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Maybe I Didn't Know Much...

...but apparently she A Thing or Two does. I'm not certain if her lifestyle would work for everyone, however, I think you'll enjoy reading about it.

When I was working, occasionally I had patients who were well into their nineties. Naturally I was always asking them for their secret to a long life, learning for the most part that it was genetic. Several stick out in my mind; one I'm thinking about was the cutest thing, for one thing, she looked not a day over 70, secondly, she was so stylish! One thing I DO know is that if a woman is stylish when she's young, she doesn't change much as she ages. Those frumpy women I had were undoubtedly frumpy when they were young! Note to self--wear more makeup (not more per se, just wear it) and don't go out looking like a dog. I worked with a young cancer survivor who had a great attitude. She told me that while undergoing chemotherapy they encouraged everyone to try to look their best: "Look Good, Feel Good" was the motto. I think there is something to be said about that.

Now let's catch up a bit, shall we?

Friday we went with Dave and Michelle to hear Bill's band play downtown at the Social. I'd not heard the latest incarnation of the band; I was impressed. Mostly I couldn't get over how cool and calm Bill performed. When I mentioned that to him, he responded by saying he was never one to get too nervous, and even less so now that he is 30! Hard to believe he's been playing guitar for 16 years.

Fourth of July was quiet around here although I did go over to Dave's pool and visit with the gang. Can you guess what Bruce was doing? I knew you could. He worked his way through nearly 300 emails, finally quitting around 10pm. I was already in bed reading and listening to the fireworks of which there was a copious amount. In fact, they went on for hours around here. We fell asleep to the booming sounds.

It was nothing like July 4, 1976, that is for sure. I was heading to the hospital to have our dear Matthew about 10 that night; his arrival time was July 5, 1976, 1:36 AM. Nor was it like July 4, 2005, the day the doctor told Bruce I was in dire shape. Shows you what he knew!

Sunday I skipped the market to give Mr. Bruce a much needed day off. We started the day with a nice breakfast, drove to Winter Park to take the boat tour (very pretty and informative), had lunch at Season's 52, stopped by The North Face at the outlet mall, and saw "Public Enemies" at our new theater of choice. Now that was a fun day.

Today I took a little trip out to Salvia, a small community NE of town. There is a wonderful plant nursery there along with what they call a "Butterfly Encounter." My previous visit there were few butterflies, so few that they gave me a free pass to come back. That was last year some time so I decided today was the day. I sell very few butterfly pictures but as you know I love to practice and you just NEVER know if today is the day you will get something SO spectacular people will clamor for it. That was my attitude before I left the house, the reality did not match those expectations. I was, however, enthralled with this beautiful green butterfly:

I only saw one of these and he hung out on the yellow pentas during my entire visit. Sadly, I just couldn't get anything all that great.

Leaving the place, dripping with sweat I might add, I decided to wander just a bit. I'm fairly unfamiliar with that part of Central Florida, evidently so, because I got lost several times. I did pull into a spot labeled, Big Little Econ Canoe Launch. The storm clouds were rolling in so I took the Panasonic and walked the path to the river. Much to my surprise this is what I saw:

I hope the picture conveys how MANY shells were piled along the shoreline. I still can't imagine where they came from. According to my Historical Geology professor (you do remember I took that class, don't you?), Florida was under water for thousands of years, thus seashells are in river beds. Although he told us that I'd not seen the evidence for myself and I'm still not sure I have--it does make one wonder now doesn't it? Yes, I can't forget that class mostly because I chose my flickr name, bioclastic, from my textbook. I knew for certain that I wouldn't have to fight anyone for that user name!

I've had word on Ed, Mr. Roger's son. His surgery to remove the cancer in his sinus cavity took 13 hours with a team of three surgeons working. Today I learned that they are certain the cancer has spread to his eye. Not good news for a 26 year old man, not good news for anyone for that matter. He'll go back in about three weeks to see where they go from here. :(

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