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Yesterday morning I was awake early saying goodbye to my sweetheart. It seemed like a good time to meander. You probably already know that I've got more photographs than anyone could possibly need, yet, that's how it is with me. A better one just might be around the corner. As I was driving down the street I saw Regina walking Abby, she inquired where was I going, and I honestly answered, I'm not sure. One place I knew for sure I was going was here:

Obviously this is a semi-demolished building. While on I-4 the day before I noticed the red dumpsters behind this scene, and thought maybe I could do something with them. As well, my show in October has a glass/sand theme and I knew for certain there would be glass galore here. I was not disappointed in the glass department--there was a bunch. Fortunately a security guard type was there when I arrived around 7:30 giving me permission to roam.

I got a kick out of seeing this "painting" still on the wall amongst all the mess.

Maybe they just couldn't bear to take it down. I know dumpsters sound like a weird photographic subject but I'm thinking I might have something interesting. Layers of peeling paint, rust, scratches--that sort of thing. They are certainly abstract and a certain percentage of my buyers like that--this last weekend I sold the orange bathroom stall door in canvas, one I never thought anyone would ever see, much less buy.

Next my intention was to head out Apopka way which I did in a round about fashion. On my travels I saw chickens, pigs (a first I think), cattle, horses, goats and peacocks. Greenhouses, greenhouses, and more greenhouses. Oh yeah--a nice hawk as well. I ended up at a park fronting Lake Apopka; locals know this a massive lake with serious problems, although you can't tell it is sick from this shot:

The sound of helicopters kept intruding on the peacefulness of the place, making me wonder, of course, what exactly was happening nearby. By now I was pretty lost but someone kindly pointed me in the right direction to get to Zellwood. I followed a long, winding road and came across this very scene at almost exactly when they took this photo!
Drive By
Actually, I'd called Lisa later in the day to ask her what was happening because she is a loyal news watcher. By the time she got back to me I'd already found the above article. I was, however, happy to catch up with all the news. It seems as if Danny is doing quite well, tired, of course, but things are looking up.

Roger's son Ed is healing nicely as well. Unfortunately Roger's real job is taking time away from his part time gig making things a little touch and go around here. Sunday a young woman ordered a large canvas, with me promising to have it to her by the next Sunday, which as of this moment might not be true. It makes it somewhat complicated when I rely on another person to make the business go; let's hope he'll be around soon.

I just got off the phone with a woman I'd met at the market. We scheduled a photo shoot for Monday morning for her daughters who have been told should be models. When we talked I told her I had some first hand knowledge of the modeling business, much of it not so good. I didn't try to persuade her not to try it but I did want her to know there is much more to it than meets the eye. That could be perceived as a pun couldn't it? Every now and then I'm clever without meaning to--so does it count? Anyway I told her I'd be happy to give it a go--what's not to like about photographing darling girls, aged 6 and 7?

This is one of the last shots of the morning, taken just down the road from the alleged crime scene:
From what I saw, Zellwood wasn't much; somehow I got on a back road, ending up a few miles from Mt. Dora. Actually there was no somehow involved--I just turn the car in the direction I think might be interesting. By now the weather was sweltering. I decided that because I was so close to go there, mostly all I did was have a delicious lunch at "Fiesta Grande", as you can imagine a Mexican restaurant with fantastic salsa. I was home by around 1:30.

Speaking of home, Bruce will be back around dinner time today. I'm very excited because on this trip to Washington, instead of getting a rental car and all that entails, he took the train from the airport. Conveniently, there is a stop right across the street from his site along with a hotel just about that close. The job is stressful enough without the added burden of driving in miserable traffic. Hurray for mass transit!

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