're not surprised are y…

Off to DC

Here is the article about our Baxter with accompanying picture: Dog Star By the way, I found this via Bing, the Microsoft search engine. I'd read a NYTimes article stating it was superior to Google which at the moment I can't confirm but it sure worked nicely this time.

The markets went so well this weekend I can hardly believe it--count me a happy girl.

I've not been feeling quite as well as I had been, thus no posting for a few days. Hopefully when we take off tomorrow morning at 6AM I'll be ok. We won't be gone for long: Bruce is doing a site visit and I'll be a wanderer, or at least that is my plan.

Dave and Michelle are taking care of Baxter for us. I'm very grateful.

Keep me in your thoughts will you?

Questions, Questions

People do ask me a lot of questions. This week two have stuck in my mind. Last night a sweet little girl from Georgia asked me, "Do you like being an artist?" I may have forgotten to mention I was part of a Baldwin Park "Art Stroll" last evening. I definitely did not have the success I enjoyed at previous Baldwin Park events! Nonetheless I did meet the girl I mentioned along with her sister. They were here visiting their dad whom they had hardly seen for two years. They have family in every direction it seems. Part of a new generation of children with parents, step parents, grandparents, and step grandparents, sometimes on both sides. Talk about extended families! Nonetheless the older sister, Courtney bought "Beach Daisies" for her mom in Georgia who just painted their bathroom yellow. While I was packing up the girls wanted to chat and chat. I, on the other hand, was seriously thinking about going home. I'm often in bed by 9, so it was a stretch for…

It's About Time

Frankly, I think I've been a bit lazy of late in both mind and body. I don't know if it is the heat, Bruce's tremendous workload and travel schedule, or my business, but it's been something. Anyway today is a new day and I approached it as such, finally using my bike basket to do a little shopping. Needing a sympathy card, I put a twenty dollar bill and debit card in my pocket, and peddaled up to Publix. Of course you knew I brought my baby camera now didn't you? I put it in the little back pouch Bruce got for my lock. Publix, by the way, has no bike rack, however it does have a couple of railings, presumably for the handicapped, which I used to safeguard my bike. Then I rode just across the street to the remodeled Freshfield Farms; for those who know Orlando, this is the former Momm's Meats and Popp's Produce.

Incredibly, Bill used to cashier in the produce part when it was not nearly as nice as it is now. He has definitely held more jobs than anyone else i…

Maybe I Didn't Know Much...

...but apparently she A Thing or Two does. I'm not certain if her lifestyle would work for everyone, however, I think you'll enjoy reading about it.

When I was working, occasionally I had patients who were well into their nineties. Naturally I was always asking them for their secret to a long life, learning for the most part that it was genetic. Several stick out in my mind; one I'm thinking about was the cutest thing, for one thing, she looked not a day over 70, secondly, she was so stylish! One thing I DO know is that if a woman is stylish when she's young, she doesn't change much as she ages. Those frumpy women I had were undoubtedly frumpy when they were young! Note to self--wear more makeup (not more per se, just wear it) and don't go out looking like a dog. I worked with a young cancer survivor who had a great attitude. She told me that while undergoing chemotherapy they encouraged everyone to try to look their best: "Look Good, Feel Good" was…

What Did I Know?

The truth is...not much. I've always been what some might call naive, missing clues all around me. Maybe that's why I've never been one to read mysteries, I miss the subtleties.

Such was the case with our dear son Matthew, who seems to be showing up a lot this week in my narrative. In hindsight, I still don't think I would have got it. I noticed that Matt was unlike most of the boys in his class, however, I chalked that up to his genius. I was wrong, it was more a combination of genius and homosexuality. Why you wonder am I writing about this today?

Clever readers know.

Yes, I watched Milk last night and was overwhelmed with feelings. First off, I'm so grateful for Harvey Milk and his vast army of supporters without whom things today might be a whole lot different. Imagine this happening forty years ago: India. I can't, but then again I was really unaware, for the most part, of gay people for a long time. Being fairly young when Stonewall occurred, I'm sure I…

Contest Mania

You know how some people compulsively enter sweepstakes? Well, that's how I am about submitting photographs. I see a possibility, I go for it.

Today while shopping at Target for some troop supplies, I saw Jones Soda and thought--ah ha, there's something I can try. I submitted a few (including the above), converting them to black and white, because that is what they use most often, and we shall see. Wouldn't it be nice if I forgot all about it and a few months down the road you'll read that they chose one? Maybe.....

This time Darden is collecting goodies to ship overseas. I bought several bottles of eye drops, gum, ground coffee (Dunkin Doughnuts), large bag of individual chips, same goes for oreos, and I can't remember what else. Oh yeah, right next to the drops were ear plugs, although not on the approved list, I thought they might come in handy for someone.

The weather is still iffy which kept me in Orlando. As such, I forced myself to clean out some kitchen draw…